Cold Fronts & Field Goals: YSU

Volume 5 Number 3: Hello all, once again we settle in for another edition of Cold Fronts & Field Goals, still with the bad taste of last Saturday's thumping at the hands of Notre Dame. Nonetheless, the show must go on and lest we seek any ray of optimism for this weekend against Youngstown State, at least the weather will be picture perfect!

The last several days in central Pennsylvania have been wet ones as a pesky low-pressure system shook up the atmosphere and made clouds and showers aplenty. This system will start to pull away from the region late afternoon on Friday leading to a few breaks of sunshine, and skies will clear a little more on Friday night with crisp, fall-like conditions overnight. We'll start the day on Saturday with some fog and low clouds, but by midday we should see partly sunny skies as high pressure begins to nose in from the west. Conditions at kickoff should be nothing short of spectacular, with that true autumnal feel and even a few trees on the mountaintops breaking into their spectral colors a bit early.

YOUR GAME TIME FORECAST: Partly sunny and comfortable with temperatures in the mid 70s. Do remember that the sun sets earlier this time of year, and once we lose the daytime warmth of the sun it will cool off quickly. A few cups of hot chocolate may be in order late in the game!

There really isn't much else that can be said about last week's loss to the Fighting Irish. I caught bits and pieces of the first half on the radio, and caught the first few moments of the second half on TV. As the second half started, I thought there was a small chance that Penn State could turn it around and make it a game. I figured if they cut the mistakes, and focused a bit, that they'd have a chance. Then Derrick Williams let a sure catch fall through his arms, and Morelli fumbled with Notre Dame running in for six on the very next play, and I realized it just wouldn't happen. On a positive note, though, a big congratulations goes out to Tony Hunt, who quietly rushed for his 2,000th career yard last week. And just think, Larry Johnson did that in one season…

In the meantime...

Go Big Blue. Beat the Penguins.

We Are… Penn State!


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