Coveted Lineman Will Visit PSU

This talented lineman has several offers including one from Penn State. "I know I'll definitely be taking an official visit to Penn State."

Name: Jeff Zuttah
Position: OL, DL
Height: 6'4 1/2"
Weight: 279 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.95
Bench Press: 390 pounds
School: The Hun School, Princeton, NJ

Jeff Zuttah (pronounced ZOO-tah) attended the recruiting day held at Penn State on Saturday, July 27.

"I went with my friend, my brother and my mom," Jeff said.  "It was nice, I really like the facilities up there.  Coach Ganter is good people, they're all good people up there.  I felt real comfortable.

"There was only about 7 to 10 players there I think.  We toured the facilities, the campus, academic support, had a luncheon, visited the weight room, all different things that you would be a part of if you went to Penn State."

Assistant Head Coach Fran Ganter is recruiting Jeff for Penn State.  Jeff has a verbal offer from the Nittany Lions and expects a written offer soon.

"Coach Ganter has been distracted since his wife recently passed so he just kind of forgot because I asked him about it.  I said, 'You guys never gave me a written offer' and he said, 'Oh my God, I figured we already had, I apologize for that'.  That was the only reason they hadn't given me a written offer yet."

Zuttah will most likely play offensive guard in college.  He claims at least a dozen offers and is already beginning to plan his official visits.

"I know I'll definitely be taking an official visit to Penn State.  As for the rest of my visits, that's kind of up in the air.  I'll probably take an official to Notre Dame and I'll probably want to get out to the west coast to see what that's like.  Out there I like Washington, UCLA, Oregon and maybe even Colorado.  Other than that I'm not quite sure.

"I'm not sure yet if I really want to stay close to home or experience something new."

Jeff previously mentioned Boston College as a school in which he was very interested.

"I still like BC, it's a great academic school."

Jeff is good friends with one of his teammates last season, Dan Sica.  Sica is being recruited to play safety in college, but has yet to receive an offer.  Jeff and Dan would like to attend the same college.

"We talk about it a lot.  I told him it would be a no-brainer, if Penn State offered him, I'd go to Penn State right now."

Zuttah scored 1160 on the SAT and finished his senior year with a 3.0 GPA.  He will attend The Hun School in Princeton, NJ this coming year.

Note:  Jeff said that both Ira Guilford and John Shaw attended the July 27 recruiting day at Penn State.

June 27 LionNews article on Jeff Zuttah

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