FOS TAP Chat Wrap

PlaybookMark talks PSU football and Bob Lichtenfels chimes in on recruiting in our Tuesday chat. How will the offensive line do against Minnesota? How is Shady McCoy looking these days? Find out what they had to say about these topics and more.

Sweeney97: Bob what are your thoughts on Dennis Landolt, i think he played well Saturday am=nd seems tough

nittlion: I am not feeling very confident about the michigan game right now

mendy4psu: let's worry about Minny first

nittlion: need to show some precision this week at minny

PlaybookMark: Landolt has a mean streak and could prove to be a solid lineman

psunittany: I feel ok about the UM game..... that atmosphere will be worth 7 pts.....

am19psu: yup, psunit

psunittany: UM LBs worry me.....they could be everywhere

BobLichtenfels: I always liked Landolt very solid kid and I'll take wrestlers any day of the week

PlaybookMark: Penn State has an 11-game home win streak on the line with U-M

NewYorkNittany: here's one for you bob: a recruit was waiting to go in on sat who was wearing a gray sweatshirt that said cross football in maroon.  any idea?

nittlion: UM's D looks good and they will score some points on us i think

alex1968: for the amount of playing they will get I can't see endurance as an issue

Sweeney97: i have a feeling landolt and elisades will do very well

psunittany: I'm not worried about UM offense going crazy .. .we can contain Hart... King can make Breaston disappear, and we can double Manningham.....

mendy4psu: need to get TDs in the redzone against Mich or we have no chance

am19psu: true mendy

nittlion: agree mendy

BobLichtenfels: NY maybe Holy Cross

nittlion: how will we get those TDs?

BobLichtenfels: but aren't they green/yellow in NY and Conn

am19psu: running the football, nitt

mendy4psu: how about give it Hunt

Harry8154: Why waste King on Breaston - put him on Manningham.

underscoreTom: easy...stop calling predictable plays

dragonjoe: There's a Holy Cross in South Jersey

PlaybookMark: King needs to be on Manningham and likely will be

BobLichtenfels: maybe thats it

psunittany: I think you need to double Manningham, so why waste King in a double team....

Sweeney97: king on breaston, and then double manningham

psunittany: King can make Breaston totally disappear...put 2 other guys on Manningham

am19psu: psunit, not to pick here, but when have we ever used a double team?

nittlion: Poz on Henne!

psunittany: henne sandwich ... Poz & Connor as two pieces of bread

am19psu: i would argue that a cover 2, with king moving to manningham's side would be quite effective

am19psu: assuming we can pressure from the front 4

Sweeney97: Bob, how is shady doing this year, is he back in shape yet

nittlion: Ed Johnson can add some pepper

Harry8154: I don't think Breaston is all that much of a threat - Arrigton seems to be a bigger playmaker than Breaston

BobLichtenfels: He ran for over 100 a few weeks ago

Sweeney97: is he starting yet?

nittlion: i think michigan will spread us out

BobLichtenfels: He won’t

BobLichtenfels: Not over Graig Cooper

nittlion: we need to get pressure on henne

am19psu: 3 wr, 1 te, 1 rb, nitt?

Sweeney97: has he lost a step or is he back at full strength

Maxicat: let's take care of Cupito first

nittlion: yes

mendy4psu: exactly, to me Michigan will be just another game if we lose to Minny

BobLichtenfels: I dont think he has, he looked damn good to me when I saw him and he just got into camp

Harry8154: Cupito for Minnesota impressed me against UM and  that Logan kid really looks like a good receiver

BobLichtenfels: a little rusty but still better than most

nittlion: an early td would be great against minny

Sweeney97: where do you think he stands with miami?

am19psu: bob, as an o-line guy, is the reason that minny's running game was putrid last year due to the athleticism of our lbs vs. their zone blocking scheme?

psunittany: You know how Carr's teams & UM teams in recent yrs have either been flat or been tight .. .especially on the road?? ND....well, guess what that HV atmosphere will do to them?

Maxicat: Logan, Wheelright and TE are solid

am19psu: putrid against us, i mean

PlaybookMark: Cupito can think on his feet, but does not deal all too well with pressure

nittlion: was UM flat at ND?

Maxicat: we jumped in front last year early

psunittany: I'm talking "recent years"...scUM always lays an egg on the road in RECENT YRS

BobLichtenfels: I think that has a lot to do with am and the fact that Minny has never really shown a pass game so you can cheat in the box as long as your DB's can cover in man

nittlion: unfortunately not usually in HV though...i don't think we can count on that

am19psu: maxi, maroney still had 20+ carries for <50 yds

Sweeney97: mark, whast the word on logan el, how is he looking on scout team?

Maxicat: Mason always comes up with something. watch for halfback pass, etc.

Harry8154: Mason really is a heckuva coach

PlaybookMark: Logan El looks good with his conditioning - getting down his fundamentals - still redshirting

Sweeney97: Bob, what were your thoughts on Logan El, is he a tough agressive player like Elisades?

nittlion: how has john shaw looked at RT?

BobLichtenfels: I don’t think he is a tenacious as Big Lou

Sweeney97: mark, that sounds like a politically correct answer

Sweeney97: bob, you had to pick on guy who do you take elisades or logan el

mendy4psu: the word was he's a little soft, don't know how true

BobLichtenfels: Eliades

PlaybookMark: Sweeney - sorry it wasn’t you wanted to hear - the guy missed a significant amount of practice and is catching up

Harry8154: Seriously, how much can you say about a freshman OLineman that is redshirting

BobLichtenfels: Ale has a ton of potential but right now I'd take Lou

PlaybookMark: Eliades has a great Shipley-esque type attitude

Sweeney97: mark, thats fine i just get the feeling logan el isnt going to be a long term player

PlaybookMark: If Ship, RO and Eliades all came together it would be a mean line

coachbuttemaker: as long as logan el keeps quitting during  his lift sessions he won't see the field here

mendy4psu: add Landolt to the mix

nittlion: we need more MEAN, that's for sure

PlaybookMark: Logan Ela has work to do - his HS days didn't stress conditioning just power

mendy4psu: Runyan type players

BobLichtenfels: lets not get ahead of ourselves Mendy

dragonjoe: Anyone see the ESPN headline on John L. Smith?  They are calling for his head in East Lansing

nittlion: i prefer Wis type players

Harry8154: Forget Runyan - give guys like Todd Moules from the 80s

Sweeney97: you think landolt is better suited for OG or OT, wrestler are usually better inside

mendy4psu: i'm not Bob, that's the style of play i want from the O-Line

PlaybookMark: JLS has done zip - excaept make MSU the most consistently inconsistent team in America

BobLichtenfels: who doesn'

nittlion: runyan went to michigan

mendy4psu: mean and nasty

mendy4psu: dirty too

am19psu: dragonjoe, with the attitude areound here recently, don't you the same will happen if we lose to illinois??

dragonjoe: Good point AM

Sweeney97: bob, what are your thoughts on Wiz, think he may actaully be leaning to Mich?

nittlion: losing to illinois isn't an option

mendy4psu: we won't lose to Illinois

am19psu: just making a counterexample, nitt

mendy4psu: thought Juice Williams is looking like a pretty good player

PlaybookMark: no way PSU should lose to ILL

BobLichtenfels: Wiz is a very tough nut to crack, sometimes I have absolutely no idea what he is thinking; he is a rarity in recruiting

nittlion: psu will put a hurtin on the juice

coachbuttemaker: bob he is toying with you because you're a Pitt fan.  ;o)

dragonjoe: I think PSU is capable of beating Illinois due to a talent gap.  Which is better than where we were 3 years ago

BobLichtenfels: lol..yeah

am19psu: guys, it was just a counterexample... i wasn't implying that the illinois game will be close

PlaybookMark: MSU does this EVERY year - beats or nearly beats a team they shouldn’t and implodes against a doormat

Sweeney97: anyone know what happend to Zack Zeglinski, he was a pref walk on last year, hurt his knee sr year, did he transfer?

mendy4psu: Michigan is going to take them to the woodshed this weekend

coachbuttemaker: bob what do you know about Darius Kenney a TB from Hudson catholic in NJ?

dragonjoe: It's a trap game for Mich

mendy4psu: what's up with Klopacz?  Is he still on the team?

nittlion: msu is DOA this year now

Harry8154: PSU has more talent than 6 of the 7 remaning teams and I think they are even - talent wise - with Michigan.  One of the big reasons why Michigan is undefeated is they are pretty veteran team.  Also, Ron English seems to get more out of these guys.

am19psu: 4-8 final record for msu

dragonjoe: Could LJ Sr. end up in East Lansing?

PlaybookMark: Doug Rheam is out for the year and maybe his career - has a vessel burst in his brain with a hit recently in practice

am19psu: whoa

nittlion: geez, hope he is ok

PlaybookMark: he should be - but the coaches don;t take that lightly

Harry8154: Bob - do you think Mark Wedderburn is big time prospect?

am19psu: anyone watching the tulsa/so miss game?

PlaybookMark: Remember Jonathan Jackson? He's been medically approved to play by doctors, but not PSU docs - they see the brain issues as way too risky in football

vjgkam: hello fellow PSu fans

mendy4psu: PBMark, what's the story with Klopacz?  Is he still on the team?

BobLichtenfels: Harry I’m not totally sold yet

PlaybookMark: mendy - good question I haven't heard a lot about him I'll see what I can dig up (EDITOR’S NOTE: Klopacz is still listed on the PSU roster).

BobLichtenfels: He needs to get more physical

am19psu: good call, leyland

mendy4psu: predictions for Minny?  PSU 24 Minny 20

PlaybookMark: On a good note the team has been working extra "close quarter" red zone reps - which likely isn't a shock to anyone

am19psu: psu 17 minny 7

HowardStern: did we work on more jump balls to Peretta?

Maxicat: what's close quarter?

PlaybookMark: Running a lot of ground plays in the redzone - concern is Morelli's tendency to force balls in tight yardage routes

vjgkam: closed quarter red zone reps??

nittlion: crossing routes!

am19psu: slants!

mendy4psu: yeah Stern, he's been running routes on top of Chris Bell's shoulders

PlaybookMark: Maxi - "close quarter" is when a play has a very tight amount of yardage to be run in - so anything inside the red zone is called a "close quarter" drill

couples: Bob, do you think Muldrow has written offer and  has anything changed with WIZ?

vjgkam: they should be beyond that

Maxicat: thx

dragonjoe: Is Bell the real deal?  Man, he looks like a stud

PlaybookMark: Morelli has to lay the heat off passes for the coaches (Paterno) to get comfortable with crossing routes

Maxicat: shuttle pass!

BobLichtenfels: I do Couples, no reason to lie about it and I think the  staff likes his potential

BobLichtenfels: Nothing new on Wiz

vjgkam: We have the red zone talent......why can't we execute?

mendy4psu: QB play

am19psu: didn't i see someone have really good things to say about muldrow on the board recently?

nittlion: no more jump balls to 5'9" guys, please...dwill included

PlaybookMark: Morelli - he needs to not force balls inside the 20 yard range

couples: I saw the Harrisburg game and he and the Pitt recruit struggled

underscoreTom: 5'9...that'd be peretta in platform shoes

Harry8154: Yeah, but Bob if he has a written offer and he seems pretty high on PSU, why hasn't he verablled?  He's also only speaks of taking an unofficial to the Michigan game - I have never read where he mentions an official visit

PlaybookMark: They should run the Bell, Wallace, Rubin, McDonald set inside the 20

mrfolks: has McDonald seen the field this year?

Maxicat: Norwood has not been in fhe mix much.. crossing routes

mrfolks: on offense?

am19psu: at ysu folks

mendy4psu: can Wallace play WR, haven't seen him catch a pass yet?

BobLichtenfels: I watched the game I dont think they did that bad, the QB was horrible

vjgkam: heres a legit question...the OSU game last year swayed a number of recruits.....will we have a simiilar game this year?

PlaybookMark: McDonald has seen action in 4 games

mrfolks: thanks, mark

Maxicat: or quarless

PlaybookMark: I am not sure if McDonald has had a ball tossed in his direction yet though

dragonjoe: Do you think one game can swing a recruit?  It is such an important decision for someone 18 that I hope they wouldn't decide based on 1 game

mendy4psu: AJ Wallace last year

BobLichtenfels: lots did based on OSU last year

PlaybookMark: They are focusing more on running plays inside the redzone so far in practice though

Maxicat: give it to Hunt

mrfolks: hopefully T Hunt running plays, not Morelli running plays

CarolinaDave: bob L.---any lesean mccoy updates?

couples: Thanks Bob. Have you seen film on Green?

PlaybookMark: That is what they are working Hunt and some Williams - Wallace has seen reps too, but the limited reps to him in games is baffling

Harry8154: Weren't there reports last year about how high the coaches were on McDonald and that they even considered not redshirting him?

mendy4psu: I hate to say this but Jimmy Claussen might be the best HS QB that I have ever seen

BobLichtenfels: I saw a few minutes of Green...Nothing new on Shady either

nittlion: cause he is 20

PlaybookMark: Harry - yes

BobLichtenfels: Mendy are you smokin’ something tonight

vjgkam: Bob L ...odds/ thoughts on Liberty (Bethlehem) winning the state championship this year??

CarolinaDave: even wallace as a decoy

BobLichtenfels: Woody High will win AAAA

mendy4psu: what Bob, is Bostick better

PlaybookMark: Wallace just being on the field is a major weapon

am19psu: AAA, bob?

BobLichtenfels: AA will be TJ

Harry8154: What about Harrisburg - aren't they AAAA?

mendy4psu: I hate ND but Claussen has a very nice release and throws a beautiful ball

BobLichtenfels: AA GCC

nittlion: any chance they give others a chance at returning punts?  I think Deon would be good

BobLichtenfels: A Southern Columbia

am19psu: damn, i was hoping to get some selinsgrove love from you

am19psu: for AAA

mendy4psu: the Seals romped Berwick last week

BobLichtenfels: I like Harrisburg alot but they are like the MIchigan State of high school ball

Maxicat: Sarge

BobLichtenfels: If they keep it together and stay healthy they could win it all

am19psu: hopefully the TJ/Selinsgrove game will be in Altoona in the playoffs... I think it will be a great game (assuming they both get there)

BobLichtenfels: Chevy Troutmans little bro plays at Selingsgrove I believe

am19psu: yup

am19psu: my alma mater... my uncle is the bball coach

CarolinaDave: playing peretta over bell and wallace is mind-boggling too

vjgkam: Gotta go..... watch Liberty....they will rock...there is a reasion kids are transferring in.........under the radar...

BobLichtenfels: I have a guy filming them this year I think, not sure which week

nittlion: two years from now...starting CB opposite JK...Davis or Wallace?

Harry8154: Bob - who is the nex great QB to come out of Western PA?

BobLichtenfels: I like Josh Vick from Kiski but he blew his knee out last week

vjgkam: I'm beginning to think that Bob only answers  questions he's comfortable answering

couples: JK will be gone

BobLichtenfels: what did I not answer?

vjgkam: tell us about Liberty

mrfolks: it'll be wallace and sarge from the looks of it

mrfolks: won't davis be gone?

BobLichtenfels: I didn't think that was a question, looked like a comment to me

vjgkam: they WILL win a state championship...they HAVE kids transferring in...

Harry8154: What year is Vick and how big is he?

BobLichtenfels: and I did respond saying that one of my guys will be filming them

vjgkam: I asked what you thought their chances were

Maxicat: both Davis and King are sophs

mrfolks: oh right, davis redshirted.... sorry

BobLichtenfels: I'm beginning to question your reading

PlaybookMark: Many fans don’t like Perretta, but he has shown the coaches consistency - I am not clear as to what Bell and Wallace have done to see 1-2 plays per game though

Maxicat: one true, one red

BobLichtenfels: I have not seen them yet, Vg, hence the we will be filming them

PlaybookMark: Lots of fans didn;’ want to believe Tony Davis is a solid CB

vjgkam: take care Bob.....good luck

BobLichtenfels: thanks

Maxicat: you have to figure they don't have the timing down on routes

BobLichtenfels: Man, some folks just cant be pleased with any answers

mrfolks: PBM- problem is he is compared to King continuously

underscoreTom: Perretta only has one more catch than Bell, but has gotten a lot more PT

am19psu: i still like you, bob

BobLichtenfels: lol..thanks

mendy4psu: Bob, what don't you like about Claussen?  

mendy4psu: you obviously have seen more HS QBs than I have but he looked like the best I have ever come across

couples: Bob, Has  Marks improved this year?

PlaybookMark: Davis is fast and smart - he was a hidden gem in his recruiting class - overshadowed by Connor, Morelli, Shipley and Harrison

nittlion: apparently AJ Wallace's playbook only has two plays in it    "Reverse" and "Direct Handoff"

BobLichtenfels: He is older than everyone, he keeps the ball very high and he is surrounded by great players

BobLichtenfels: He is very good, but Best ever?

mendy4psu: who's the best you have ever seen?

BobLichtenfels: couples I have new film coming in on him next week

couples: Devlin

PlaybookMark: What surprises me is that despite PSU not recruiting Ohio well they have the likes of Davis, Cadogan, Johnson and Price - although most aren’t a fan of Price

BobLichtenfels: Thats a tough question..I'd really have to think about it

am19psu: adam moyer, selinsgrove, 1997

am19psu: there you go

am19psu: see how easy that was

mendy4psu: Ron Pawlus, lol

BobLichtenfels: alright folks Im out have to go bath the demon seeds

am19psu: have a good night bob

BobLichtenfels: Peace

mendy4psu: thanks bob

PlaybookMark: Hunt seems to be hitting his stride - averaging 130 yards last three games

mendy4psu: Hunt's the man

mendy4psu: is Levi's injury worse than originally thought or holding him out because of the turf?

CarolinaDave: mark---davis got torched in the big 33, that is why many  soured on him

am19psu: or because the staff isn't all that worried about minny?

mendy4psu: i don't believe that am

PlaybookMark: No Levi's injury is "minor" - coaches don’t feel they need him for Minney - if they have issues off the RE they will put him in

mendy4psu: thats ridicuolous

PlaybookMark: Well, the turf is notorious for knee injuries so why risk it heading into your biggest game left on the docket?

am19psu: PBM, what's your prediction for the game? or do i have to wait till thursday?

mendy4psu: well that answer is fine if they say turf but saying they don't need him against Minny is crazy

PlaybookMark: I need to look at a few more things with Minny before i call it

nittlion: i hope the coaches and team play like they "don't need him for Minny"

PlaybookMark: mendy - all I can tell you is that folks around the program feel they are in good shape without him and it's a risk with the turf

mendy4psu: they like Auletta that much?

PlaybookMark: Auletta has shown promise

am19psu: who is minny's re? is he any good?

am19psu: i mean cal and purdue seemed to throw at will, esp in the 2nd half against them

PlaybookMark: I am more concerned with Cadogan than Auletta

mendy4psu: Cal has a fantastic offense

mendy4psu: and Purdue's is pretty good too

PlaybookMark: Cal will give USC a real game

mendy4psu: most definitely

PlaybookMark: I thought Purdue would beat ND's D

am19psu: i'm still not sold on purdue, but i agree, the tenny game was an abberration for cal

mendy4psu: wow, Payne from Minny has 7 TDs already

am19psu: yeah, but 4 were against temple

PlaybookMark: Minny lost a ton from last year

mendy4psu: just caught that myself

mendy4psu: 2 against Mich

PlaybookMark: they are not the team they were last year - still shocked PSU demolished them like they did

am19psu: he was their only offense vs. scum

mendy4psu: Mich let up after the big early lead

nittlion: minny was never in that game

am19psu: pbm, i asked bob about this... is it because our athletic lbs matchup so well against their vaunted zone blocking scheme

mrfolks: the refs did everything they could to keep minny out of that game

mendy4psu: Minny could've got it to 7 with plenty of time left but they turned it over on downs in the red zone

nittlion: minny gave up big pass plays

PlaybookMark: The LBs will be key because they use the zone to create lanes between the tackles that shift wide - the LBs speed will be an edge PSU needs to use

am19psu: i almost wonder if we should use a traditional 4-3 against that playing a base technique

am19psu: (as if i know what i'm talking about)

PlaybookMark: Minny's ground game is their O focus - so the LBs have to attack the holes -particularly Poz and shift the runs wide

mrfolks: i thought cupito looks a lot better this year than last

mendy4psu: T.Palko is leading the nation in passing efficiency

nittlion: minny deserves to get crushed for causing us all these problems with scheduling and tv coverage!

PlaybookMark: Cupito has grown - he makes better reads, but he flusters easily - Bradley needs to apply some pressure - I think Alford and Johnson could have big opportunities

mendy4psu: Minny is allowing 400 yds a game

mrfolks: that TD pass he threw for their 1st score was perfect

nittlion: plus, cupito thinks our LBs graduated

mrfolks: did he say that, nitt?

PlaybookMark: lol - God help him

nittlion: something like that...can't remember the exact quote

mendy4psu: wait til he watches film this week

Playland: I think he confused us with OSU

mrfolks: have a good nite fellas

PlaybookMark: see ya


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