Dailey Report: LB Prospect Update

The season has started for Andrew Dailey. For him, it's his last go around as a high school player before he makes the jump to the collegiate level at Penn State. Get an update on the linebacker prospect as he heads into his final high school season.

Dailey, the 6-foot-3, 215 pound linebacker from Washington High School in Massillon, Oh., committed to the Nittany Lions over a month ago and caught up with FightOnState.com on his high school season.

"This season things have been going pretty good," Dailey said. "I'm playing a lot of offense this year. I play the slot receiver. I have two touchdown catches right now. I'm also playing linebacker. Right now, I have 18 tackles, 4 tackles for loss and 2 quarterback sacks. I'm not doing too badly defensively. A lot of guys are going away from me. They're pulling me out of the box and running the other way."

His play on the field literally inspires his local community in an area where football is king. Since his commitment to Penn State, the community has continued to embrace its golden boy.

"The whole town is happy for me," Dailey said. "Everyone says, ‘you couldn't' have picked a better school.' Even the die-hard Ohio State fans say that I made a great decision. They respect Coach Paterno and they know Penn State is a good school. You are also going to get the academics there."

Dailey has also been keeping tabs on Penn State so far this season. While he said he had hoped the Nittany Lions would have pulled an upset against Notre Dame last week, he still feels the young Penn State squad will do well this season.

"I taped [the Notre Dame game], so I'm going to watch it tonight," Dailey said. "I think that it's a great learning experience. They're definitely going to be competitive for the Big Ten championship. They've got some young guys and they're handling it well. I think they'll pull off a few big wins."

As of now, Dailey will take his official visit to Penn State in the winter after both he and the Nittany Lions finish up their respective seasons. However, Dailey will be in town for an unofficial visit before that.

"The only game I can make because we've had a lot of Saturday games is the Northwestern game," he said. "I'm going to the Northwestern game and I'll take my official sometime during the winter. I'm trying to get tickets to the Ohio State – Penn State game."

With his commitment to Penn State, Dailey indicated that a lot of stress on both he and his family has been relieved.

"It's been a great stress relief," Dailey said. "The whole family is going to get Penn State gear now. Everyone is rooting for Penn State every week and rooting against every other Big Ten team. We're all Penn State fans."

Also, schools have all but stopped contacting Dailey, something Dailey reaffirmed was a relief.

"Things have calmed down a lot from other schools," Dailey said. "I called a few schools and I let them know that I committed to Penn State. I get a few text messages from Michigan saying "good luck this week."

Still, the Nittany Nation can breath a collective sigh of relief because Dailey made the point that he is committed to Penn State.

"If I had a contract right now, I'd sign it, but I have to wait until February," Dailey laughed.

Right now, Dailey said is his focused on playing the rest of his football season as well as continuing to work on meeting a more recent goal of his: to be selected to the U.S. Army All American Bowl. Currently, Dailey is a finalist to make the squad.

"Last week I got a plaque laminated to make the U.S. Army All American team," Dailey said. "I think they pick it in December after the season. It's a great honor. It's a goal that I've been trying to achieve and it's been my coaching staff and teammates that I have to give credit to, especially after you see the guys who have been in that game like Ted Ginn and Vince Young."


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