FOS Premium Chat Wrap

Couldn't make it online Tuesday night? Check out what went down in our weekly Total Access Pass chat session, where talk ranged from Penn State's new defensive front to Austin Scott's situation to the keys to beating Notre Dame.

mxbscout:: What's Up Everyone?

PSUisBACK:: hey Mark...........

vjgkam:: Here's my hope...Brady Quinn becomes so familiar with Ed J on Saturday that he has Eds family pictures in his wallet!

psunittany:: hey mark

mxbscout:: hey all

psunittany:: Walls isnt rady for PSU Wrs

nittanynick:: hi mark

mxbscout:: staffers will be joining throughout the hour

ahzroe:: If the Twins make the playoffs...

NewYorkNittany:: what sort of wrinkles do you think we see? D-Will gonna air one out?

vjgkam:: no way Joe allows a Thursday night game

mxbscout:: Joe may not have a choice on Thursday game. That is a Big Ten call

vjgkam:: really??

mxbscout:: Really

PSUisBACK:: I heard it's all but a done deal

vjgkam:: I would hope he has some influence

lawlion:: for thursday?

mxbscout:: you would hope they have enough sense not to do that

indynittany:: Anybody else here think Lee is a little light to be in the middle? I guess I'm just anxious to see Hayes out there.

NewYorkNittany:: wait, thursday game?

PSUisBACK:: MN moves to Thursday night

MrKruger:: i don't like Poz in the middle

PSUisBACK:: to accomodate baseball

psunittany:: Hayes will star vs YSU

MrKruger:: call it personal preference

psk114:: The twinkies will fade.

vjgkam:: agreed Kroger

feetforlove:: Kroger is a sweet store

psunittany:: Akron was to get 1st string ready - that's why no 2nd teamers on D

vjgkam:: agreed psk

OldBridge:: Lloyd Carr will not allow it. To much time for PSU to prepare

MrKruger:: i like shaw in the middle

Alan84:: I hope there is not Thursday night game - flights and hotels are already booked

11LinebackerPSU31:: If Poz is our biggest problem, we should beat the Steelers

futurelion:: Connor is the best ILB of the 4

rriva:: greetings

mxbscout:: Shaw is out of the middle. Don't expect him back there unless there is an injury

PSUisBACK:: hey Rob.........

psk114:: Alot still needs to happen for a Thurs nite game in minny. Non big ten related stuff for one.

vjgkam:: time this week, you'll be reading about the same accolades for Dan Connor as we saw today.

MrKruger:: actually I think hayes is the best mlb canidate

psunittany:: riva

Cafe210:: Conner is a manchild

vjgkam:: Connor just seemed like he was on a mission on Saturday....

futurelion:: i highly doubt Hayes is better than Connor anywhere

spud358:: I think the issue is lack of DE, not which LBer fits better where

mxbscout:: Connor has a wild streak to him that you really saw Saturday

PSURaven:: how bout jimmy shaw...does everyone expect him to play saturday?

spud358:: Conner played lights out

psk114:: Connor made some bad reads and took some bad angles too, we just noticed the big hits.

ahzroe:: TEs could not block

vjgkam:: if ND stacks the box like Akron did....where do we end up?

mxbscout:: He plays reckless

NewYorkNittany:: think we will see 1 established o-line or will we still see a lot of shuffling?

futurelion:: anyone else very concerned about Poz and his health ?

spud358:: psk, and the 13 tackles

vjgkam:: Poz is fine

MrKruger:: no, I think poz is ok

mxbscout:: Think you see one line Saturday

11LinebackerPSU31:: OMG Poz cant have 1 mediocre game?

psunittany:: Shaw plays ... not worried abotu Poz - he's his worst critic

psk114:: He played well no doubt, but he could have had 20 tackles.

nittanynick:: why not get one of the LBs to play FB like Toal?

futurelion:: 11, he was limping

NewYorkNittany:: next question, will that line include robert price?

spud358:: people are over reacting to poz

MrKruger:: i suspect our line is very close to becoming: levi, harrison, shipley, ohrnberger, shaw

OldBridge:: I hope ND stacks the box. Morelli is probably going over the audible package at this time.

psunittany:: kruger - agree - Harrison had a pretty block on Hunt's TD

indynittany:: vjgkam, Morelli audibles and abuses their secondary with Derrick Williams

psk114:: That sounds real good kruger.

PlaybookMark:: Poz is fine - they dropped him on nearly 80% of the downs

vjgkam:: I worry that Weis stacks the box the way Akron did....put the game in AM hands.....

futurelion:: anyone who didn't see a dip in Poz's play in the second half is blind

LexLion:: people always overreact

mxbscout:: I think the line will include price. This figures to be a tight game and he makes fewer mistakes

attomiclion2:: Any word on T Golden? Injury?

mxbscout:: which is always key with the staff

vjgkam:: audibles will be tough in that noise....staff: how is the team practicing for the noise?

psunittany:: Paterno is sandbagging D - Paterno wants ND to crown the LOS on D

11LinebackerPSU31:: I'll assume the Butkus winner is going to be OK in the longrun

PSUSmitty:: hello gents - is Jimmy Shaw definitely playing?

FurnaceB:: Price makes a mistake on almost every snap, if not blocking his guy can be considered "a mistake"

mxbscout:: Jimmy Shaw should be good to go

psunittany:: Howard 0 any HS tidbits? you watch Sukay or Ditto?

underscoreTom:: if joe said Shaw should be OK...that means he's 100% already

psk114:: Price is D 2 material nothing more. Hard worker I'm sure, but overmatced

MrKruger:: I am not sure we'll see a whole lot of quarless for a while

MrKruger:: he was pretty bad (being nice) blocking wise

HowardStern:: didn't see any games last week due to rain

PlaybookMark:: Gotta wonder about Mike Lucian and TE

Millertime232:: Any chance Elijah plays at all this year on the OL

MrKruger:: that's no excuse stern

HowardStern:: we have to Kruger

LexLion:: Quarless will be in there against YSU.

HowardStern:: i a wuss

NewYorkNittany:: what is gonna happen at TE? they were a disaster

PSUSmitty:: thanks guys - Joe's comments after the Akron game did not sound promising

vjgkam:: Liberty looked lights out....we'll be dealing with Persa soon enough....

PSURaven:: i don't like the move of Elijah Robinson to the offensive line, how bout you guys?

MrKruger:: yer gettin old

HowardStern:: Quarless will play out of necessity

mxbscout:: I'll be stunned if Elijah Robinson does much this year on the O-line

MrKruger:: his blocking though....I'm still waiting for him to put a hat on the OLB

nittanynick:: me either Raven

psk114:: How does your second string DT get switched at the END of fall practice right before the first game?

mxbscout:: he moved over too late in the preseason

underscoreTom:: if you get moved to 3rd string OL...that pretty much ends your career

HowardStern:: we all are

PSUSmitty:: ERob thing makes no sense

PlaybookMark:: Robinson's shift illustrates Bradley/LJ feel good about the line

HowardStern:: id rather see Quarless screw up than Darling

mxbscout:: tells you something about what the feel about DT and OG

PSUSmitty:: i thought he was progressing nicely on the line

NewYorkNittany:: i thought robinson was getting good reviews at DT?

MrKruger:: agreed

MrKruger:: qualress has some ability

vjgkam:: did anyone on Akrons D get a hand on AM on Saturday....??

LexLion:: True Howard

CharlestonLion:: is scott going to play this week?

trock56:: no

vjgkam:: scott who?

MrKruger:: i would doubt scott plays at all

mxbscout:: Morelli was hit after getting rid of the ball a couple times but was never close to being sacked

PlaybookMark:: NYN - Robinson was getting good preseason reports, but seemed to be behind Baker and EJ

MrKruger:: think he's got RS written all over him

PSURaven:: Morelli took a couple of hits after he got rid of the ball

nittanynick:: agree. ER to OL says more about the OL than than DL

PSUSmitty:: i think Scott is headed for redshirt

Alan84:: No sacks, a few hurries I think. Not sure if he actually went down

psk114:: I thought we were hearing that Darling could really block, but couldnt' catch a cold. It sure didn't look that way on Sat.

NewYorkNittany:: what about coakley? with the TE he didn't see any action, he still hurt?

ahzroe:: EJ was a MAN.

smutty:: Would Joe of Old let Wallace back in to return kicks after the fumble?

MrKruger:: i thought coakley still has some issues with his knee?

CharlestonLion:: is hall going to be back or not....hearing conflicting stories....

psk114:: EJ was awesome I agree. Very disruptive.

trock56:: I forgot he got a PITT offer

BWW71:: pmac what are the chances T plays?

vjgkam:: Funny how no one mentions Galen in all this...he's probably sitting somewhere with a HUGE grin on his face waiting for the Domers

PlaybookMark:: I haven;t heard anything to indicate Hall is gone for good

mxbscout:: Hall situation is up in the air right now.

Alan84:: Excellent statement Joe made putting Wallace back in

MrKruger:: I liked what I saw from Odrick, but he's only got one move...the bullrush

HowardStern:: he does kruger

HowardStern:: odrick needs to be at OT

PSUisBACK:: Hall is deep in the Paterno doghouse

PSURaven:: ok, so which shaw gets the matchup against Young? Mix it up...Jimmy's power and Tim's speed?

rriva:: stern, really disagree

MrKruger:: I'm not sure stern. I liked what I saw from him, he just can't overpower guys at this level

PSUSmitty:: just taking a shot out our boy LK

HowardStern:: odrick is a potential # 1 pick as an OT

MrKruger:: he's got a really really quick first step ala tamba hali

virbert:: My initial impressin of Odrick is that he is too slow to play DE.

HowardStern:: we have an even greater need at OT than DE

psunittany:: Galen will school the Domers

PlaybookMark:: I think Odrick was quick off the snap

psk114:: Switch to OT and redshirt? Stern?

CharlestonLion:: we have a greater need at the entire ol

MrKruger:: that I agree with...I also agree that Odrick, if healthy could be a top 3 NFL pick

HowardStern:: that is what i would do

PSUSmitty:: Riva - any news on Broderick Green?

PSUSmitty:: i think we have a very legit shot

rriva:: smitty, nothing new, although i like psu's chances

PlaybookMark:: ND needs to figure out how to handle the variety of targets

psk114:: It's still possible, Evans looked better on Sat to me.

ahzroe:: Make Odrick a blocking TE this year and OT next =)

MrKruger:: ND’s OL looked terrible

PlaybookMark:: The team has been working crossing routes, slants and screens out of the gate in practice

LexLion:: After the result in Fayetteville, I like PSU's chances even more with Green

MrKruger:: Sam Young, looked like a freshman

BleedingPSU1:: Tim shaw will have a field day with sam young

CharlestonLion:: it is important for the young ol guys to show green he can run behind them

psk114:: Yeah, Arkansa got SPANKED.

feetforlove:: When u say green, u mean Broderick?

MrKruger:: Shaw won't be on Young

11LinebackerPSU31:: morelli can hit all the routes he wants, if we cant run we dont win

PlaybookMark:: Young playing shows how shallow the OL depth is for ND

MrKruger:: Young was right tackle

rriva:: i spoke to writer who covers ND, and i told him i was surprised at ND's poor OL play, especially for a veteran group and he said that while the group is talented, they are soft

trock56:: Sam young looked like a freshmen but he will be a top 3 pick when he leaves

PSURaven:: which shaw gets young?

Alan84:: A shaw will be on Young

HowardStern:: Jim Shaw will be over Young

rriva:: they don't have a mean streak

PlaybookMark:: The ND line has zero depth

BleedingPSU1:: tim shaw

PSUSmitty:: we have to abuse Young this week

MrKruger:: Oh, I thought he meant Tim

PSURaven:: I think I would like to see Tim Shaw on youn and use his speed

psk114:: Young looked better that D'brick did, but nothing compared to Gaither two years ago.

nittlion joined

PSUSmitty:: both Shaws ought to give him fits

MrKruger:: Jim Shaw may overpower Young

psunittany:: ND line was bad -- holds & motion ... and bad blocking

psk114:: Jim Shaw could over power anyone....... even Chuck Norris.

BleedingPSU1:: stern i would bet that young will have the TE on his side which is where tim shaw played

HowardStern:: Jim Shaw may well be our most imoprtant defender

trock56:: I don't think GT is all that

nitnymike:: jimmy shaw was tearin up that akron tackle

LexLion:: Yes, I meant Brod Green

vjgkam:: I just read where a LB and DB for tOSU won't play this weekend against Texas

vjgkam:: drugs

BleedsBlueandWhite:: whats everyone feeling on ausin scott..will he redsirt?

rriva:: stern, agree

MrKruger:: Ed Johnson was blowing up the interior

FurnaceB:: named vkjam?

psk114:: Redshirt!

PlaybookMark:: Jim Shaw may draw the line over to open up things for Tim

nitnymike:: prolly bbw

FurnaceB:: names

Alan84:: Whose refs are covering the game? If Big 10, we all know ND can hold all day

underscoreTom:: I know a lot of us questioned him transferring here, too

psunittany:: they need to confuse the heckout of Young - Bradley can do that

MrKruger:: he was nothing short of amazing. I thought he was our best defensive player, which allowed connor to fly

vjgkam:: Tarell Brown (LB), Tyrell Gatewood (CB)

PSURaven:: Start out with Jim Shaw, let him muscle Young over and wear him down then use Tim with his speed

psk114:: Texas is in trouble.

FurnaceB:: they play for Texas

PSUSmitty:: Young is a huge liability - Bradley will definitely scheme this one

psk114:: OSU by 20+

MrKruger:: OSU's not beating TX by 20

PSUSmitty:: psk - disagree

mxbscout:: We've been saying since spring that Scott playing this season is up in the air

MrKruger:: did you see what NIU did to their defense?

BleedingPSU1:: that he will smitty

trock56:: psk I will take that bet for 100

futurelion:: OSU is not beating Texas at all

FurnaceB:: lining Tim Shaw up over Young would be a gift for ND

nitnymike:: i'm not convinced osu is as good as the hype

PSUSmitty:: OSU/Tex is even IMO

PlaybookMark:: I have been saying since the spring I am not sold is fully recovered from his knee injury

vjgkam:: ys, and won't play int the tOSU game

psunittany:: send a DE & OLB right at Young.....

MrKruger:: I think OSU has major problems on defense

Millertime232:: Who will be against young?

virbert:: Tejas will beat OSU. I'm bettin' my brother's paycheck on it!

LexLion:: OSU might win and I think it will, but not by 20.

BleedsBlueandWhite:: texas wins that game, people are stil love with the OSU team that beat ND

LexLion:: Remember, Wolfe put 150 on the ground against that defense.

futurelion:: Ginn will do squat on Saturday

spud358:: doesn't young struggle against speed on the end?

PSUSmitty:: this coming weekend will tell a lot about a few pretenders and contenders

YearoftheHeisman:: It is 2 tTexas players not playng this week. Got arrested with a gun in the car, and Mack Brown is going balistic. CB is their stud, now have to cover Ginn with 2nd teamer.

vjgkam:: vibert, your brother works at McDonalds

Millertime232:: Ginn will have a good game with their no. 1 guy out

psk114:: Agree Smitt.

PlaybookMark:: Young better be able to pick up a bullrush - he was stepping back off the line

PSUSmitty:: and the lack of talk about our game is laughable

psunittany:: I didn't see any highlights after OSU got up 28-3

11LinebackerPSU31:: Texas's o-line is the best in the country, bar none

BleedsBlueandWhite:: Ginn is overrated, remember he can't block on go over the middle

LexLion:: Actually, now that Texas is down a few DBs, I think Ginn might actually do something.

rriva:: anytime a true frosh starts on the OL, it's a liablility, it doesn't matter how good they were in HS

LexLion:: Yes, he is very overrated though

PennStater:: smitty agreed

vjgkam:: like they say: everything is big in Texas

nitnymike:: agree riva

futurelion:: Ginn can't do anything against teams who have CB's who can run with him

MrKruger:: how do you think MO Evans looked?

LexLion:: However, if Huff takes him, he ain't doing squat

psk114:: Ginn is the most overrated player in years IMO.

nittlion:: see dabrickashaw ferguson

MrKruger:: was he good enough to get more time?

CharlestonLion:: Is Poz's knee still bothering him....seemed a little hobbled

spud358:: I liked what I saw out of Moev

scpsu21:: huff plays in the nfl lex

BleedsBlueandWhite:: i am glad our game is nit being covered by espn or abc, a mlittle less pressure on us

PlaybookMark:: Poz is fine

PennStater:: charleston, looks like poz lost a step

nitnymike:: a freshman ot is dealin with monsters who have had 3-4 years in a college weight program

futurelion:: Ross will be on Ginn

BleedingPSU1:: Mo needs to learn some moves

FurnaceB:: and what corners can run with Ginn again?

MrKruger:: all freshman do bleeding

PSUSmitty:: serious question for FOS staff - was there any word on AJ Wallace returning kickoffs?

PennStater:: Mark poz did not look fine

Harry8154:: I'll take that action virbert

vjgkam:: USC lost its most experienced defensive back when Pinkard (left) went down with a torn ACL Saturday night.

PlaybookMark:: ND will blitz early and often to put Morelli on edge

mxbscout:: what do you mean, Smitty

spud358:: Mo has a great motor

PSUSmitty:: most of what i read did not include him in the mix - either way, great to see though

PSURaven:: i would like to see us go deep against ND's secondary early...loosen them up for the short to intermediate passing game

scpsu21:: if joe says paul is fine paul is fine

BleedsBlueandWhite:: you don't have to run with ginn, you just have to frustrate him and jam him at the line

youngie joined

underscoreTom:: I think Poz had some rust...wasn't anticipating having to wear the brace...and was probably naturally sore at the end of the game

MrKruger:: I'd like to see us have some quick slant audibles for when ND brings it off the edges

nitnymike:: our oline is the key to this game

PennStater:: tom I hope your right

mxbscout:: Got you. I was a bit surprised by Wallace returning kicks. But he was terrific

LexLion:: Shouldn't be concerned about Poz

vjgkam:: if he had rust it was in his brace, not his heart

mxbscout:: when he held onto the ball

BleedingPSU1:: 3-4 POZ = 3-4 ray lewis

nittlion:: look for hunt to break big runs off of screens against the blitz

BleedingPSU1:: so far

OldBridge:: I hope ND blitzs to show case our receivers against the LBs on slamts and crossing routes

mxbscout:: incredible difference between the speed on this team and the 2004 squad

spud358:: Wallace is one of the smoothest runners I have ever seen

MrKruger:: but will we utilize the slant?

LexLion:: Love seeing Williams and Wallace back there on KOR. That is going to cause problems for opposition

PSUSmitty:: Brennan - yeah, seemed like that AJ returning kicks was kept under wraps

MrKruger:: hasn't been a steady dose of slants since engram

vjgkam:: anyone else think we could put someone other than DWill in for punt returns....kinda a risk/reward situation with him'

PSUSmitty:: very positive sign though - guy does appear to have DWill type skills

MrKruger:: Who's the upmen from Williams/Wallace?

BWW71:: what else is under wraps?

virbert:: I only remember one play where Poz got tangled up with Andy Allerman and wasn't able to shed him. Clearly, the Poz is rusty.

BleedsBlueandWhite:: i see us running allot more screen passes this weekend consider i expect ND to blitz morelli like crazy

MrKruger:: Hahn and ???

psunittany:: I think the slant comes in play vsd ND - once of those wrinkles Joe didn't want to show

mxbscout:: Kruger, Quarless was in there

vjgkam:: agreed psunitt

PlaybookMark:: I had heard Wallace was catching kicks - but I didn;t get the impression he was a serious candidate at returns

nitnymike:: how bad is hall in joe's doghouse?

PSUSmitty:: maybe i am nuts, but I would rather have our skill talent than just about anyone on Miami and Florida State - when were we able to say that?

futurelion:: we went over the middle on Saturday, there will be much more of it this week

HowardStern:: we didnt show much of anything Saturday

MrKruger:: ahhh, ok. cuz we may start seeing some pooch kicks

LiverpoolLion:: without DWill on KR, i doubt they'd kick to AJ

PennStater:: only how dedicated the fans are stern!

vjgkam:: Hall is eatin Kibbles and Bits...up from Alpo

PlaybookMark:: they look like old PSU

mxbscout:: I think you are going to see some screen passes this week, too

rriva:: kyle wright looked awful

HowardStern:: i bet we saw 10-15% of the offense

scpsu21:: the word your looking for is awful mark

nitnymike:: lol vjg

BleedingPSU1:: they ran the Norwood crossing pattern 10 times

MrKruger:: stern, I was told we showed maybe 15% of the playbook, and that there's some tricks with Williams that we'll see

rriva:: i thought olsen looked awful too

PlaybookMark:: they are working screens in practice

Millertime232:: I'd love to see more 6 yard routes and dumpoff from our RBS like against Minny

feetforlove:: so do we go after Quinn or try and test him throught he air?

BleedsBlueandWhite:: what we could really use is a TE to step up

PSUSmitty:: feetforlove - BOTH

BleedsBlueandWhite:: feet-yes

mxbscout:: Penn State will attack Quinn

HowardStern:: im sure ther eare tons of things yet to be done w/DWill

nittlion:: quarless was open on his first route as a penn stater

LexLion:: Miami offense is going to have problems this year. Not impressed with Wright at all.

vjgkam:: Go after doubt...send the friggin dogs

futurelion:: we have to go after Quinn. he looked terrible when people were in his face

mxbscout:: you know, cut off the head...

PlaybookMark:: Kruger - based on what they are running we haven't seen a fraction of what they hae run with DWill in the preseason

futurelion:: Bradley would be a full not to follow the gameplan GT used

MrKruger:: the key to ND isn't quinn folks

scpsu21:: ok on the final int, if you have your best reciever, olsen, into block your line must really suck

11LinebackerPSU31:: ND lives and dies by Walker

nitnymike:: wright is not a 3 and out guy

MrKruger:: stopping darius walker and that swing pass is

scpsu21:: in the backfield

BleedsBlueandWhite:: what do we have to lose by going after him?

vjgkam:: another Heisman hopeful trampled under JoePas foot

LexLion:: Agree Krueger

rriva:: quinn certainly didn't look comfortable when the GT defense hurried him

BleedingPSU1:: we will see it all this week though

BleedsBlueandWhite:: he will pick us apart if we give him time

PSURaven:: I expect PSU and ND to have the same defensive philosophies...blitz often and from multiple directions

nittlion:: i'd love to see quarless catch a 15 yard seam route early and give ND more to think about

HowardStern:: our LBs should be able to handle walker

MrKruger:: we're gonna see that damned swing pass at least 5-8 times on saturday

OldBridge:: Double ND wide out when not blitzing?? Make TE beat us.

PSUSmitty:: we will blitz, than feign a blitz and drop back

rriva:: one concern i do think PSU fans are overlooking is PSU's tendency to come out flat, at least early on, when they are on the road

MrKruger:: when we're in nickel/dime, that's when they'll break out that pass

vjgkam:: yup, and Connor’s gonna feed off that swing pass

PlaybookMark:: Interesting comment regarding Sat - one observer said they were dropping Poz into coverage to see how Connor handled pressuring the pocket

nitnymike:: let's not kid ourselves..quinn is good and is one tough kid

futurelion:: Walker lives off of those delays and draw plays. our LB's will eat those up

BleedingPSU1:: nd cant use any akron tape for this game

nittlion:: agreed riva

spud358:: riva, this is a new team

BleedsBlueandWhite:: i am not worried about them being flat

psunittany:: Paterno showed 15% of the offense - they ran the same pass routes & running plays the last 3 qtrs

nittlion:: been a while since we won a game we shouldn't on the road

zeta1344:: so where are the places in South Bend that PSU fans will be hanging out at, say, Friday night?

BleedingPSU1:: Mark i take it they liked what they sall

vjgkam:: psu...I was saying he opened 10% of the book on Saturday

MrKruger:: nitt...psu should win this game

BleedsBlueandWhite:: they know they nedd to gain the respect again, and this is the game

MrKruger:: been saying it since the orange bowl

rriva:: nitt, agreed

PlaybookMark:: Bleeding no doubt

futurelion:: riva, i like that they're in lockdown mode. we should come out pretty fast. it's obvious joe is thinking the same thing as you

vjgkam:: why is Galen so quiet in all this?/

PSUVA92:: If you can't get up for ND on the road there is a problem

nitnymike:: the candles

PlaybookMark:: Galen is always quiet

rriva:: even last year, with the veteran squad, every away game PSU struggled out of the gates (even Illinois)

MrKruger:: i think coaches get quiet when they know exactly...EXACTLY what they have

EtownNit:: Scoring first would be huge this Sat.

Ytownlion:: The only thing i'm scared about is the jump ball. They seem to comple one or two deep ones a game. As good as Quinn is (and he is), he's also lucky to have those big athletic WR's.

HowardStern:: who was the last good team we beat on the road?

Millertime232:: we can't be down by more than 7 at half...

PlaybookMark:: FSU

HowardStern:: Miami in 1999?

rriva:: i think it will be an issue, psu cannot go down early against ND

MrKruger:: Miami, 99

MrKruger:: would be my guess

vjgkam:: Florida State in January Howard

nittlion:: mrob willed that team on the road last year...that late Michigan TD drive was all MRob guts

futurelion:: we need to stop ND on their opening drive. they'll have the ball first.

MrKruger:: maybe wisconsin 2002

nittlion:: we need someone to do that this year

HowardStern:: that wasnt a road game

LexLion:: I will tell you what ... if this is a tight game, ND's FG kicker could blow it for them. He is lousy

PSUVA92:: ND 1990 LOL

PSUBeirut:: Morelli will drop a warning-shot bomb very early- hopefully it's complete, but even if it isn't it will set the tone that we're coming after them

spud358:: mrob was also the one who was really flat

PlaybookMark:: FSU wasn't a road game?

vjgkam:: did they play it in State College?

HowardStern:: no

BleedingPSU1:: i am waiting for DWILL to take the kickoff and throw the ball across the field to an open wallace!!!

virbert:: Does a rainy afternoon mean a sloppy running game again?

vjgkam:: it was in FSU's back yard

HowardStern:: PSU fans filled 2/3 of the stadium

mxbscout:: There were more PSU fans in Miami and the Joe Robbie than there were FSU fans

nittlion:: bleeding, that bus will never come ; )

Millertime232:: Next commit?

BleedsBlueandWhite:: any new news on the recruiting front?

BleedingPSU1:: lol i know

MrKruger:: stern, I think wisky in 2002 may qualify as our last big road win

rriva:: i think things will be quiet on the recruiting front for a while

MrKruger:: though you can make an argument, indiana 2004

BWW71:: any chance of a williams/hunt backfield?

feetforlove:: Are we going to get a good amount of people in South Bend even if we dont have Tickets?

11LinebackerPSU31:: Northwestern last year

BleedsBlueandWhite:: un til michigan weeeknd?


PlaybookMark:: FSU was totally a road game

FurnaceB:: that was a nice road win, but was Wisky a top ten type team?

PSUBeirut:: Did Miami's loss hurt their standing with Austin, does anyone think? Or do they have to drop a couple more?

feetforlove:: How sweet would it be to just take over the outside of the teh stadium

vjgkam:: Michigan last year....

underscoreTom:: there will be a good many ticketless PSU fans there

LexLion:: Hard to tell who will be the next committ, Millertime

HowardStern:: im sorry...but i dot consider Wiscy elite

MalibuHammy:: quiet till Michigan right Riva?

rriva:: all of theos games are supporting my point that psu struggles early on in away games

PSUSmitty:: Riva - that is a great point

nitnymike:: think joe will cancel the official visits for michigan?

BleedingPSU1:: WIZ

vjgkam:: who doesn't rriva?

rriva:: sure psu won some of those games, but i doubbt psuc an go down the way it did to NW last year against a team like ND

nittanynick:: wisky was not good in 2002

PlaybookMark:: HS do you consider ND elite?

LexLion:: no, they won't cancel visits this year

11LinebackerPSU31:: yeah but riva psu hasnt had a big road game in a while except for UM

PSUSmitty:: but, i expect us to be sharp

nittlion:: at least we stopped struggluing in home games!

HowardStern:: yes ND is elite

HowardStern:: Wiscy is not

nitnymike:: agree lex

11LinebackerPSU31:: and the UM game followed OSU so it was a letdown

vjgkam:: ND is elite?? who the hell have they beaten lately/

rriva:: 11, that's exactly my point, psu has not in recent years proven it can succeed with regularity on the road

Ytownlion:: I just got on here a few minutes ago, any confirmed news on Shaw and Golden's injuries?

mxbscout:: HS, check their overall records the last 10 years

PlaybookMark:: Wisconsin had 8 wins in 2002, ND had 9 last year - Wisconsin has won a bowl in the last 10 years

PSUSmitty:: Stern - Wiscy pretty elite under Alvarez

mxbscout:: not even close

HowardStern:: i know

mxbscout:: everybody jumping on poor HS

FurnaceB:: Wisky was not elite

11LinebackerPSU31:: PSU hadnt been successful since 1999 anywhere until last year

HowardStern:: but right now ND is elite

nitnymike:: wisky beat auburn last year

FurnaceB:: they are maybe every four years

LineMountain:: Wisky has done a heck of a lot more the last 1 0 yrs then ND and has the toughest home field in the Big 10

vjgkam:: ND hasn't beaten anyone recently...they read their own hype

MalibuHammy:: Wisky will be a tough one this year. We pull it out , but it will be very close.

nittanynick:: Evans didn't play

HowardStern:: probably due in large part to the hype machine

BleedingPSU1:: 2002

FurnaceB:: was Wisky an elite team in 2002? Far, far from it

HowardStern:: but perception is reality

PSUBeirut:: Did anyone else catch an arrogant vibe from WEIS regarding PSU? Saying that he's not really focused on what our D will bring- that if ND can just minimize THEIR mistakes then that should be enough?

BleedsBlueandWhite:: it will only be an eliete win if nd wins more than 10 games this year

PlaybookMark:: Winsconsin has won SEVEN bowls since ND's last bowl win

futurelion:: fwiw, ND has come out flat in every single game since USC last year

PSUSmitty:: can't believe no bowl wins since the early 90's for the Domers LMAO

PSUBeirut:: That came off as arrogant to me. Of course, Joe kinda threw it back at Weis a bit at his PC.

indynittany:: I think Iowa can make the argument for toughest field in the B10

HowardStern:: Wiscy is not an elite level matter how many bowls they win

MalibuHammy:: Odrick played against Akron. I was hoping for a Redshirt.

nittlion:: i won't believe that we can win a big road game until we do

PlaybookMark:: If perception is relaity then FSU was an elite team PSU beat

HowardStern:: wiscy is in the nexttier

LineMountain:: Wisky is elite in my book

TylerB24:: HS is harvard an elite program then?

PSUSmitty:: FSU definitely elite

LineMountain:: Alvarez was the best

spud358:: Odrick and evans played

LexLion:: I'm not sure FSU is elite now

HowardStern:: schools like OSU, scUM, USC, ND are elite

nitnymike:: i'd put wisky in the "good program" catagory,not the elite catagory

PlaybookMark:: Wiscky has won back to back Rose Bowls

PSUSmitty:: Lex, FSU still has cache and tons of guys in the pros

HowardStern:: FSU is elite

LineMountain:: ND has not won a bowl in 10+ yrs. wake up dude

nittlion:: fsu isn't elite but their speed did and would give us fits

PlaybookMark:: HS - so your definition is based on history?

MalibuHammy:: Odrick , from the few plays I saw, looked more like an ideal DT or OT.

LexLion:: That is a program on the decline

LexLion:: JMO

vjgkam:: I just can't wait to hear how the media spins ND's loss on Saturday...."early in the year", "looking ahead", blah blah, blah

PlaybookMark:: By HS defintion FSU is elite

rriva:: malibu, absolutely agree, keep odrick on defense, move him inside

HowardStern:: not necessarily

FurnaceB:: How many Rose Bowls did Wisky make when they played OSU and Michigan in the same season?

BWW71:: FSU and Miami OL were brutal

MalibuHammy:: FSU is elite , but we would knock them off again if we saw them in a bowl IMO

spud358:: I agree malibu, but I'd like to see him get more reps

PSUSmitty:: i like that idea Riva

HowardStern:: perception, history, recruiting prowess

nitnymike:: rriva..odrick is too skinny for inside at this time

vjgkam:: who Howard??

PlaybookMark:: How does a team not win a bowl in a decade and are considered "elite" if it's not based on history?

rriva:: i think it would be a crime to move odrick to OT

FurnaceB:: overall talent.......this ND team has MUCH more talent than Wisky 2002

MalibuHammy:: What about DT Riva?

HowardStern:: you put Wiscy on in a prime time game and your ratings suck

nittlion:: fsu made our OL look SLOW

LineMountain:: perception and recruiting prowess are in the eye of the beholder.

PSUSmitty:: Riva - unless he becomes a Top 10 NFL pick as a OT

rriva:: he just flat out embarassed some quality OL from the inside, he got double teamsed the whole AA game

Alan84:: So Elite has to do with TV ratings?

PlaybookMark:: Furnace - One Rose Bowl in 1999

nittanynick:: 8 wins isn't much when you play 14 games

HowardStern:: cetainly

nitnymike:: against high schoolers

spud358:: could Erob switch have somethin gto do with Odrick to DT?

nitnymike:: albeit great ones

HowardStern:: certainly does

mxbscout:: Doubt it, spud

PlaybookMark:: What exactly has ND done to earn an elite status - aside from their 96 Heismans?

spud358:: that move is just perplexing

FurnaceB:: Mark, you have to be kidding?

nitnymike:: who here is going out to nd?

Alan84:: From what HS said - they have their own network, that qualifies them

mxbscout:: Not really, spud, if they are considering playing a true freshman at tackle

vjgkam:: Hire high profile coaches Mark

spud358:: so what is the 2/3 deep at DT for ND?

nittlion:: I would have liked to see us play some second teamers against Akron on D

PlaybookMark:: Furnace - they wnt to the Rose in 1999 playing both OSU and UM

nittlion:: we may need them Saturday

PSUSmitty:: PBMark - they are elite because they have their own TV network (roll the eyes)

Cafe210:: I'm in mike- leaving for Chitown Thursday morning

nittanynick:: 2002 wisky went 2-6 in BT. Not real elite.

OldBridge:: Will we ever get a tight end ? It doesn't appear Morrelli even looks at the TE.

spud358:: the first teamers needed the reps

HowardStern:: they have their own network for starters

nitnymike:: 210..great..have a ball

FurnaceB:: I'm talking about your "what has ND done to be condered elite" comment

HowardStern:: everyone pays attention to them

HowardStern:: they recruit nationally

PlaybookMark:: Well BYU has their own network on Direct TV - guess they are elite too

vjgkam:: I don' therefore everone doesn't

HowardStern:: dont be silly

smutty:: Think ND wears the green jerseys on Saturday? I think they lose almost every time they wear them.

futurelion:: an Elite team is a top 10 level team

FurnaceB:: absurd to question whether or not ND is an elite program

speedomike02:: I agree HS

futurelion:: has nothing to do with popularity

nitnymike:: no smutty

PSUSmitty:: yeah, but ND games can be had with an old TV with rabbit ears (roll eyes again)

vjgkam:: By halftime Weis will be callinghome and telling the wife to move up the pizza delivery

FurnaceB:: is there a more prestigious program in football? They had a bad five years or so, otherwise, they have been at the top of the college football world throughout their history

HowardStern:: im surpriosed that anyone is even arguing this with me...its a no brainer imo that Wiscy does not qualify as an elite program

nitnymike:: nd is elite

psunittany:: Wisky is NOT elite

PlaybookMark:: Furnace we just have different definitions of "elite" ND is an "elite" historical school - going .500 against winning programs is not elite in my book - sorry

LexLion:: Wisky is solid

LiverpoolLion:: I don't think ND would want to recognize PSU as worthy of using the green jerseys

speedomike02:: Wiscy is definitley in that next tier of programs, but not elite.

vjgkam:: elite program = PSU....nuff said

PSU42Fan:: wisconsin = not elite

LineMountain:: uh, because Wisky has accomplished 5 times what ND has the less 10 yrs

nitnymike:: solid is a good word

spud358:: zzzzz........

futurelion:: howard, if you're going on on the field production, ND isn't in Wisky's league over the last decade

psunittany:: PSU wins saturday - I have an extra pair of tickets

vjgkam:: 110,000 day in and day out...= eliote

Millertime232:: what has psu done to be elite?

vjgkam:: graduated a helluva lot more athletes than most others for one

FurnaceB:: .500 against winning teams over what time span?

PlaybookMark:: in 2005 ND went 2-2 against winning teams

LineMountain:: Any news on Snow?

vjgkam:: yes, no snow in the forecast here

HowardStern:: ND certainly wasnt elite the past decade

LineMountain:: How about Shaw?

PSU42Fan:: usually comes in december, but i've seen snow at thanksgiving

vjgkam:: Shawe is playin

smutty:: Is the line still at -8

HowardStern:: but the fact that it took them 1 year to turn it around proves that as a program thery are elite...much like PSU

PSUSmitty:: Stern - turn it around?

futurelion:: howard, that's if you believe they're back

daCronk:: what is the debate re:elite?

PSUSmitty:: they need to win a bowl game first

LexLion:: Stern, would Iowa be elite, or next tier?

nitnymike:: nd cycled down for a while as do all elite programs..bama,usc,texas,ou and on and on and on

Ytownlion:: Howard, they played no one last year. that is how they turned it around

futurelion:: they haven't proven squat imo

LineMountain:: ND was elite and now they are being hyped bvack into elite status by the media. The proof will be in the pudding.

PSU42Fan:: ND is elite because of their history

nitnymike:: we cycled down too,but we're elite

Ytownlion:: they are elite again when they win a bowl game.......any bowl game

PlaybookMark:: HS - again I would question 2005 being as great as some would say - a turnaround yes - going .500 vs. winning programs isn't quite elite to me

Cafe210:: what refs are working the ND game?

underscoreTom:: JoePa's next win puts him in 10th place all time in Big Ten wins

futurelion:: mike, we beat some good teams last year, ND didn't

PSULion04R11:: we need to make sure the pudding stays uneaten for evidence then

HowardStern:: they certainly recruit elite

PSU42Fan:: they have their own network

futurelion:: yea last year, we've recruited better than them I believe every year this millenium

daCronk:: there are some schools that unless they go 20 years without winning will always be elite...

FurnaceB:: does anyone think Notre Dame will not be back on track under Weiss?

HowardStern:: i agree that ND wasnt great last year...or elite

daCronk:: USC,ND,PSU,Bama, Neb, Miami, FSU, OU

HowardStern:: but that doesnt change the fact that they are elite now

daCronk:: OSU,UM

PSU42Fan:: texas

vjgkam:: Wesi will get them there eventually...if he hangs around long enough

PlaybookMark:: Furnace define back on track - back to nine wins or back to NCs?

daCronk:: definitely texas

BWW71:: big if

daCronk:: probably a group of 15 to 20

restoartheroar:: the only thing i am scared about is that PSU isnt great on the road

nittanynick:: you're talking this year though. as of Sat they're an elite team.

FurnaceB:: 9 wins or more, playing for a MNC every 5 years or so perhaps

FurnaceB:: if your ND

daCronk:: georgia,florida as well

futurelion:: ND is 'elite' in my mind if they go out and win 11 games this year

PlaybookMark:: What has ND done to earn elite status since 2005? Beat a mediocre GT offense?

futurelion:: and win a bowl game against a good team

nittlion:: they are elite this week...isn't that all that counts?

futurelion:: but it's premature to say they're elite this year

PSU42Fan:: too short sighted, mark

diddy1:: Is Rutgers now elite??

nitnymike:: there are about 15 elite programs...osu,um and psu in the big 10

feetforlove:: Iowa?

Alan84:: what has ND done in the last 10 years to earn elite status

spud358:: soooo.... anyone feel like talking about PSU football..... a team we all agree is "elite"

nitnymike:: hey ru is steppin up

futurelion:: they only beat GT because GT's playcalling was Jay Paterno-esque

daCronk:: just because you have a few down years doesn't mean you are downgraded..those individual squads may not be elite but the program still is

LexLion:: GT was WAY WAY WAY TOO conservative in that game

vjgkam:: Nd is not elite...nut Charlie like to e-eat

LineMountain:: Anyone see Shaw limping?

Ytownlion:: can saturday come any sooner?

PlaybookMark:: No ND beat GT because they had one major target which they doubled up on

coachbuttemaker:: playing GT on the road is a tough opener

11LinebackerPSU31:: can we stop hating on Jay now?

nittlion:: they only beat GT because GT's quarterback was Jay Paterno-esque

OldBridge:: How is Clark simulating Quinn on the scout team working out?

TylerB24:: I can't believe the hype over ND's defense improving. GT has the worst O in the ACC

futurelion:: Ball wasn't bad imo. the play calling was

vjgkam:: hating on Jay?? absolutely....AM's head needs to swivel a bit

LexLion:: Duke's is worse

futurelion:: Ball played as good a game as he's ever had

nitnymike:: it's tough for the psu's and the nd's to compete with those 3 and out schools

FurnaceB:: Duke??

FurnaceB:: VIrginia?


PSU42Fan:: media doesn't seem to in love with ND right now

LexLion:: NC State

LineMountain:: I am praying the OLine delivers some holes for Hunt !!!

underscoreTom:: vatech is not elite

speedomike02:: Va Tach not elite

PSUSmitty:: no way

LexLion:: Maryland's is worse than GT

Cafe210:: How would rain effect the game ?

virbert:: rriva, How are you feeling about our chances with Derrick Morgan?

PSULion04R11:: media aka espn doesn't want to distract from their game

psk114:: In the last 10 years they have been better than us.

nittanynick:: the players would get wet

psunittany:: How will we exploit ND's LBs? thoughts?...i think look for mismatch DWill in slot on them....

vjgkam:: elite programs are not just about wins/losses to me

Ytownlion:: VT is and elite team for the first 8 weeks of every season

daCronk:: VT needs another 10-15 years at this level to start that discussion

PSU42Fan:: does dailey play TE or WR?

psk114:: Played for a natl. championship.

PlaybookMark:: Weis will improve ND's recruiting - although I am not sure how much on defense

spud358:: what is our game plan for Mcknight and the shark?

BWW71:: run right at them psunit

futurelion:: dailey palys WR

LineMountain:: Start a thread on elite programs. Let it go !!!

rriva:: 42, andrew dailey?

psk114:: They are getting there, it's close.

PSU42Fan:: he had a few catches in his first game

spud358:: zone all around or man up?

restoartheroar:: Lets do predictions I say 28-24 PSU

PSU42Fan:: yes

psunittany:: I think King should be on McKnight & double Jeff S w/ Davis & someone else

speedomike02:: agreed

vjgkam:: Anyone think YSU is an issue...14th ranked in the D1AA polls

spud358:: a agree nittany

LexLion:: McKnight is going to be a bigger pain in the rear than Schmardjia, IMO

daCronk:: basically you know you are elite when you suck for 5 or 6 years (aka ND,USC,OU, PSU,Bama) and everyone still talks about you and you still get top recruits

speedomike02:: I dont like King on the Shark

OldBridge:: Double 1 of them and see if the TE can beat us.

11LinebackerPSU31:: Is Mo Williams still a Pitt lock?

PSU42Fan:: wr...thanks

psunittany:: I like King on McKnight

spud358:: king showed he is not very physically strong

futurelion:: no way McKnight is more dangerous than Shark

mxbscout:: One game at a time, vjg

nittlion:: AJ on the Shark

PSU42Fan:: future...thanks

PlaybookMark:: King will likely paly press coverage on McKnight with Donnie Johnson playing support

futurelion:: we have no one who can man up Jeff S

rriva:: McKnight was the best WR on ND's offense against GT

psunittany:: but Shark is a big guy ... Davis is physical...give him safety help

FurnaceB:: YSU is not an issue

LexLion:: I don't know about Williams and Pitt, but he led SV to a 68-0 thumping over my alma mater Friday night

psk114:: See to me BAMA isn't there any longer, they have been somewhat down for too long now.

FurnaceB:: should beat them by 40 plus

11LinebackerPSU31:: Rob or Bob, Mo Williams still a Pitt lock?

spud358:: exatly, which is why king locks down on McK and davis/scirrotto cover shark

PSUSmitty:: Donne Johnson to help with Shark

rriva:: my one questions is this: why does jeff. s. always spin the ball on the ground when he makes a reception, has anyone else noticed that

PlaybookMark:: The DBs have to lay the lumber on receivers - make the wonder where they are - take their focus off the pass

psunittany:: King will make McKnight disappear

rriva:: 11, too early to say re: williams

vjgkam:: any chance Mo comes to Happy valley for Michigan??

Ytownlion:: he's a cocky sob riva

11LinebackerPSU31:: thnx

PSU42Fan:: it's a game where he tries to spell his name before the ball falls over

LexLion:: Yep, Shark is cocky SOB

rriva:: vj, he will be there for UM

psk114:: sholdn't that be a penalty?

virbert:: rriv, Is NC State a strong consideration for Derrick Morgan?

vjgkam:: that should help us

nittlion:: he kisses whomever it ends up pointing to

futurelion:: anyone else think Akron beats NC State ?

LexLion:: Virbert, that is the school I'm more concerned with for Morgan

rriva:: vir, as in do i think they have a legit shot?

PlaybookMark:: The secondary has to "punch them in the mouth" early and often

spud358:: I hope DJ or AS gets a good open field shot at those guys

vjgkam:: wondering though if JoePa will cancle officlials for that game rriva

LexLion:: I think Arkon can beat NC State

spud358:: or connor

virbert:: rriva, yes.

rriva:: i think morgan will ultimately choose between OSU and PSU

psk114:: UM losing last night and a couple more this year could be HUGE for our recruting efforts

PSUSem:: marcus stone of nc st threw for like 37 yards against app st.

futurelion:: our LB's and safeties wil lget shots at ND's WR's with all those passes out intothe flats that ND loves

11LinebackerPSU31:: screw miami as long as we win recruiting will take care of itself

BWW71:: miami has an easy sched now though

Cafe210:: agree psk - Still, McCoy, Austin...

psunittany:: Morganto PSU b/c OSU has other DEs they like better

nittlion:: i'd wr screen at Jking based on the akron game

psk114:: I agree Mark. Could have a bearing on a few potential PSU targets if Coker gets the hook.

PSU42Fan:: he was a bit exposed, wasn't he?

psunittany:: I love how DJ & Anthiny S can tackle....

PlaybookMark:: They will run screens - which King has to be alert for

OldBridge:: ND loves those wide receiver screens. Good call lion.

rriva:: anthony scirotto is an intelligent intelligent DB

vjgkam:: With Am going to be at the helm for two years, and Clark as 2nd does it bode for Devlin now??/

LineMountain:: Amato is probably going to get fired.

psunittany:: King could get a jump on a screen & pick 6

PSU42Fan:: how many of them left early?

LexLion:: agree Line

futurelion:: what i'm worried about is Weis will dink and dunk down the field if we give that to him

nittlion:: i didn't mind king getting run over as much as his two open field whiffs

futurelion:: we can't lay off their WR's

PSU42Fan:: i agree future

11LinebackerPSU31:: agree future

nittlion:: those will hurt us

vjgkam:: only thing Weis is dunkin on Sat is dooughnuts

LexLion:: Several coaches in the ACC should be on the hot seat

futurelion:: we have to play to win on defense in this game

PlaybookMark:: Maimi does have an easy schedule

Alan84:: Do you think Scrap had King playing that deep to let ND see it?

psunittany:: I am really confident we beat ND ... they have too many holes

speedomike02:: they can dink and dunk all they want, but if we hold them to FGs I'll feel good about that

LineMountain:: Agree. Future. PSU playing a soft zone abd ND dink & dunk for 7

PSU42Fan:: we will

OldBridge:: I think ND is going to come out running screens to minimize the pass rush like they did at Tennessee last year.

LexLion:: Mark, think Miami has one or two more losses coming

futurelion:: speed, they have an incredibly effective RZ offense

virbert:: Miami won't beat VaTech.

LexLion:: Louisville can beat them minus Bush

PlaybookMark:: King usually doesn't play back - he likes to press - it was odd to see him play the cushion

LexLion:: VPI can beat them

psunittany:: King was in Ginn's pocket - Scrap had him back off in Akron... heck BW game, King played 10 yards off the ball

BWW71:: to who lex?

PSU42Fan:: 20-16 psu

rriva:: all right guys, i gotta head out, be good

PlaybookMark:: Who does Miami lose to? BC?

PSU42Fan:: i gave them an extra fg

futurelion:: VPI

ututsumuju:: how did ND's dline look vs GT?

PSUSmitty:: later Riva

LexLion:: Louisville, VPI

PSU42Fan:: see yeah rob

ritcheyk:: Miami will beat both VT and Lousville

LineMountain:: Can the front 4 get pressure. Shaw, Alford, Johnson, Shaw ????

futurelion:: ND's Dline was average

speedomike02:: future I agree I'm just saying I expect them to move the ball but if we can hold them to 3 we've got a good chance

HowardStern:: FSU may well end up unbeaten

psunittany:: I think Miami beats UL ... speed plus physical defense will stifle UL

HowardStern:: only 3 more road games...MD, dook, and NC State

psk114:: Miami is in a weird spot. They QUIT on Coker in the bowl last year. They could potentially do the same this year.

futurelion:: certainly speed. their kickers are awful

Alan84:: When the offense does not play a WR on King's side (which they did many times) what is King's responsibility?

11LinebackerPSU31:: FSU will have to play Miami again

LexLion:: Game is in Louisville and that offense is very good even without Bush

futurelion:: yea, i was impressed with UL's backup RB's

ritcheyk:: not good enough for UM's D

PSU42Fan:: anyone think we use more 4-3 against ND?

daCronk:: no way does miami make it to the acc title game

PlaybookMark:: FSU still has to play Florida and I wouldn;t count out Clemson

EtownNit:: Can you believe how bad UVA has become so quickly?

psk114:: I think all discipline is gone at UM. Coker is gone.

LexLion:: Stripling and Smith are luxuries to have in the event of injury

speedomike02:: UVA's elite!

LexLion:: Both are talented and have experience when Bush went down last year/

NewYorkNittany:: cowherd ripped into uva again today

psunittany:: Pitt fans act like they won the NC this weekend....

rednecklion:: I went to the Pitt v UVA game and wow is UVA bad.

PSU42Fan:: both fsu and miami looked out of control last night

nittlion:: uva and md...yuck

futurelion:: didnt they both have over 600 yards last year lex ?

PSU42Fan:: way too many personal fouls

LexLion:: You could see UVA falling back

ritcheyk:: AT this point, UVA, NC and NCSt seem to be in trouble

LineMountain:: Did Pitt even make it on TV ?

LexLion:: Yes they did Future

mxbscout:: PSU42, I think PSU is considering the lineup with T. Shaw at DE a 4-3

EtownNit:: Groh's gotta be gone soon.

PlaybookMark:: Miami and Florida are running 1980 offenses

daCronk:: ESPNU

11LinebackerPSU31:: PSU vs. Florida for the Championship

mxbscout:: you will see a lot of that

nittlion:: nc is recruiting well

liftin:: didnt groh get a huge contract?

PSU42Fan:: yeah...i saw the discussion with Yes earlier

futurelion:: mods, any chance we see Hayes at the standup DE this year ?

LexLion:: Groh wasn't that great of a coach when he had all the talent in the world at UVA.

PlaybookMark:: both have stripped out any complexity and motion from their schemes

speedomike02:: 11LB that's what is was on my X-Box so it's got to be true

psunittany:: It's tough to be a middle pack team in ACC

PSU42Fan:: i mean the traditional w/4 down lineman

LexLion:: Monster recruiting classes and a bunch of underachievers

PSUSmitty:: PBMark - it is mystifying

ritcheyk:: we will see how NC's recruiting ends up with the year they will ahve in 2006

nitnymike:: but man, those 2 defenses were fast last night

psk114:: UNC got alot of early momentum. Let see if they can hold onto those recruits.

mxbscout:: I don't think you will see a lot of that, 42

11LinebackerPSU31:: actually im never wrong so...

PSUSmitty:: the team we beat in 1987 had a far more innovative offense

LineMountain:: Amato, Groh, Bunting, Coker all on the hot seat. Half the ACC is on the hot seat.

PSU42Fan:: or is the 3-4/4-3 our sole D for the year?

PlaybookMark:: UNC may have some recruits reconsidering after they way they played Rutgers

mxbscout:: PSU plays a lot of excellent QBs this year. That's why Shaw was moved

EtownNit:: Groh got an extension, but they'll have to eat it eventually.

LexLion:: Line, one more bad year and Friedgen is on that seat as well

speedomike02:: I was very impressed with Blackledge during the game last night

PSU42Fan:: interesting point

ritcheyk:: we have to keep Fridge at UMD

rednecklion:: I am confused by what defense PSU will be playing all year

futurelion:: he was great speed, lots of good insight

PlaybookMark:: Shaw will continue to play up - he needs to to account for his size disadvantage

nittlion:: bunting will get another year just based on his recruiting

mxbscout:: redneck, part of the idea is to confuse opponents

BWW71:: Sturdivant would be nice PBMark

LexLion:: I think Rutgers beating UNC is a big help with Powell and Saunders

PSU42Fan:: recruiting slow right now?

nitnymike:: i hope we don't see that 3-5- 3 anymore

liftin:: if the OL gets hold of shaw he'll be a rag doll.. got to use that blazing speed.

mxbscout:: Shaw is flexible enough to allow them to move into an actual 3-4 on the fly if they wanted to

futurelion:: or how about that 2-4-5

LineMountain:: Blackledge is the best ESPN has how did CBS let him go for that idiot Danielson?

rednecklion:: I still think keeping shaw on the end will ultimately result in opponents rushing a lot.

PSU42Fan:: we could have killed the 3-5-3 if we wanted to

nittlion:: i don't think the rutgers loss matters

NewYorkNittany:: i was disappointed we didn't go harder after rice

psk114:: It's rutgers! It matters

nitnymike:: 42..we couldn't run on it

NewYorkNittany:: and i knew those schools recruiting him as a DB were nuts

futurelion:: how have we let so many good RB's get away in our area ? Rice, Slaton, Tate

PlaybookMark:: Losing to Rutgers is a statement

LexLion:: Leonard

futurelion:: it's unreal.

ritcheyk:: UNC is not the kind of school that can stand a 3-8 record

mxbscout:: I'm guessing Blackledge saw what was happening with ABC/ESPN

psk114:: Slaton and Tate are gonna hurt.

PlaybookMark:: mike - they were rushing 7-8 - they gave up the pass and Morelli took it

PSU42Fan:: they would have had to adjust if morelli had been allowed to audible and kill them downfield

mxbscout:: and realized it made sense to get on board

futurelion:: if we would have Slaton right now, wow..

nittlion:: not to kids from's not like unc has been going to bcs games anyway

futurelion:: the best RB duo in the nation

NewYorkNittany:: and we lost rice not once but TWICE!

LineMountain:: I am hoping Morelli doesnt throw into double coverage again. He wont be so lucky out there

ritcheyk:: Slaton would have had 40 total yards against Akron

11LinebackerPSU31:: OMG Morelli played great some people are looking for reasons to complain

futurelion:: Morelli was really asking for it on Saturday with osme of those passes to the sideline

feetforlove:: I think PSU will win

nittlion:: did anyone else think Morelli was a bit late with most of his throws?

feetforlove:: it matches up well for htem

psunittany:: You can't expect to run from a single back set when the D sens the SS & OLB.

speedomike02:: I hope he does, shows his confidence

LineMountain:: He was great statistially but got lucky on a couple

11LinebackerPSU31:: No

PlaybookMark:: bottom line - Akron gave the pass up and Morelli took it - can;t ask for too much more

nittlion:: even the TDS

futurelion:: nit, Morelli gets the ball out of there in a hurry

LexLion:: UNC only has two given wins now - Furman and Duke

EtownNit:: agree future. they were jumping the routes 2nd half.

11LinebackerPSU31:: I think he made one bad throw that almost got picked, the rest were in the thrid row

LexLion:: VPI, Clemson, Miami, ND and Va. Tech should be losses

PSU42Fan:: he needs to take advantage of the speed of our wr's after the catch (see: Norwood)

psunittany:: PSU WRs ran the same routes over & Over 2nd half

feetforlove:: I remember the almost pick

psk114:: Did any of you guys ever throw a wet football? It's hard! He's fine.

nitnymike:: i'm still worried about our oline

11LinebackerPSU31:: Morelli is fine

futurelion:: psunit, exactly

LexLion:: Flip of coins ... South Florida, Virginiaa, NC State and Wake

nitnymike:: we'll find out saturday

futurelion:: we were running the exact same palys

11LinebackerPSU31:: If we can run, We Are... National Champs

psunittany:: PSU offense is 2nd half was so bland, it made vanilla look wild & crazy -- we will be fine vs ND -- we showed 15% vs Akron

nitnymike:: cuz nd is gonna thow the kitchen sink at us

PSU42Fan:: i'm not worried about his arm

psk114:: OL is our only MAJOR ???? right now I think.

speedomike02:: great players are willing to take big risks

futurelion:: Morelli was making reads pretty well early in the game

11LinebackerPSU31:: remember MRob last year vs. USF?

ritcheyk:: Our OL missed a million assignments

PlaybookMark:: The OL focused on pass protection - it showed - plus they were not going to run any complexity out of the backfield in this one

11LinebackerPSU31:: Remember MRob rest of the year?

psunittany:: We showed 15% Saturday ... the Akron tape is worthless for ND def coord

futurelion:: second half, you could tell he was locking on

EtownNit:: I'm more worried about the pass play calls coming down from the booth.

LineMountain:: Its amazing ND fans still seem consumed with GA Tech

PSU42Fan:: he played everything excpet punter at psu

futurelion:: Hall will get our WR's open

nitnymike:: is price gonna start?

spud358:: here's my question..... If our TE's are so bad, why not put in a great OLmen who could catch a ball if it had to be thrown to him?

PlaybookMark:: ND fans are concerned with ND's performance

PSU42Fan:: tape is worthless from a scheme standpoint

nittlion:: if we had a great OLman, he'd be playing OL!

PSU42Fan:: but not personnel

speedomike02:: I don't know it took MRob a few games-remember NW?

spud358:: haha

psk114:: He was 11!

ritcheyk:: we need a TE that can block - our OL haven't shown they can block either

rednecklion:: mrob struggled the first 2 1/2 games

futurelion:: I personally think ND showed a ton more than they wanted too

mxbscout:: GT offense was pretty bad in 2005. Held to 17 or fewer points in four of last five games

PlaybookMark:: ND had to show more than they wanted to

speedomike02:: agreed future-

psk114:: They sure did, they'd have lost if they didn't dig deep.

rednecklion:: The oline is clearly the biggest ?

speedomike02:: and we didn;'t have to

futurelion:: we were lucky enough to come out and take a big lead right away

futurelion:: and keep it very bland

speedomike02:: GT offense = toss ball to Johnson and pray

11LinebackerPSU31:: DWil will break one this weekend, we win on special team.


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