FOS Premium Chat Wrap

Community staffers and members talk Penn State-Ohio State and more in our weekly session. Bob Lichtenfels also stopped by to discuss the recruiting scene. Check it out below.

am19psu: evening ladies

mxbscout: What's up, am?

am19psu: not much, brennan, how are you doing?

rriva: what's up guys

mxbscout: terrific.

am19psu: what's up riva?

trock56: hey rob any word from chris colasanti yet

rriva: trock, none

rriva: i'll keep at it, i don't want to bother him though

mxbscout: So what is the prevailing thought on the game this week?

trock56: why rob, hope he is not rethinking things

rriva: no he's not rethinking, just i'm not one to leave a kid a message 3 nights in a row

rriva: if they want to call me back, they will, if not, that's cool, i just won't poster them

trock56: I understand that rob, just odd you seemed to hit it off with him before

am19psu: mark, i got 34-14 tosu

Joypa: I wouldn't pester them either.

rriva: sometimes they're just busy, that's all

trock56: Colasanti will be the Next great one in a line of LB for us

Nittanylfan: I think the game this weekend could get ugly again

Joypa: Nah, we win.

mxbscout: I think Penn State will play better than ND, but still an uphill climb

am19psu: agreed... and i'm ok with that

Nittanylfan: they better play better LOL

am19psu: not that my opinion matters much

trock56: I hope we win. But because of last year they are not going to let there guard down

rriva: but, i think psu beats um at home

Nittanylfan: last time I read.. point spread 17

Joypa: The planets align and we win

rriva: all i need to know is psu is playing a ranked team on the road

mxbscout: A real key, I believe, is that Penn State must find a way to keep time of possession at least even

am19psu: i'm seeing +16 at pinnacle

Joypa: That is my story andI'm sticking to it.

rriva: brennan, good point, osu's run defense isn't proven yet, if psu can maintain an effective run game, psu could make this interesting

mxbscout: Joypa, the planets align, no special teams’ blunder and no turnovers

Joypa: Right

Maxicat: Tressell plays a lot of players

underscoreTom: they need to play a defense that works too

Joypa: Put a man on Smith?

PennStatePigskin: Time of posession doesn't mean much if the other team is scoring quickly.

trock56: So what is the deeal on stupar. Was he nominated ( which is what I expect ) for the AA game or did he get an invite

am19psu: joypa, why? he hardly has any yards rushing this year

Harry8154: Sorry guys, though OSU is a good team, they are not even close to some of the more impressive No. 1 teams. Unless the coaching staff blows this game, PSU should have a decent shot at a victory.

mxbscout: Stupar was nominated for the AA Bowl

mxbscout: he has not been selected

trock56: thanks mxb

Joypa: Keep him in the pocket

mxbscout: I'm anxious to see how many PA guys make the AA bowl, see how much sway Lichtenfels has

Nittanylfan: Brennan. anything interesting of note this week ???

am19psu: i haven't seen any tosu games this year, but i do run a b10 fantasy league.. he has not been at all dangerous running the ball

mrl5043: PSU has a 50/50 chance of winning every game

mxbscout: Everything seems quiet this week, which is good for PSU

trock56: where is BOB

mxbscout: Bob will be here

trock56: thanks for the warning

Nittanylfan: what.. we're not closing off the media from the players ??

am19psu: psp is on high alert

Maxicat: not sure the D scheme would be any different if Zwick started... everything in front

mxbscout: Players are available, which I think is good

Joypa: Any injuries?

trock56: anything new on recruitung especially running back

Nittanylfan: is Jim Shaw out this week ??

mxbscout: Jim Shaw practiced today and should be back

Nittanylfan: how about Golden ??

mxbscout: I have not heard anything on Golden

PennStatePigskin: What is up with Harrison at center ?

Nittanylfan: is anyone "out" for the game ??

rriva: harrison needs to start at left guard over cadogan

mxbscout: Don't think so on injury front, Nittany, but knock on wood. a couple days of practice left

PennStatePigskin: I agree Rob.

mrl5043: honestly does PSU really have to change the defensive game plan much from last year? i know we lost the secondary and the DL aside from Alford but tOSU runs the same offense, they just do a better job at it this year

Maxicat: we don't have Hali

mxbscout: Hali was big in the game last year

mxbscout: right Max

LiverpoolLion: Price got a lot of pt at left guard with rich o at g. what's up with that?

PennStatePigskin: It looks like the line slots are etched in stone

Maxicat: motor never stopped

Joypa: We need a pass rusher


Maxicat: T.Shaw for Hali

Maxicat: basically

rriva: miller, not a lot recruiting wise, i don't think anything breaking will happen until after the UM game

Joypa: I see our rush and we run right by the QB

Tiapan: i hope we give the ball to hunt alot this saturday

Tiapan: and short passes

trock56: How many kids do you think will be in for the Michigan game

Millertime232: i hope it's within 7 at half

Nittanylfan: the O-Line NEEDS to block

psuthebest: rob why is staff putting cadogan over harrison at guard

Maxicat: we will need fb passes, screens and slants

Millertime232: it was hopeless being down 20 at ND

mxbscout: Tiapan, they have not used Hunt enough in the passing game

rriva: trock, when it's all said and done, at least a dozen

trock56: seems like every kids says he is going to that game

Nittanylfan: I'm hoping we have the ST figured out

rriva: psu, i'm not sure, maybe they think he's better, but i don't see it that way

mxbscout: I'm not sure Harrison is full strength

rriva: i still think, when it's all said and done, despite his limited time, harrison is the No.2 OL behind Brown on the line this year

PennStatePigskin: That's a "read between the lines" comment

Maxicat: shipley vs.pittcock

Harry8154: If PSU doesn't have a good showing this Saturday, then there is no doubt in my mind that PSU will lose to Michigan.

PennStatePigskin: Price will be exploited bigtime

LiverpoolLion: AQ gets schooled

mrl5043: they should have taylor going hard at shipley this week

Nittanylfan: if PSU loses to Michigan, alot of tickets will free up LOL

rriva: if psu loses to osu, the season will be a disappointment if psu doesn't beat UM, irrespective of what happens in a bowl game

am19psu: with you on that

underscoreTom: yep 9-3 means they won all the easy games, lost all the hard ones

Maxicat: Michigan State will not be easy.

psulions12: right on rivaa

Nittanylfan: most media are predicting an 8-4 season

am19psu: am i the only one that thinks that beating um here will be as tough or even easier than beating wisky at camp randall?

mxbscout: Not sure I would qualify at Wisconsin, easy, either

PennStatePigskin: We'll be very lucky to be 9-3

underscoreTom: this isn't your typical wisky team though

Maxicat: or Minn away, never know

underscoreTom: not that winning at camp randall is easy, but, wisky isn't nearly as good

rriva: i think camp randall will be tough for psu, but wisky is a far cry from where it was last season

Nittanylfan: I guess we're waiting to see if the Twins make the playoffs ??

PennStatePigskin: Neither are we tom.

rriva: agreed, know what they say about brillianti minds :-)

underscoreTom: twins needs to really tank now to not make the playoffs

Maxicat: Wisky scares me because Joe will play down to them

mxbscout: Anyone ever been at Camp Randall?

mxbscout: ever

am19psu: i have

mxbscout: It is nuts

mxbscout: in a good way

am19psu: it was the best b10 stadium i've been to

Nittanylfan: oh man.. if we play in late Nov... Mich wouldn't be happy

psuthebest: who is our backup pk. how good is he. any chance we see him saturday if kk misses his 1st try

daCronk: camp randall is sweet...madison in general is sweet

mxbscout: Backup kicker is Wagner from State College

am19psu: jump around between the 3rd and 4th is amazing

Joypa: Madison is sweet

mxbscout: No chance you see Wagner this week unless Kelly is injured

Maxicat: need a big game from Kapinos

daCronk: pitt got their asses handed to them by MSU

BobLichtenfels: Easy Pigskin thats a touchy area

Nittanylfan: I was kinda surprised by Pitt losing by so much

BobLichtenfels: couldn't tell you I was watching six high school games in Ohio

am19psu: michigan state in september? i wasn't

daCronk: exactly am19

PennStatePigskin: They played against a great "D"

daCronk: msu is good this year...they will beat ND on saturday

BobLichtenfels: Jax is tough, but they have no offense

am19psu: then lose to michigan and mail in the rest of the season

trock56: Bob are you going to push for stupar for AA game

rriva: didn't msu almost lost to wyoming?

daCronk: no

Nittanylfan: that wasn't MSU bob

rriva: who did they almost lose to first game of the season

rriva: they had to pull one out i thought

am19psu: idaho 27-17; emu 52-20; pitt 38-23

am19psu: for msu

daCronk: msu struggled a bit against idaho but was up double digits the whole time

rriva: idaho, that was it

HowardStern: Bob - is Mark Wedderburn really 6'7 230ish?

BobLichtenfels: I'd say maybe 6-5

BobLichtenfels: 220ish

HowardStern: ok

underscoreTom: is Wedderburn any relation?

PennStatePigskin: Why was the kid Gronikowki ? from NY at our place this past week?

BobLichtenfels: Real thin 220 stern

HowardStern: ok

rriva: psp, i left a message for him, i'll try him again tonight

BobLichtenfels: yes its Floyd’s little brother

PennStatePigskin: As alway Rob is on top.

am19psu: does he project to ol or te?

BobLichtenfels: Gronk mentioned a while back that he would check out Penn State

BobLichtenfels: Weddrerburn?

am19psu: yeah

daCronk: gronk?

rriva: rob gronkowski

BobLichtenfels: TE, he'd have to gain 80 pounds to be an OL and he doesn't seem real physical

timo96: Gronk got shut down on Friday night.

BobLichtenfels: Gronk will have a tough go of it at Woody High they rarely throw the ball and hardly ever have a QB that can when they want to

Harry8154: Bob, I heard St. Joes Prep was playing in Cincy - did you see Neil Doogan play? If so, any thoughts?

BobLichtenfels: St. Joes play at Massillon

timo96: Friend of a friend's son (Thomas Keiser) went up against him, that's why I mentioned it.

BobLichtenfels: I watched them play Don Bosco for about a quarter one night on ESPNU

BobLichtenfels: I saw Ryan Mallett, Willy Korn, Justin Trattou, Matt Simms, Eugene Clifford in Cincy

Joypa: Willy Korn-good name

timacheson: Why no hype on Matt Simms for the most part?

BobLichtenfels: He's not real good

underscoreTom: because matt simms isn't that good

mxbscout: Anyone heading out to Columbus for the game?

BobLichtenfels: He does a few things well, but he doesn't hold a candle to most of the guys in this class

timacheson: that explains it!

Nittanylfan: if the game gets ugly, I'm leaving earlier than usual to cover a high school football game

Driver2006: negative scout.......I hate that place

PennStatePigskin: Define ugly.

Nittanylfan: we're down by 20

Joypa: If the game gets ugly, I'm yelling at my wife--just like last week.

mendy4psu: when the urine starts flying, nittanylfan is outta there

Nittanylfan: mendy LOL

mxbscout: I'm assuming the Buckeye crowd will be even more jacked than usual considering the factor the crowd was here last year

timo96: why do I have the feeling there's going to be some ugly stories from fans coming out of Columbus?

Nittanylfan: nah LOL

PennStatePigskin: Just hope that the BlueBand has their slickers with them.

timacheson: Anyone think we may throw a ball across the middle?

Joypa: No

BobLichtenfels: I talked about PSU on our high school show so make sure you guys watch FSN Pittsburgh Thursday nights at 7:30

Nittanylfan: you knowe the Buckeyes want pay back

timo96: I'd rather see PSU RUN up the middle.

mxbscout: PSU has to do something to establish some ball control

am19psu: does that mean i have to listen stan savarn?

timo96: yeah, run the ball.

BobLichtenfels: Not sure how much will be on this week, but the next two weeks it should be alot about the PSU and Pitt local recruits

mxbscout: or short passes, tim

timo96: Staaaan, love da show.

timacheson: I agree with the run game, but some short crossing routes.....

BobLichtenfels: Nah, Savran isn't on the high school show

timo96: or short passes.

am19psu: whew

timo96: I think we can run the ball on this team if we stick with it.

PennStatePigskin: OSU will have 8 in the box until we prove they shouldn't.

mxbscout: PSU also has to use its defensive speed to control Smith as best it can

mendy4psu: Bob, is Marks a better OL or DL?

BobLichtenfels: I think we talked about Ditto, Sukay and Marks

timo96: conservative on offense, the exact opposite on D.

BobLichtenfels: In high school I think DL, but I don't think he's quick enough to play there in college

am19psu: has anyone watched and tosu games this year? i'm being serious when i say the stats show he isn't anywhere near the dual threat he was a year ago

timo96: he hasn't needed to run. no need.

Tiapan: exactly timo

BobLichtenfels: so what's the predictions for Saturday?

Tiapan: oh boy

LiverpoolLion: happy osu fans

Nittanylfan: 37-14 LOL

timo96: I still say Troy Smith has trouble reading zones. that's still an issue for him.

PennStatePigskin: Smoked Lion.

timo96: Predictions are bad luck. I don't go there.

mxbscout: Smith has a crazy pass effeciency number -- 177.4, third best in the nation

Nittanylfan: question is, can we contain Ginn like last year ???

LiverpoolLion: no

BobLichtenfels: I called OSU would win the conference and Michigan would only lose to OSU..I may be dead on

am19psu: that's what i'm getting at... we should have a "drew stanton plan" instead of last year's "troy smith plan"

Nittanylfan: you know, he has something to "prove"


mxbscout: King covered Ginn a good portion off the time last season

timo96: I will say this: he looked mighty good against Texas.

am19psu: no doubt he can hurt you with his legs, but he can kill you with his arm this year


PennStatePigskin: The other receiver beats you all day.

mxbscout: Gonzalez could be a bigger problem

Nittanylfan: we need to make sure Gonzales is covered !!!

LiverpoolLion: 11, just being realistic

11LinebackerPSU31: Penn State 27 Ohio State 17

11LinebackerPSU31: Mistakes go away

Nittanylfan: I hope so LOL

timo96: Yeah, gonzalez is the more "NFL-ready" guy

11LinebackerPSU31: we blitz the hell out of Troy

HowardStern: Saturday will be all about whether we can stop shooting ourselves in the foot

11LinebackerPSU31: The secondary will come together

Nittanylfan: blitz ????

11LinebackerPSU31: 0 TURNOVERS

HowardStern: the defense needs to be more imaginative and aggressive

Nittanylfan: 11 - wake up from your dream LOL LOL

LiverpoolLion: and we all hold hands and sing cum bah ya

11LinebackerPSU31: Nittanylfan look at our defensive gameplan against them last year

Harry8154: Satruday is about the quality of the PSU coaching staff - PSU has the talent to win.

psuthebest: if joe lets hall draw up the game plan and stays out of playcalling, i think our o might help make a game of it.

Nittanylfan: I know I know.. we all want PSUI to win

PennStatePigskin: They will run their stable of backs at us too

timo96: D still looks tentative, especially the secondary

trock56: Bob what is the word on maurice williams

11LinebackerPSU31: yes, because Joe only controls the playcalling in the years we aren't 11-1

mxbscout: not if Galen keeps putting Morelli at WR and Williams at QB

BobLichtenfels: I still think its Pitt/PSU, but his coaches feel he'll make a few trips and decide soon

mxbscout: and running Morelli on option on third and short

11LinebackerPSU31: That's a good play mark

mxbscout: which one, 11?

11LinebackerPSU31: We need Derrick taking direct snaps

mxbscout: not with Morelli on the field

timo96: no we don't.

BobLichtenfels: Their setting up that throwback pass to Morelli

11LinebackerPSU31: replace Morelli with Golden

Nittanylfan: replace Morelli was Bell

BobLichtenfels: One time when no one is expecting it

11LinebackerPSU31: does the play really change that much?

mxbscout: yeah, like no one has seen that play before, Bob

trock56: serious question on PITT. What happened to Dickerson. Why is he playing defense. Before I wasbanned at the PITT board they kept saying he was going to be a stud at wr

BobLichtenfels: lol

11LinebackerPSU31: THat WR is so far out of the play it doesn't matter

timo96: I've asked this all week. Is Golden still hurt? I love his blocking ability... springs edge rushing attack

mxbscout: It worked once with Robinson and Mills

BobLichtenfels: But if you deke people for 5-6 games it catches them off guard

mxbscout: I've not heard anything on Golden, tim

Harry8154: Yeah, but I believe it was against Akron.

HowardStern: i thought Dickerson was at TB

mxbscout: that won't catch anyone off guard. opponents are not that stupid

am19psu: i'm with brennan on this one... that play has disaster written all over it

BobLichtenfels: I think they switch him once a week

timo96: Dickerson is a running back right now and will probably 'shirt. he's been banged up all summer and begin of the season.

trock56: I thought they had him at LB

11LinebackerPSU31: Our offense will be fine by October 14th

psuthebest: i thought there was more respect for hall as an o mind then im hearing here

timo96: I stand corrected. he's on Defense now?

BobLichtenfels: I cant see him ever playing defense

mxbscout: psu, Hall is a terrific offensive coach

timo96: Pitt needs to get Elijah the ball a little on offense.

mxbscout: just does some crazy things sometimes

BobLichtenfels: He's playing safety

PennStatePigskin: If he's not interferred with.

BobLichtenfels: No trock I could never imagine that

11LinebackerPSU31: Again Pigskin, do you think Hall was interfered with last year?

PennStatePigskin: WHo wins the ND-MSU game?

trock56: BOB were you behind that happening

11LinebackerPSU31: Or do you think Joe only steps back in the 11-1 seasons?

Tiapan: msu

Harry8154: ND

timo96: hopefully MSU.

Tiapan: Sparty has NDs number

BobLichtenfels: trock I'm behind everything, don't you know I was calling the plays for ND when they beat PSU

PennStatePigskin: Whenever I see AM split out as a wr, I know it's not Galen.

11LinebackerPSU31: So Joe said, "Galen, you can have the offense in 05, but I'm taking it back in 06."

Harry8154: If Charlie Weis loses to John L. Smith (?), then his career will be over before it started

timo96: How do you know it isn't Galen? Are you in the booth?

underscoreTom: Joe said the same thing to Bradley

am19psu: interesting stats: line opened nd -4.5... down to nd -3.5... BUT 82% of the action is on nd... a lot of the heavy hitters are on msu

psuthebest: i think robinson had the skills to minimize the effects of bad play calls

mxbscout: what is THE key thing PSU must do to win this week?

am19psu: brennan... score more points?

11LinebackerPSU31: PSU must not turn the ball over

mxbscout: I think special teams are critical

11LinebackerPSU31: PSU must not miss chip shot field goals

psuthebest: key is to control the ball, have long drives

HBonzer: early success

am19psu: in all seriousness, maintain some semblence of balance in TOP... the d was gassed at the end of the 1st half against nd and it showed... we should have gone in at about 7-6 or so

11LinebackerPSU31: reintroduce Ginn's face to the turf numerous times

Cafe210: our D needs to play like they did during last year's OSU game- tough to ask for on the road though

mxbscout: I honestly don't think there is anything to panic about from Penn State's perspective when looking at the season as a whole

mxbscout: everyone expected them to lose a few games

timo96: the key is stopping the run, big plays on special teams, improving the kicking game, and running the ball effectively on 1st down. all easier said than done.

HBonzer: agreed mxb

mxbscout: you can see the talent is there. just a matter of getting some experience in tough situations

11LinebackerPSU31: exactly

am19psu: obviously... this isn't 2003

HBonzer: amen

HBonzer: How much did Hall play against YSU? Sorry, no espnu here

timo96: he played a little. so did BranDon.

am19psu: wasn't hall in there for >50% snaps?

mxbscout: Hall did not have a catch but blocked well

am19psu: it seemed like it

HBonzer: do we expect them both to start this week

mxbscout: Hall did play more than a little

LiverpoolLion: hall was open a number of times but AM locked on his primary

timo96: I stand corrected. I watched in a bar and was undoubtedly distracted.

HBonzer: I heard Joe say Jimmie Shaw would play this week - did he play much against YSU and how'd he look?

LiverpoolLion: maybe it's not such a good thing AM hit butler for a TD on his first pass

mxbscout: Did not play much, HB

HBonzer: thx

LiverpoolLion: now he thinks he can do it any time he wants

mxbscout: injured early and went to the locker room

HBonzer: oh

mxbscout: no question he still has to work on checkdowns, Liverpool

HBonzer: who picked up the playing time in his absence?

mxbscout: he has athletes who can make plays

mxbscout: Gaines and Odrick

mxbscout: Evans saw a lot of time behind Tim Shaw, as well

mxbscout: Odrick and Evans both looked good to me

am19psu: i'm not very good at watching line play... how did odrick look?

timo96: I'll say it again. Run the ball, set up play action, those deep balls will be there. gotta freeze those safeties first though.

trock56: Odrik looked OK. Needs to work on his hands

CarolinaDave: Brennan, do you think PSU has any shot with McCoy anymore?

am19psu: i.e. he's young

mxbscout: No, Dave

timo96: Hokie?

trock56: yes am. But he will be good. If they leave him there

HBonzer: are odrick and evans 2nd team?

mxbscout: tim, that's a better question for Bob

trock56: evans has a great motor but needs to add sizew

am19psu: absolutely, trock... i didn't mean to sound pessimistic... we still have him for 3 more years... no doubt he will be outstanding at some point in the future... give him the offseason to put on some weight and work on technique

mxbscout: Evans is second team, Odrick second/third

BobLichtenfels: I believe with regards to McCoy that the ball may be in his court, my guess is Pitt/PSU battle

NewYorkNittany: any reason why we don't use a better rotation with the DT's?

timo96: REALLY?

am19psu: wha-wha-wha-WHAT?

mxbscout: NY, I was surprised they did not play one of the true freshmen vs. YSU

NewYorkNittany: hey Bob, you know if St. Anthony's on LI has anyone worth checking out?

timo96: wow.

alex1968: need to rotate our DL better EJ and Alford or it will get real ugly by the 4th qtr

psuthebest: does rodgers offer any capability to speak of at de. he was very highly regarding coming out of hs.

am19psu: baker saw a lot of snaps

NewYorkNittany: i mean we heard a lot about all these DT's and alford and johnson are gassed yet all we see is roach for few snaps before late in the game

underscoreTom: maybe they're showcasing DT for Marvin Austin

BobLichtenfels: yes SA has a few juniors the QB and the DE Vallone isn't too bad

NewYorkNittany: they should be rotating these guys in right from the get go

NewYorkNittany: SA is playin right up the street from me on sat, and considering that 99% of the HS ball around here is terrible i figured i'd go check it out

HBonzer: any insight into Rogers?

mxbscout: HB, which Rogers?

HBonzer: I too was hopeful he would contribute this year - or at some pt

HBonzer: DE

mxbscout: Chris?

HBonzer: yes

mxbscout: Not sure he is at the level of Evans

BobLichtenfels: They have a few other kids NY but thiose are the two I remember

underscoreTom: he's about 4th team DE right now

HBonzer: fair

psuthebest: bob what did you think of lesean’s end zone entrance against bucknell. it certainly was not a way of earning points with our staff

HBonzer: what did he do?

mxbscout: dove into the end zone on a long TD run

mxbscout: was penalized

HBonzer: good

HBonzer: that he was penalized

BobLichtenfels: The kid is probably tickled to death just to be playing again

timo96: I think people are over-reacting about that kid.

mxbscout: in what way, timo96?

HBonzer: agree Bob - just want him to learn that before/if he arrives in SC

timo96: He's cocky. So are most 18 year old athletes with ridiculous skillz

LiverpoolLion: did Clark catch any flak about his end zone celebration?

mxbscout: no that I've heard

timo96: he's probably running laps right now... but that doesn't mean the staff wasn't happy to see him score.

NewYorkNittany: lesean gets dissected like alex rodriguez

mxbscout: I was interested to hear Posluszny say today that Suhey is playing Troy Smith on the foriegn team this week

NewYorkNittany: should clark be playing troy again?

mxbscout: from everything we heard, Clark was great in that role last season

BobLichtenfels: LeSean is what he is, he is a kid who goes all out and he enjoys what he's doing

NewYorkNittany: clark is too busy playing clark this year i guess

HBonzer: I assume Clark has to prepare as 2nd team qb

mxbscout: NY, I'm guessing as the second-teamer, they want him to get as much offensive prep as possible

timo96: good point.

BobLichtenfels: The dynasty sign is cocky, who cares it's football

mxbscout: OK, predictions time. Anyone picking Penn State?

timo96: no, no, no... bad luck!

HBonzer: but, with that said, I would think a quick db would be playing troy this week


PennStatePigskin: Is that to beat the spread or win outright?

mxbscout: I'm going Penn State 17,

BobLichtenfels: OSU by 3 scores

mxbscout: Ohio State 28

11LinebackerPSU31: TO WIN OUTRIGHT

rednecklion: btw, the safe money is on OSU giving the points.

11LinebackerPSU31: Anthony Morelli has arrived

rednecklion: unlike some, I hope its PSU

NewYorkNittany: any news on potential shuffling of the starting OL?

am19psu: i'm with lichtenfels on the tosu game prediction... and it doesn't bother me one bit.. we ar young

mxbscout: NY, I can't image they'd do that before this kind of game

rednecklion: No, Morelli just hasn't arrived

mendy4psu: OSU 27 PSU 16

NewYorkNittany: so in other words pittcock will eat price for lunch

HBonzer: I'm going to the game (from North Carolina) with one Nit (my brother) and 3 buckeye fans so REALLY hoping for an interesting game in the 4th

BobLichtenfels: Very hostile crowd I would suspect

rednecklion: probably

am19psu: if we had tosu in november, i would tend to change my prediction

rednecklion: bonzer, wear a hardhat.

LiverpoolLion: we might make it interesting for a half, but mistakes will change that

timo96: Pitcock over Price... I don't even want to contemplate that scenerio.


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