Cold Fronts & Field Goals: MSU

Volume 5 Number 12: Good day everyone, and welcome to the final edition of Cold Fronts & Field goals for the 2006 season! The Nittany Lions close out the season as they tend to do every year - it's almost like clockwork - against the Spartans of Michigan State, this time in Happy Valley.

Hopefully the Lions will be able to mop up on the Spartans as many in central Pennsylvania are mopping up after several inches of rain fell on the region Wednesday night and Thursday. (Buckets not included.)

At the time of this writing (very early Friday morning) the rainmaker of earlier mention that brought close to five inches of rain across parts of Pennsylvania has begun to pull away into the northeastern United States. Many heavy rain bands, thunderstorms, and tornadoes were produced by this storm system, though it appears that we will not have to deal with any of these three things on Saturday.

Clouds will dominate the skies on game day, accompanied by a stiff northwesterly breeze. Since the atmosphere will still be a little "shaky" or unstable, a few random rain showers may develop during the course of the day, though they should be brief and widely scattered. Though highs on Thursday were into the 60s, we shall have none of that on Saturday as I expect high temperatures to be in the lower 40s during the afternoon. Combined with the wind, it will feel a good bit cooler, so dress accordingly. Then again, if the Lions are destroying the Spartans by halftime (like in the Temple game) then you can bolt for the bars or the motor home early.¦

Looking back at this football season, I have a few thoughts spinning wildly in my head. First of all, where in the world did RUTGERS come from? Remember when they used to be Penn State's personal doormat? I still think that West Virginia is incredibly overrated and should shut up until they actually have a tough schedule. I still can't believe USC still gets so much love in the PAC 10, which isn't known for being a powerhouse conference. Departing talk of the west coast, I'm liking Ohio State this weekend though I'd much rather see Michigan win in the Horseshoe (I never thought I'd see the day when I'd say anything good about Michigan, though for a brief time growing up I wanted to go there.) Last but not least, there needs to be a playoff system. It will happen in my lifetime, but it’ll take someone to slowly digress into the reality that other divisions have a system in place. Simply put, the BCS is worthless â€" except in terms of TV deals, sponsorships, and revenue.

And now, I close the books on this volume of Cold Fronts and Field Goals for the 2006 season...and for good. After five years of providing articles and game-day forecasts for the good of the order, I have decided to hang up the writer’s visor and extinguish the cigar. Between increased duties at the television station, nearly 100 school visits and public appearances per year, a total of 40,000 miles annually on my trusty Toyota truck, and getting further involved in my teaching at Mount Aloysius College, I find that I can no longer find the time to sit and write the quality articles that I expect from myself. I believe it's time to pass the torch to another Penn State meteorologist who can shed a new light (no pun intended) on forecasts and Penn State football, to keep the concept of game-day forecasts fresh each week, and I do so with a sad heart but with plenty of wonderful memories. I would like to thank each of you who have read my articles over the years and who have welcomed me into your lives for a few minutes each week during football season, allowing me a soapbox for meteorological randomness and my thoughts of the world. I may never have met you individually, but you served as motivation for five years and I will always be appreciative of your feedback and support.

It's been wonderful, but it's time to let someone else drive the Blue and White Weather Bus.

Thanks, everyone.

In the meantime...

Go State. Beat the Spartans.



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