FOS Premium Chat Wrap

Will Morelli step it up this week? What's up with Jim Shaw? Will PSU go deep? We talked about this and much more in our weekly Tuesday evening chat session.

PlaybookMark: Evening

dragonjoe: I am hoping for a win to build confidence.  It would be good if the "O" played well too

nittlion: it has gotta be really uncomfortable for the staff not to know if we have a game next week

mxbscout: What up?

DEucEisWILd: true nit

DieselPSU: hey mark

LiverpoolLion: I think we'll know before game time

SlayerPSU: Whats up?

mrl5043: don't be too overconfident with NW, they always play us tough

DEucEisWILd: are there any good games this weekend?

PlaybookMark: NW will be up for this game

SlayerPSU: Very true. However, looking at their competition and statistics, we really should win.

PlaybookMark: Iowa/OSU could be good

PlaybookMark: I think Ga. Tech/Va. Tech could be a game

Maxicat: who does Minny have this week?

DEucEisWILd: I think OSU puts a hurting on them

DEucEisWILd: Michigan

nittlion: purdue/nd

PlaybookMark: PSU should have a clear talent edge - NW could hang for a few quarters, but PSU should pull away

PlaybookMark: Yes Purdue could shock ND

mrl5043: PSU had a clear talent advantage last year too Mark

mxbscout: Michigan is at Minnestoa

nittlion: i hope NW gets cheered when they run out

mxbscout: ESPN night game

PlaybookMark: mrl, true, but NW lost a huge edge on coaching - No one did more with less talent than Coach Walker

SickOLBs: i watched the purdue/minnesota game last weekend and i think it was a fluke

dragonjoe: Is the Northwestern QB the kid who came from PA?

LiverpoolLion: NW had Basanez last year

SickOLBs: minnesota should have won

nittlion: don't forget basanez

underscoreTom: kids...

Harry8154: PSU needs to deal with NW the way they dealth with Illinois last year

PlaybookMark: NW QB tends to run a lot

PlaybookMark: he outrushed Sutton vs. Nevada

underscoreTom: he runs because he has no one to throw to

PlaybookMark: lots of breakdowns with the NW OL

PlaybookMark: He actually has two sizable WRs 6-1 and 6-3

nittlion: what is the staff going to try to do to get some red zone TDs?

Maxicat: they have had some very good lineman

underscoreTom: and PSU has two 6-3 WRs who are at the bottom of the depth chart

SickOLBs: i think Minnesota might want that bye more than us...they have a rough early big ten schedule

DEucEisWILd: not have guys jump offsides

PlaybookMark: They have been working Rubin more for a more sizable package in the red zone, Bell has been in there too - this staff needs to get comfortable with the youth

SlayerPSU: Too bad. I thought they overcame that youth factor last year...

nittlion: that's what i want...bigger targets in the red zone

mxbscout: I'm not sure what is up with Cousins. He did not make the trip to Columbus

PlaybookMark: size works better than speed in the redzone given the space limitations

Maxicat: need a TE threat in RZone

SickOLBs: haha, neither did Claude

underscoreTom: cousins has only played in 1 game I think

nittlion: that bye will hurt PSU for the michigan game

PlaybookMark: Cousins continues to struggle - shame since he has good size

Maxicat: this is hurting us

mxbscout: did some good dancing in that game, Tom

mxbscout: nittlion, try telling Lloyd Carr that

underscoreTom: have claude or coakley played yet?

mxbscout: He will howl if PSU gets a bye

SlayerPSU: What are the chances of a bye week anyway??

Psu96: PSU might come out overly jacked up if they have two weeks to think about Michigan

underscoreTom: bye + night game = one unhappy Carr

underscoreTom: likely, slayer

Psu96: bye chances are good

nittlion: this offense needs reps though regardless of what LC thinks

Maxicat: Minn and Mich both use TE quite a bit

SlayerPSU: If it helps us, great news!

Harry8154: I think PSU would be better off without the bye - Morelli and this offense need reps in games.

PlaybookMark: neither Claude nor Coakley have seen a snap

Psu96: agreed Harry although I think the Minnesota game becomes a definite win if played at the end of the season

Maxicat: why no practice yesterday?

SickOLBs: is Claude still a DE?

nittlion: bye will kill any momentum we could build off of the NW game

Psu96: Joe decided to have the players meet with their position coaches instead of practicing.

SickOLBs: how much momentum could we possibly build this weekend?

SlayerPSU: Make no mistake: MICHIGAN is the game of the year fellows. THE must win. All the recent "struggles," whether or not you believe it to be stuggling versus the talent, is all forgiven. WE MUST WIN.

LiverpoolLion: detroit will go in the tank, twins take the division 2nd best record, no bye

Maxicat: they might be the best team of the big three this year

SlayerPSU: I didn't say it would be easy.

Psu96: They don't usually do much on Mondays anyway. Mostly film study which could be done with the position coaches. Tuesday-Thursday are the more important practices

nittlion: sick, hopefully we get some positive offensive play and build some confidence (at QB)

DEucEisWILd: STUDY THE COVER 2... please!

PlaybookMark: Deuces - absolutely

Millertime232: I think he should play a lot of NCAA in the spare time too... it helps with reading ds/coverages

Psu96: Remember, this is exactly what teams did to Zack Mills his first season. Drop into coverage and make him read defenses

PlaybookMark: If NW is smart they will use the cover-2 all day

SickOLBs: so...sargeant rotates in for davis every few series now?

am19psu: evening folks

PlaybookMark: If Morelli is smart he'll check down to Hunt, Willims for big pickups

SlayerPSU: I just hope we win, and Morelli learns a thing or two with Northwestern.

Maxicat: key to beating cover two?

DEucEisWILd: I thought Sarge did pretty well on Saturday... I think I remember seeeing him make a nice tackle... no?

nittlion: it is amazing how PSU's D held Ginn and Gonzo

Pezlion: i still say our base offense should be out of the I-Formation with 3 wide and no TE

Psu96: Joe said Sargeant had worked hard and earned playing time.

Psu96: Sarge stuck Pittman to keep him short of the sticks on one drive

PlaybookMark: Ginn in three years vs. PSU - 5 catches, 26 yards

Pezlion: yes he did

SickOLBs: after blue/white i thought it'd be knowledge, but oh well

DEucEisWILd: That is one thing I notice people arent talking about too much is that fact that Gonzo & Ginn did NOTHING

Pezlion: Mark, to be fair he did break our backs with a punt return in '04

SickOLBs: oh the D played lights out, no doubt about it

PlaybookMark: Pez, sure but he has done zilch as a WR

nittlion: of course the osu fans would blame the weather for that

SickOLBs: still not sure why shaw's at DE

Pezlion: absolutely...the kid isn't a

Pezlion: WR

PlaybookMark: Ginn is overrated as a WR - awesome as a returnman

Psu96: PSU won't lose more than once more if the defense continues to play that well. The offense will come along

Psu96: This isn't 2004

mxbscout: Ginn has been blanketed by somepretty good cover men vs. PSU

Maxicat: you can run some to T.Shaw's side

SlayerPSU: What are the chances Rich O will start this weekend?

PlaybookMark: Sargeant is the third CB

Pezlion: ginn will be nothing more than a returner in the NFL

nittlion: hope you are right 96

HowardStern: agree 96

Pezlion: Sargeant clearly took Timmons' spot after the ND game

SickOLBs: i think we lose at Wisconsin and the rest are Ws

am19psu: agree sick

Pezlion: we're better than wisky

HowardStern: i dont think Timmons ever had the # 3 spot

mxbscout: Yes, Pez, and he is playing both sides

PlaybookMark: Timmons needs to get his head in the game

mxbscout: when King went out for a few snaps, Sarge replaced him

SickOLBs: wisconsin is a tough place to play

nittlion: the rest of the season clearly rests on the shoulders of #14 (and to some extent #23)

Psu96: never like to hear that Mark, but fortunately he's just a redshirt frosh

SlayerPSU: Wow, didn't realize Sarge has done that well.

Pezlion: Stern, I believe Timmons was previously behind King

DEucEisWILd: So both of our Kickers are having back soreness I think I read?  True?

DEucEisWILd: Wagner & Kelly, I mean

Psu96: correct deuce

NewYorkNittany: any word on the walk-on tryouts if they added anyone?

leftcoastpsu: I hope not Sick - That is the one road game I'm headed to

PlaybookMark: Both have had back issues, Kelly as a brace on currenty to help immobilize it

PlaybookMark: NYN - they will discuss that tonight

PlaybookMark: Tryouts still going on - started at 6 pm

Psu96: that injury has to affect the way he kicks the ball

Millertime232: wow, that would be an awesome meeting to sit in on

DEucEisWILd: god... didn't know it was that bad?  Sounds like my pops... lol

HowardStern: must be desperate for a kicker to hold open tryouts

trock56: hi guys

PlaybookMark: Kelly has issues following through on the ball

Maxicat: Is Breen just a punter?

HowardStern: both maxi

PlaybookMark: HS - these tryouts were delayed from the preseason tryouts - not specific for a kicker

nittlion: any chance Morten Andersen is taking classes this fall?

PlaybookMark: Breen does both

leftcoastpsu: I didn' t see that coming - I thought the kicking game would be nails - just highlights how things can change

DEucEisWILd: Does Breen just crush the ball on kickoffs?

Pezlion: i know Kelly has been rough, but people need to look up our historical stats for kickers....he's got better numbers than a lot of them

NewYorkNittany: when did the other walk-ons get added like scirotto's brother and the other kicker?

NewYorkNittany: did they try out?

HowardStern: better than Robbie Gould

Pezlion: better than fayak too

leftcoastpsu: true Pez

nittlion: i'm sure scirotto's bro was legacied in

PlaybookMark: Typically PSU has tryouts in late Aug. - with delayed classes and ND/OSU they delayed tryouts to tonight

HowardStern: maybe we'll uncover another Perretta so he can steal reps from Bell and Wallace too

Pezlion: don't rag on perretta too much, prior to this year i'd agree...but the kid does a nice job getting separation and catches the ball

HowardStern: please pez

SlayerPSU: I have no problem with Perretta. As long as he gets open, catches the ball and makes a positive play. I am all for it.

PlaybookMark: Perretta has looked solid

HowardStern: peretta playing so much is a microcosm of our programs problems

NewYorkNittany: there was another kicker at one point that was supposed to come to psu, i think he was from central dauphin, whatever happened to him?

Pezlion: i haven't seen him drop a pass yet this the past he did a lot

SickOLBs: i was the most anti-Peretta guy on this board but he's looked good this year

trock56: Has anyone seen on how colasanti is doing this year

leftcoastpsu: what is the deal with Bell and missing assingments - can anyone clarify?

HowardStern: perretta wouldnt sniff the field at osu or scum

SlayerPSU: I would argue that Price or Cadogen starting is more an indication of our problems.

Millertime232: howard... this is PSU

Pezlion: perretta is the least of our problems

Millertime232: good point

DEucEisWILd: He is a Freshman

NewYorkNittany: bernatos is the kid i was thinking of

Harry8154: Is Brian Hartline all that much better than Peretta?

HowardStern: yes

SickOLBs: HS, i see where you're coming from, it'd be nice to see McDonald once in a while

psuthebest: hows isaiah robinson progressing at og. will we see him this year

snakester: Austin Scott didn't make the trip - redshirt official?

HowardStern: Tom said it best the other day

mxbscout: best: not as a starter

PlaybookMark: Bell 5 catches 66 yards; Perretta 6 catches 63 yards

trock56: is there something up with dwill he does look a step slow

SlayerPSU: I would argue that RO should have started early in the season, and perhaps he does not make the mistake against Ohio State...

mxbscout: Scott will only play if Hunt is hurt in the next couple of games

LionKing25 joined

Harry8154: I higfhly doubt it.

HowardStern: if perretta touches the ball more than Bell, Wallace, and Quarless combined....its a problem no matter how you spin it

mxbscout: Slayer, he was making mistakes through the preseason

PlaybookMark: Scott has not been 100% since the Spring knee injury most folks brushed off

LionKing25: whats the wrod..

mxbscout: that's why he did not start

DEucEisWILd: I really wish we could throw to the TE's over the middle

SlayerPSU: I understand that, but wouldn't playing time help any?

HowardStern: so you think its fine that peretta plays over Bell and Wallace?

mxbscout: slayer, the staff does not want to reward guys who make mistakes

nittlion: is morelli the kind of preparation and film hound that MROb was?

snakester: Best player so far this year - Dan Conner.

Pezlion: honestly i don't care who plays if they are productive and not making mistakes and help us

PlaybookMark: Connor has space and the position to excel - ala Poz in 2005

SlayerPSU: Yeah it a tough call I guess. On one hand, he clearly moves the pile forward and makes positive plays. But he makes mental mistakes. I would argue that playing time might be the cure here, in my opinion.

HowardStern: you should

snakester: He looked bigger than last year in today's PC.

Maxicat: and Hunt

am19psu: yeah, it really wasn't until this year that i realized the difference between inside and outside in our defense

HowardStern: there is a reason why bell and wallace were wanted by every top school in the country

DEucEisWILd: and our O LIne

PlaybookMark: It's not just false starts with RO - it's assignment issues - that is huge

trock56: I would like to see an update about colasanti sometime.

mxbscout: snake, he is not huge or anything. Maybe a little bigger

HowardStern: and its not because they are inferior playmakers to Brendan Perretta

PlaybookMark: it's a crime not to have Wallace on the field

mendy4psu: Wallace not playing much against OSU is criminal

spud358: let it go man

LionKing25: to say i think we have guard issues..

am19psu: agree PBM

Pezlion: of course there is...but the issue on saturday was that morelli was behind on every throw he made, not that perretta made 2 catches

mxbscout: HS, do I sense you don't like the fact that Perretta is playing?

LionKing25: mendy..agreed

SlayerPSU: Yeah instead of being worried about Perretta, we all should be asking why Wallace was not on the field much!

PlaybookMark: Wallace on the field draws the attention of defenders - clear advantage

LionKing25: and mark.

spud358: or how many games it will take AM to get "it"

HowardStern: does it show?

mxbscout: I liked the fact that they played ball control. But I felt they could have taken a few more deep shots.

Pezlion: the staff needs to stop putting DWill in the backfield and use wallace in those situations

nittlion: the passing game problems have little to do with the receivers

mendy4psu: did they run one play-action pass against OSU?

LionKing25: Perretta did fine..its just you wonder why Bell isnt in there going deep..

mendy4psu: no counting the fake reverse

HowardStern: its not that he has sucked while in there...thats not the point

mxbscout: spud, I'll bet he looks much better this week. if not, then it is time for people to get nervous

Pezlion: Bell obviously has an attitude some people aren't happy with

DEucEisWILd: Wallace should be used the same way the Saints use Bush...

HowardStern: the popint is that no matter what he isnt going to maker a big play that will make us win

PlaybookMark: Be nice for Wallace to get more than one ball tossed to him this season

mendy4psu: Peretta is not going to make very many big plays, Bell and Wallace are much more capable of doing so

spud358: agreed mx, 5th game is make or break

onelossaway: LK you on?

SlayerPSU: Honestly, Wallace should be in virtually every play, if nothing more than to give the defense something to really worry about.

HowardStern: wallace/bell can make a game changing play

Pezlion: no, but he seems to always get separation, so he might make a big first down to help us win

PlaybookMark: Bell's attitude is fine - that has been stated by a ton of people - he's confident but very coachable

SJNIT left

HowardStern: perretta is a 5'6 possession WR

snakester: Peretta may catch a ball to give Morelli more confidence.

am19psu: because i wasn't doing any work today because i am lazy, i was thinking about psu football... remember the power i we ran with drummond, mccoo, and easy in the backfield with no te a few years ago... wouldn't that work with our personnel right now?

LionKing25: im here

Pezlion: he got a big first down saturday

mendy4psu: that's fine, bring him in on 3rd down, not on a running down

nittlion: yup, big game for morelli this week

mendy4psu: did you see his futile attempt at a block

PlaybookMark: This game is huge for Morelli's confidence

mxbscout: am, and LJ was on the bench for that

am19psu: yup

snakester: am19 how many times did they run that play?

am19psu: quite a few the 2nd half of the season that year

LionKing25: at worst bell and wallace are terrific decoys..but the playcalling isn’t creative..

am19psu: i think it was '01, my soph year

mxbscout: they started it at Northwestern, I believe

DEucEisWILd: Did anyone see HUNT over the middle on the 1st INT taken back to the house.. OH MY.

Pezlion: IMO we should have a TE on the field less than 30% of the time with our personnel

Pezlion: it takes a better player off the field, either a WR or Snow

spud358: is it safe to say the "vanilla" playcalling is directly related to AM's abilities at this point?

Natty: yo

underscoreTom: natty's here...shhh

am19psu: the other thing i was thinking about was having hahn as an h-back type guy

am19psu: similar to chris cooley with washington

LionKing25: Pez, we tried the empty backfiled didnt work..Morelli didnt hit anyone

Pezlion: oh lord...let's not start the H-Back thing again

onelossaway: LK got a question

Pezlion: who said anything about an empty backfield?

LionKing25: one loss shoot.

am19psu: just brainstorming pez

mxbscout: Superback

PlaybookMark: lol

onelossaway: do you think AM will be a great QB?

LionKing25: Pez..not sure the formation matters; nothing passing wise is working

Pezlion: the superback had a name, it was LJ

LionKing25: NO

HowardStern: we shouldn’t play a TE since we really dont have one on the roster

trock56: yes in time

onelossaway: why

LionKing25: oneloss...what time..hes a junior? hes almost out of time

am19psu: morelli will certainly be an above average qb... whether he ends up as good as collins is another story

am19psu: (by 2007)

onelossaway: Would you start clark then

Pezlion: the best use of our personnel is a 3 wide I-Formation

LionKing25: first off..he might not be as great as hyped..its a possibility..second..he seems pretty undeveloped for this point in his career..

LionKing25: oneloss..why?

am19psu: pez... i think with an offset i, but yeah

trock56: clark is only a favorite because he is the back up

trock56: morelli is th best option.

LionKing25: cuz it worked great for our offense last yr..and with Clark you can use the spread option

trock56: move DC in some option situations

DEucEisWILd: Backup guy is always the fan fav

LionKing25: now im not saying clark is the next mrob..

snakester: Mark, you compared Morelli's development to Collin's.  Didn't Collins have a good initial spring game?

SlayerPSU: goes the "mobile" QB argument.

spud358: clark is a fav because people love a running QB

PlaybookMark: snake - yes

mendy4psu: Clark is no more ready to start than Morelli was

onelossaway: I ask because  i am curious what viewpoint you actually have

NittanySteel: you can't go back on AM at this point

LionKing25: clark can at least run the spread..

NittanySteel: way to early to bail

LionKing25: how can clark do much worse?

trock56: lk how do you know he can run the spread

onelossaway: he can

SlayerPSU: Because its taking a MAJOR step back.

NittanySteel: LK you'd have to install a brand new offense

LionKing25: ok dont bail now..give morelli his time..

trock56: a couple plays against scrubs

onelossaway: clark is totally lost

spud358: thats a good question LK

NittanySteel: in week 4 of the season

Pezlion: lol...he can complete 40% of his passes, that's how

LionKing25: it isnt brand new we ran it for 12 games last yr.

NittanySteel: it's not like we have the same personnel as last year

nittlion: the staff has to cater the gameplan to get AM confidence...even if it's screen passes

NittanySteel: not w/ these o-linemen

NittanySteel: they got some practice reps with it i'm sure

LionKing25: Nittany i believe the spread shotgun formation is easier on a new line

NittanySteel: but no game experience

am19psu: btw, slightly ot about morelli, why the hell did we run the scissor option on 2nd and 1?

PlaybookMark: I am afraid the screen passes are too close range for Morelli

onelossaway: I agree with the notion that we do not develop new QBs soon enough but AM is skilled, but scared too

Pezlion: my concern is, do we have a tackle to start next year?

HowardStern: staff hasnt come up with a decent offensive gameplan yet this year

SlayerPSU: I agree.

snakester: I thought Morelli looked great in the spring.  Besides Robinson, our QB's seem to regress as they get older.  Jaypa?

LionKing25: fellas..let me voice this..i want to go on the record and say i dont tihnk this is all on Morelli..why no plays to make his life easier?

HowardStern: we have no identity

trock56: big red did not

Pezlion: who regressed?  let's not get on the mills thing again

LionKing25: no deep streaks,,no bubble screens..

onelossaway: if he has a true cannon, I really don't get why we don't fire a couple down the field

HowardStern: i still believe Morelli will be good

Pezlion: i agree, we have no identity

HowardStern: but the staff is doing him no favors

am19psu: snake -- small sample size... thompson didn't, casey did, mills did due to injury

Natty: lk-thats my big gripe, is that once again the coaches don't seem to be putting the team in a position to do its best

NittanySteel: agreed on the point that our QBs don't develop fast enough

LionKing25: Natty bingo

nittlion: Morelli looks like a true freshman out there and he kinda is

Pezlion: casey didn't regress, he wasn't used

PlaybookMark: snake - Jay has coaches a few QBs not enough data to make that conclusion

am19psu: agree pez

mendy4psu: Pat Burrell sucks, feel better now

snakester: thanks am, Mark

SlayerPSU: It seems our staff stuggles with a pro style offense. Its like they need an option QB, or scrambler to make up for deficiencies...

LionKing25: and i mean on the road trying to upset a number one team you need to let the conservative stuff go.

Pezlion: if we want to talk about regression, let's discuss Henne

LionKing25: last yr.

onelossaway: Devlin will prolly get in too late and clark and on an on, but why not try AM for a whole season

Pezlion: has scotty loeffler done him any favors?

trock56: henne who is that ?  lol

LionKing25: slayer..arent you helping my arguement for Clark and the old offense?

NittanySteel: the conservative stuff should have netted us a 10-0 halftime lead

Pezlion: take manningham away and that's one of the worst passing teams you'll find

trock56: AM will be in his prime by next year

LionKing25: Oneloss..we should stick with MA at this point..

SlayerPSU: No, I am arguing our staff must be better at their job.

NittanySteel: then we botched a running play

am19psu: really pez? i haven't watched michigan much this year, but other than his 3 ints vs. wisky, he seems to be doing alright statistically

nittlion: he better be trock...cause he'll be a senior

onelossaway: henne is a nice guy, and he did the right thing going to scUM cause he wouldn't have seen the field at PSU

trock56: for sure

WesternPA: PSU is worse than michy in the passing game. I saw them vs. YSU. terrible

SlayerPSU: We shouldn't have to find a mobile QB when we have one who has the strongest arm in the world.

Pezlion: henne makes a lot of bad decisions and floats a lot of bad balls

trock56: but be better.  Collins story all over again

PlaybookMark: Henne-Manningham are a solid duo - King has his work cut out for him - Manningham is 5xs the WR Ginn is

LionKing25: slayer strong arms mean nothing

nittlion: henne throws bad deep balls

Harry8154: I think Henne has looked pretty good thus far

Pezlion: you haven't looked that hard then

onelossaway: henne went to scUM for the right reason for him

NittanySteel: they need to get bell in there full time

Pezlion: again, take manningham away

Pezlion: and he's been bad

SlayerPSU: Very true. The arm coupled with leadership and decision making are key.

LionKing25: Henne is a very good qb.

mendy4psu: Michigan develops QBs, PSU doesn't

trock56: Does any staff have anything on colasanti

DEucEisWILd: King will step up his game for MICH

NittanySteel: unless he doesn't know his routes yet

am19psu: manningham's size scares the bejesus out of me oct 14

onelossaway: LK you can't say that

LionKing25: oneloss why?

LionKing25: are you watching their games?

SlayerPSU: Yeah, Manningham could be a nightmare. He gave Justin King fits last year.

Harry8154: Trust me, I've not been overly impressed with Henne before this year, but you are not watching the Michigan games if your not impressed thus far

LionKing25: can someone get henne’s stats?

Pezlion: i like the idea i saw on the board of having Davis and a safety on manningham all day and having king make breaston disappear

onelossaway: well AM is playing about the same way he did in his freshmen year

LionKing25: Harry exactly

am19psu: gimme a second LK

Pezlion: i watch michigan every week

LionKing25: oneloss problem is AM is no frosh

onelossaway: he is via playing time

onelossaway: not his fault

LionKing25: well isnt that our staffs blunder?

onelossaway: it is

onelossaway: but AM has the stuff

SlayerPSU: Not that I am excusing our coaching staff, but even Carson Palmer struggled until his senior year. I say struggled with all the talent he had.

LionKing25: sure..but it seems like some here dont think yet i and others can criticze?

underscoreTom: 52-88-4 679 7

NittanySteel: 2 of AM's first starts came against two of the best teams in the nation

PlaybookMark: Henne - 52 for 88, 679 yards, 7 TDs, 4 INTs

NittanySteel: not a fair point to throw in the towel

Psu96: Someone asked about Chris Colasanti...

Pezlion: carson palmer was horrible until his last year

NittanySteel: the only thing that worries me

NittanySteel: is the performance vs. YSU

NittanySteel: but that's one game

NittanySteel: again, too early to evaluate

LionKing25: what happened to chris colasanti?

Psu96: Brother Rice has given up a grand total of 31 points in 5 games and Colasanti has been the defensive leader and star

onelossaway: LK you make excellent points but they get lost because you rarely hand out any props

LionKing25: oneloss...

onelossaway: yup

DEucEisWILd: How about Stupar... he looked pretty darn good last Friday

Pezlion: so as a 3 year starter Henne completes less than 60% of his passes and throws a pick a game

LionKing25: i said our defense ..Hunt and King played did Kapinos

LionKing25: but i wont lighten up on the staff ..

leftcoastpsu: no oneloss - they get lost becuse they are hypocritical and are emotional

onelossaway: i know but you are layered under your shroud of negatives

am19psu: week 1 - 11 comps, 136 yds, 2 td --- week 2 - 11 comps, 113 yds --- week 3  - 13 comps, 220 yds, 3 tds, 1 int --- week 4 - 18 comps, 211 yds, 2 td, 3 int

nittlion: AM's struggles early definitely fuels the fire that he should have redshirted

am19psu: and that point has passed...

trock56: thank you psu96

LionKing25: i dont think i’ve seen one person defend not playing bell and wallace..or one reaosn why we took no shots deep..

LionKing25: emoitonal doesnt mean false

LionKing25: leftcoast

Psu96: Brother Rice recently beat Orchard St. Mary's which has Taurean Washington (OSU), Dionte Allen (UM) and QB Justin Siller (Purdue)

Pezlion: and i believe almost 400 of those yards are to manningham

onelossaway: LK you played right

leftcoastpsu: that interference call was not a deep ball

SlayerPSU: Colasanti could be our biggest recruit this season. Big Time.

DEucEisWILd: He will be a WRECKER

leftcoastpsu: oh really LK - you are so smart

Nittanylfan: hello all

nittlion: is devlin back from mono yet?

PlaybookMark: Devlin is seeing reps

leftcoastpsu: LK - master of the obvious

trock56: slayer he will be the best when you look back.  He has the perfect mentality and attitude.  He has PSU written all over him

DEucEisWILd: I feel like I am at recess

trock56: did he get an AA nomination

onelossaway: LK i think i remember hearing you say you played. if so you should know better than to say some of the stuff you say

trock56: colasanti

SlayerPSU: I hope so trock! In fact, I think so to.

mxbscout: Devlin dressed for YSU. Obviously he was not going to play, though

Psu96: Stupar would have had even bigger numbers last Friday but he had an 85 -yard TD catch called back on an offensive PI penalty

Pezlion: Do we end up seeing a split QB with clark and devlin in 2 years?

mendy4psu: is Colasanti still solid with PSU, haven't heard anything from him in a while

LionKing25: my criticisms dont just come from watching psu let me say that..i watch a few other games a ND for example..Quinn makes some ridiculous looking throws..but they are deep balls that give his wr a chance to make a big play..its all playcalling..we dont seem to do it..

SlayerPSU: Pez, great question!

am19psu: ugh, pez, i hope not

trock56: mendy I think he is but I know rob was having problems getting a hold of him

Nittanylfan: I have a parking question for Saturday if someone can help me out ????

onelossaway: LK quinn also makes rediculous throws, but the literal ones

SlayerPSU: That means only a single year for Devlin as the starter, unless DC is terrible.

Psu96: Colasanti reveres Poz and Dan Connor. He's solid on PSU

nittlion: problem is we throw deep balls to 5' 10" receivers and expect them to "make plays"

PlaybookMark: Couple NN updates: ALE is back practicing - moved from 2nd team LT to Scout LT since he is redshirting

LionKing25: you are telling me none of you ever scream at the tv and say "Dwill one on one with a small corner..tight man go deep"!!!

NittanySteel: exactly nittlion

NittanySteel: bell needs to be in there

am19psu: LK, how do you see that from tv?

NittanySteel: as a starter

Psu96: LK, that pick 6 Quinn threw to the MSU DE was one of the worst plays I've ever seen by a QB with his level of experience and talent

LionKing25: AM..i go to the games

NittanySteel: opposite d-will

am19psu: i can't tell that unless i am at beaver stadium

onelossaway: yes we do but you over do it dude

LionKing25: 96

SlayerPSU: Honestly, I think defenses have caught on to our wideouts and they are slightly overrated coming into the season. Still very good, but not outstanding.

NittanySteel: get butler & norwood in the slot

Pezlion: yes 96, it was

LionKing25: but ok he makes mistakes but he also makes several deep throws that wins nd games

leftcoastpsu: Pez - I think that is a strategy best used on two younger QBs - it is a way to get them some playing time

Nittanylfan: what time are you fans arriving at the game on Saturday ??

DEucEisWILd: 8am

onelossaway: our wideouts ran seamers and go routes all last year minus norwood

mendy4psu: what happened to Fentress, to playing last year to not traveling this year?

am19psu: 10am

trock56: us walters starting PSU in jan

PlaybookMark: Another note: Jimmy Shaw having some lingering knee issues from his high ankle sprain likely to sit out the next few weeks

LionKing25: 96, oh the screen?

Psu96: Teams have decided that they're going to take away the deep ball. That's Morelli's strength and it plays to the strengths of the WR corps with all that speed.

LionKing25: yeah it was bad..

Nittanylfan: do you guys have yellow parking passes ???

am19psu: yup

nittlion: Mark, that is a hell of a note!!  : (

Nittanylfan: do either of you drive up Porter Road to your parking spot ???

LionKing25: but 96..i think teasm know nd and usc are going doesnt/shouldnt stop you from trying with talent like ours..should it?

Psu96: By doing that, you force the QB to read the defense and the WRs to find holes in the zone. Puts a premium on route running and accuracy from the QB.

onelossaway: LK so what would you do with AM?

Pezlion: actually i think that's good

am19psu: i'll pm you

Pezlion: get evans and odrick more PT

Psu96: No, it definitely shouldn

LionKing25: oneloss..not sure man..

Pezlion: we dont' need a healthy shaw until Michigan

DEucEisWILd: Where does a black parking pass get you?

nittlion: next to visitors center

onelossaway: he earned at least half a season to start in my O

LionKing25: i mean i think we got to give him simple throws but he had some of those and he misses em or throws bullets no one can see

mendy4psu: Does Tom Mcowen finally play this week?

Psu96: shouldn't stop PSU from throwing deep. Heck, even if you don';t complete the throw, you might get a PI call or at least back the safeties off and open up the running game

LionKing25: 96..thats why i think..

LionKing25: im saying doesnt seem like we do it ever..

onelossaway: I agree totally

LiverpoolLion: any guesses on game time for Illinois? not exactly a marquee game for tv. i'm thinking it will be or first noon game of the year. a friend I sold my tix to is trying to make travel plans

LionKing25: we did it once on osu and got an interference call

onelossaway: we need to launch it out once in a while

onelossaway: especially first play of the game

LionKing25: oneloss agreed

PlaybookMark: I keep thinking they are going to play McEowen - he gets a lot of first team work, but not sure what they are waiting for

Joypa: vertical passing game---will we use it?

onelossaway: the OL is actually giving him time to throw even against OSU

Pezlion: they better play someone at DT...even baker doesn't get enough time

LionKing25: i mean..i know many of you hate Charlie Weiss..ok..but look at how he exploits defenses i think its amazing really..but not rocket science either..he goes deep cuz of what 96 just said above

SlayerPSU: Brings up a good point/concern: How about our DTs next year?

Psu96: When Morelli does let it rip, he needs to throw it as far as he can and let the WRs run under it. Too much air under the ball allows for INTs. Better to overthrow everyone than get picked

LionKing25: i agree with eveything you say.

LionKing25: he has a tendency to loft it too much..

onelossaway: ND is way overrated on the offensive side of the ball though LK

Pezlion: problem is, throwing it as far as you can is how you get too much air under the ball....

Psu96: Baker/Taylor/McEowen look like the top 3 DTs at the moment based on who is leaving

PlaybookMark: The thing with OSU - they have faced two rookie QBs - how will they compete vs. a veteran?

LionKing25: oneloss...not sure how you can say that..

mendy4psu: did we run playaction once against OSU?

Pezlion: you end up losing your mechanics and get under it too much

trock56: unless we pick up a dt from maryland this year

trock56: lol

LionKing25: i dont tihnk they are incredibly talented outsdie quinn and jeff s

Psu96: Kinnick Stadium will be a tough out for OSU this weekend, but I don't think Iowa has enough playmakers to beat the Buckeyes

Pezlion: 96, and baker is the only one with 30 of them

SlayerPSU: Awfully young DTs! Why not have E Rob in the mix?

mendy4psu: Morelli really needs to work on his footwork

DEucEisWILd: I think Buckeye takes it easy... blowout IMO

PlaybookMark: Iowa's game depends on Tate's play

Pezlion: i don't think Tate is healthy enough to beat OSU

Psu96: exactly Pez. That scares me. McEowen needs to get on the field this weekend and start getting reps

Psu96: DE looks fine with Gaines, Odrick and Evans as well as Maybin coming off a redshirt

LionKing25: my frustration came form the fact i honestly think we have as much talent as maybe im wrong on that..but i dont think so.

DEucEisWILd: Maybin will be a stud in his day

trock56: hey joypa you are quiet tonight

onelossaway: LK we played a terrible defensive scheme against them, scum handled them with a lesser defense, and MSU has almost all new people on D, ND didn't prove anything yet

Joypa: it's in the past. Are any adjustments being made?

Psu96: Should allow the team to go back to a 4-3 next year with Lee, Hayes/Brown, and Connor/Sales

Pezlion: i like the thread today about tressle....i don't think people realize how conservative that guy is

LionKing25: and for the record i think OSU's coaches could have done better..

DEucEisWILd: Think Connor will be here next year?

Pezlion: connor will definitley be here

Pezlion: 220lb LBs don't go to the NFL early

LionKing25: i mean you have ginn and gonzalez and dont go down field at all..

SlayerPSU: He is conservative. But somehow he loses 5 first round draft choices, 9 picks on defense, and they are OUTSTANDING?

Psu96: I don't get the talk of Connor to the NFL honestly

LionKing25: i don’t get it.

mendy4psu: If OSU would have lost that game, the blame would have been place squarely on Tressel because of their conservative gameplan

msj56: if connor wins the butkus i could see him leaving

trock56: What is the chances WANNy gets fired at Pitt this year

Pezlion: no chance connor leaves

SlayerPSU: If we lost that talent it would be the following "we are too young..."

Pezlion: see above

nittlion: experienced QBs who can make plays count for a lot in college football

Psu96: If Poz was only going to be a late 1st round/early 2nd round guy after last year, Connor would be 2nd round as well. Why not come back and try to become a first-rounder

LionKing25: where did connor to the nfl come from?

PlaybookMark: Connor stays - he gets the limelight next year

msj56: we were talking about nexts years lb depth

Psu96: Pitt's schedule is too easy. No way they won't win at least 8 games.

Pezlion: connor needs 10lbs without getting slower to be a nice get in the NFL

trock56: Poz will still go in round 1 late

mendy4psu: Poz is going to need a huge combine to get back to the 1st rd IMO

PlaybookMark: Connor has struggled with adding weight

trock56: maybe pittsburg

trock56: for poz

Pezlion: exactly Mark, that's why he's not going anywhere early

NittanySteel: that would be sick

NittanySteel: poz to pittsburgh

Pezlion: Connor is a great college LB....

trock56: he would fit right in

Pezlion: i'll leave it at that

LionKing25: some kids dont have frames to carry 240lbs

Psu96: I wonder how Poz would do as an ILB in a 3-4 defense

nittlion: why does everyone always think our good players are going to play for the steelers?

LionKing25: Pez agreed

NittanySteel: i think he'd have to go back outside

Psu96: me too Steel

MalibuHammy: so , do we want the Twins to be the Wildcard as is, or get the divsion over the Tigers.  I want a Bye wek before UM game.  

trock56: I think POZ would fit in mentality wise with steelers

trock56: thats all

nittlion: win the div

Pezlion: IMO tim shaw has the most pro-potential of our current playing LBs

NittanySteel: not physically?

NittanySteel: trock?

msj56: im not sure i want a bye...morrelli needs all the PT he can get

trock56: Outside LB he would

DEucEisWILd: What year is Sales?

trock56: soph

Psu96: I don't agree with that Pez. I see Shaw as a special teams kind of guy as well as a backup OLB type

DEucEisWILd: He is a wide body....

SlayerPSU: I think Connor is our best Pro Potential backer.

Pezlion: he's the most gifted physically 96

Psu96: Sales is a redshirt sophomore

LiverpoolLion: I wanted the bye, now I want the game played as scheduled to get Morelli more comfortable

Pezlion: Connor is too small...220lb LBs don't work in the NFL right now

trock56: just thought I would throw that in with the baseball talk

Nittanylfan: are they losing ?

MalibuHammy: I guess either one would be good.  Bye or no Bye...It would be tought o go a weekend without some PSU football..

Pezlion: 96, i see shaw as a vrabel type in the NFL

trock56: hope so

vjgkam: Hi all...just checking in...

SlayerPSU: Depends on the defense. Some have the speed versus weight preference.

nittlion: vrabel is bigger isn't he?

Pezlion: than shaw?  maybe a little...but not much

nittlion: vrabel listed at 6-4...thought he played DL at OSU?

Pezlion: i bet vrabel is like 6'3 240

MalibuHammy: This michigan game is more than HUGE.  Many top recruits will be there, and in Primetime.  We need that win BAD .....

am19psu: connor could play the weak side in a 3-4 in the pros

Pezlion: shaw not playing DE at PSU?

nittlion: got me

nittlion: The big questions about Michigan is...

MalibuHammy: Hopefully RB Green from Arkansas is in the house on Oct. 14th...

nittlion: how much rain will we get that day

Pezlion: REFS

Pezlion: that's the big question about michigan

LionKing25: Michigan i believe is better than osu.

SlayerPSU: Agree.

SlayerPSU: With Pes

DEucEisWILd: is it supposed to rain this weekend?

DEucEisWILd: for the game i mean

Pezlion: Michigan's defense is better than OSU...not offense

nittlion: I don't like the michigan matchup at all right now

LionKing25: Pez...Michigan has some big boys on their ol..a good rb..very good wrs..speed on offense..a good qb..they will be tough.

am19psu: mostly cloudy and cool last i saw, deuce

MalibuHammy: I hope our LB;s crush Henne and put him on his back all game....Blitz...

msj56: who will start at LG?

LionKing25: but i cant say how i really feel or ill get slaughtered lol

Psu96: weather forecast I saw for this weekend was 58 and partly sunny. Perfect crisp fall day

NittanySteel: very tought game for the nits vs. UM

msj56: will cadogen play this week

NittanySteel: hopefully we see improvement from AM this week

SlayerPSU: Weather has been awful this season.

am19psu: from nws state college: Saturday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 62.

Pezlion: our defense will keep them in check, i'm not worried about that

Pezlion: more concerned with scoring

Psu96: Michigan might be a better team than OSU. Keep that in mind. This will be a major hurdle to overcome

DEucEisWILd: I would’ve given a million dollars for a day like today to be a football saturday here in happy valley

mxbscout: Anyone who will be in town Friday night, we are having an FOS Happy Hour at the Lions Den from 6-8 p.m.

LionKing25: Michigan is better tha n osu

Pezlion: it's all about matchups doesn't matter who is better than who if you match up better against one or the other

nittlion: their D is probably as good as ours and their offense right now is better

mxbscout: with a very special guest

mendy4psu: homefield and atmosphere will give PSU a big lift, will it be enough?

SlayerPSU: I am sure they are better, actually. It still doesn't change the fact that it is a MUST WIN for our program.

mxbscout: or two

MalibuHammy: 8:00 night game, primetime, white out, last years 1 second crap, Henne, revenge, recruits, etc.  I think we give Michigan all they can handle...

Pezlion: football is ALL about matchups

Pezlion: alright, i'm out of here...

NittanySteel: a win vs. UM would be colossal for this season

nittlion: Springhill Suites charging me $399 per night for ND next year...ouch

DEucEisWILd: The Michigan game will have the atmosphere of the Saints game last night... except for different reasons of course!

LionKing25: we play michigan tough i see the same offensive struggles though

mxbscout: Playbook Mark will be at the Happy Hour

nittlion: brennan, any bball news?

mxbscout: everyone is raving about the Jones kid

NittanySteel: it'd be nice to see AM get about a pair of TDs this weekend, no picks, going about 18 for 26

nittlion: good to hear

mxbscout: Andrew Jones from Philly

mxbscout: freshman Big Man

mendy4psu: i hope the staff lets Morelli throw it all over the place this weekend

MalibuHammy: Agree LK.  The UM game I see like the OSU game last year.  A hard fought battle.  Not super high scoring....As far as the NW game goes, I think Morelli gets his confidenc eup a little more, and we drop 40.

msj56: hunt should have another 100+ day

nittlion: I think we can run to set up the pass this weekend for a change

LionKing25: Hammy...this michigan thing has become like a curse

SlayerPSU: Wow, only 2.5 weeks until Michigan.

LionKing25: we will beat nwestern..

msj56: anyone see the nevada NW game?....that pistol offense is weird looking

LionKing25: there im positive.

underscoreTom: wow, mark and mark are still here

am19psu: brennan, i'll take you and PBMark on at darts and wipe the floor with you

MalibuHammy: later fellas, keep the faith, our time will come...a 10-2 or 9-3 season is still in our grasp in my opinion.  We have lost to 2 very good teams on the road.

DEucEisWILd: I swear, I wait 8 months for psu football season, and then when it gets here.... IT FLYS... already game 5

LionKing25: osu will lose to michigan this yr.

DEucEisWILd: I'm outta here ... have a good night all... see ya Saturday

SlayerPSU: Have a good night!


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