FOS Tuesday Premium Chat Wrap

The staff and community talks about this week's game and more in our weekly online chat session.

psulions12: what bar would everyone suggest to go to...of all the bars in State College

mxbscout: FOS staffers will be at the Lion's Den from 6-8 p.m. Friday. stop by and say hello

PlaybookMark: The Den is the best

psulions12: if i get there early enough ill try to stop by..i work till around 4, leave my house by 5-530 ish be in state college by 6:30-7. ill try to stop by

DEucEisWILd: when do you guys think we will know if Brod Green is coming up for the game?

mxbscout: Hopefully in the next day or so, Deuce

PlaybookMark: Riva is tracking down Green

mxbscout: Anyone have thoughts on Manningham being out this week?

JoePaoverBowden: I think its a huge break

JoePaoverBowden: I feel for the kid though

psulions12: will help us but wish they had everone

PlaybookMark: Manningham is a huge loss to U-M, but I bet they shift the focus onto their TE and incorprate him more, which is a challenge for PSU

DEucEisWILd: I still think they have some guys that can play at WR though

mxbscout: I'm guessing it frees up King to concentrate on Breaston

psulions12: if we win they will make excuses

PlaybookMark: I compare Breaston to Ginn - strong return skills, not the best receiver

PlaybookMark: I think Arrington is a better all-around wideout

Psu96: I think Michigan is one of the few teams that can absorb a loss like Manningham and still be ok. They will rely on their running game and still have two quality receivers and a good TE

DEucEisWILd: I heard Hart got a little dinged up in last weeks game... true? Back to 100%?

JoePaoverBowden: they must have Wideout tree over at michigan

PlaybookMark: PSU still has to play smart, aggrssive ball to win with or without Manningham

mikestuf04: i feel better about are chances with manningham out hopefully it will take henne a little less comfortable

Psu96: Hart twisted an ankle and sat out the 4th quarter last week, but he's fine

trock56: hi GUYS

mxbscout: hey trock

PlaybookMark: DEuces - most guys are banged up at this point in the season

PlaybookMark: They'll tape up Hart and have him go

Psu96: Arrington certainly becomes the deep threat. Breaston is their YAC guy

DEucEisWILd: I wasn't aware Mich has the #1 rush D in the country.....

mxbscout: 40.3 ypg

DEucEisWILd: somethings gotta give.

PlaybookMark: Mich. shut down PJ Hill

Psu96: I won't believe Green is actually coming unless someone spots him on the sideline Saturday

PlaybookMark: PSU should play action, get some passes connected to open up the box and trhen mix in Hunt

PlaybookMark: Hunt

PlaybookMark: Michigan is N0. 82 in pass defense

mikestuf04: where do recruits parents go during the game?

mxbscout: they sit with the recruits

mxbscout: behind the PSU bench

HowardStern: are Baker and McEowen going to be able to go?

mikestuf04: mceowen was limping around campus yesterday pretty good

PlaybookMark: Penn State has to play smart ball - and as Paterno said "grow up" as a team

Psu96: Joe singled out the OL as the major area that has to grow up. He challenged them today. We'll have to see how they respond

MrKruger: any idea why we played for OT, when our redzone offense is terrible?

Psu96: He had babied them the entire season to the media until today

PlaybookMark: OL played well against Minney - but Michigan's line is much better - more cohesive

Psu96: Kruger, my guess is that the coaches didn't want to chance a turnover that could lose them the game in regulation

mxbscout: that's exactly it, 96

mxbscout: Joe said as much after the game

MrKruger: the chances for a turnover are just as likely in the red zone though

MrKruger: since majority of teams play zone there

mxbscout: but with the poor red zone offense and defense, and the lousy place-kicking game, I'm not so sure that made sense

PlaybookMark: They had confidence in Hunt's ability in OT

kek174: what's the scouting report on UM's OLine? I thought there were concerns coming into the season?

MrKruger: um's OL is very good

Psu96: You have to think that Joe would have only allowed sideline routes in the passing game and that would make the possibility of another Pick 6 INT very real

MrKruger: Jake Long could be a top 10 NFL pick if he comes out

DEucEisWILd: They have studs on the OLine

PlaybookMark: Bradley has to bring pressure and confusion - letting Henne sit back and pass will spell doom

PlaybookMark: Jake Long is staying at U-M for his fifth year

MrKruger: yep. someone I spoke to today isn't sure that PSU's not going to implement the ND gameplan

DEucEisWILd: I will be very disappointed if Henne's jersey does not have grass stains ALL OVER IT

jimh74: Bradley needs to watch the Eagles IMO

PlaybookMark: That is my cocnern frankly - they are scared to give up the big play so will keep the pressure off

MrKruger: scared to give up the big play, but they don't rotate enough people to allow teams to keep that ball

jimh74: rather bleed to death than take the bullet

MrKruger: so you get worn down instead

kek174: the pressure against T Smith was fairly consistent...and effective (- 1 play)

MrKruger: even that play wasn't a bad play by the defensive line

mxbscout: Michigan has given up seven sacks all season

MrKruger: the pressure forced him to move, but the safety got lost

kek174: i meant in terms of effective...but i agree

PlaybookMark: They need an '05 OSU type plan - without Hali they haveto bring a safety/LB on blitzes/stunts and DISGUISE them

DEucEisWILd: I cannot WAIT to see our DE's in 2 years.... Heck, next year...

MrKruger: we have the CBs to lock down and play pressure defense

DEucEisWILd: JO & MO are gonna be GREAT

trock56: what is the latest on wiz

jimh74: How many times has Donnie Johnson blitzed this year?

MrKruger: i don't recall any 74

PlaybookMark: Bringing DJ would be huge

jimh74: one, notre dame, and he planted quinn on his arse

Psu96: Saying PSU needs to blitz a lot and play pressure defense is like banging your head against a wall. You can do it, but it won't get you anywhere and will likely be painful in the end. :-)

MrKruger: i'm worried about Tim Shaw vs Jake Long

MrKruger: that's a very very bad matchup

futurelion: a safety blitz ? lol. not with this coaching staff

kek174: any thoughts on the recruits who will be at the game? I know of the officials. But I'm referring to the unofficials, ala last year.

CarolinaDave: we don’t have a matchup for long

DEucEisWILd: Anyone know if Kenny Tate will be in the building?

mxbscout: we are still working on getting names, kek. Sometimes these things don't come together until late in the week

Psu96: Dave, I think you could say the same about Levi Brown

MrKruger: I think Ed Johnson and Alford may be able to reek some hell in the middle

MrKruger: is that woodley's side?

MrKruger: against Levi? or is that Shaw

kek174: thanks

CarolinaDave: disagree 96

Psu96: I honestly don't care who is going against Brown

Psu96: I think he handles them

PlaybookMark: They have to wrap up on Hart - he typically doesn't drop on the first hit

MrKruger: a fumble would be nice

MrKruger: wait, he doesn't fumble

JoePaoverBowden: doesn’t Odrick remind you of brown?

CarolinaDave: woodley brown is not the overmatch that we will have facing long

trock56: I did not listen to PC any comments on the snow levi thing

Psu96: They should approach Hart the way they would Hunt. Neither back goes down on first contact

PlaybookMark: The Snow Brown thing is over - no big deal at all

CarolinaDave: good to hear

futurelion: Odrick isn't nearly as big as Brown, but significantly more athletic

mxbscout: trock, Joe said he was actually kind of happy Levi made his feelings known

DEucEisWILd: Odrick & Evans are going to be incredible

trock56: i agree mxb, was hoping snow took it like a man and moved on

mxbscout: a bunch of juniors will be in the house this weekend, too. I know A.J. Alexander is among them

PlaybookMark: Actually Odrick and Brown are pretty much the same size as freshman - Brown had about five pounds on Jared

CarolinaDave: Alexander likes pitt a lot too

trock56: I would love for WIZ to give us a hint after his visit that we are the team to beat

mxbscout: I like Snow. But I'm not sure where he comes off beefin about PT. He is lucky to be on the team

couples: This game plays out just like the OSU game last year with a turnover being the deciding factor.

mxbscout: Alexander may like Pitt, but he's been to a couple of PSU games already this year

PlaybookMark: Mark - true, but these guys fired up - fights break out all the time in practice - it's a game of testosterone

DEucEisWILd: Wasn't Courtney on kickoffs at one point his freshman year?

trock56: I dont mind a guy wanting PT. He is a competitor. But he needs to be able to control himself

kek174: I hope the O finally uses some fakes in regards to some of the "predictable" plays they have been running. I'd like to think they've been setting it up all year. lol

Psu96: Michigan is a better team than OSU was when they came in last year IMO

PlaybookMark: Right now Michigan looks like the best team in the conference

trock56: SO anything on WIZ. I want him to give us a hint after the game

DEucEisWILd: Is everybody wearing WHITE or just students?

JoePaoverBowden: best team in the country

mxbscout: Not sure how you can say that when OSU beat Texas, PSU and Iowa

Psu96: agreed and PSU is worse than they were last year. I just don't like the matchup. Michigan has experienced, veteran guys all over the place and PSU is still lacking at key spots

kek174: but we were the best last year (conf), basically at the same time.

mxbscout: two of them on the road

PlaybookMark: Texas and PSU had unproven QBs

Psu96: exactly

Psu96: Iowa didn't have any firepower left either. I saw that beatdown coming.

mxbscout: lol

mxbscout: you guys have been listening to Paterno for too long

Psu96: I look at it this way. Michigan has equal talent to OSU offensively and their defense is more experienced, not necessarily more athletic though.

CarolinaDave: Brennan, what is your prediction for sat?

mxbscout: McCoy for Texas has 12 TDs and two picks

kek174: SC will burn if we win. lol

mxbscout: Still debating that, Carolina

trock56: espn just reported again of Michigans WR injury and him being out

PlaybookMark: McCoy was a deer in headlights vs. OSU

CarolinaDave: you seriously considering picking psu?

mxbscout: for a reason, Mark

mxbscout: no

PlaybookMark: Yes he was inexperienced - hence not a challege for OSU - they play now it's more of a game

BobLichtenfels joined

PlaybookMark: Oh no Bob

JoePaoverBowden: Marks, do you guys think that Tony Hunt will break 100 this week?

Psu96: McCoy made his leap against Oklahoma. He wasn't ready for the big time when OSU came to call

BobLichtenfels: There goes the neighborhood..Who has a chat during a UFC fight?

PlaybookMark: JoePa, depends on the game plan - it will be a challenge - if they depend heavily on him no - if the pasing game gets going he could

mxbscout: That will be a challenge, Joe. I agree with Mark that they will have to get the passing game going to loosen up the Michigan D

JoePaoverBowden: I guess the better question would be then does Morelli have a chance?

PlaybookMark: morelli have a chance to rush for over 100? No

mxbscout: This is a great opportunity for Morelli to prove himself

BWW71: Bob any chance for an update on Moye?

BobLichtenfels: 100 for the season maybe

PlaybookMark: This is a huge opportunity to show the world what he is made of

leftcoastpsu: I just hope he doesn't start forcing things again

BobLichtenfels: Nothing has changed with Moye since the last time we spoke to him, he said he wants to focus on the season

CarolinaDave: morelli will struggle against um....he'll see more pressure than ever

JoePaoverBowden: Bob L. who did you like better coming out of highschool Morellis or Henne?

PlaybookMark: He needs to relax and just play his game - progressions are key

jimh74: UM will bait Morelli...

BobLichtenfels: Henne I felt was more polished

BobLichtenfels: Morelli has the better arm

leftcoastpsu: he relies so much on his arm strength when things get tight - hopefully he will work out of it

PlaybookMark: AM also has to get comfortable using Hunt as a check-down - he hesitated using him last week

leftcoastpsu: I hope they move him out of the pocket a little

leftcoastpsu: to avoid the pressure

BobLichtenfels: Henne just has that moxy about him that great QB's have you can just tell

PlaybookMark: Henne's skill is that he won’t force balls - he will throw them away, so PSU has to stall the drive

Psu96: Morelli has obviously made strides over the past two games. He's ready to make the leap IMO, but he has to trust what he's seeing

mxbscout: Michigan fan sure did not think that last year, Bob

JoePaoverBowden: Bob L he got the moxy from his highschool coach

PlaybookMark: U-M fans wanted Henne's head last year

BobLichtenfels: You have to remember Morelli has never really been allowed to unleash, this is the first. Penn Hills was run first, run second, throw third

Psu96: I liked the fact that Morelli threw a couple of balls away when nothing was there against Minnesota. It's not a sin to punt

kek174: i hope we have good officials....

couples: I thjnk Joe wants his head this year.

leftcoastpsu: how does PSU get pressure against that oline of Mich

jimh74: I hope we have Henne's head on Saturday, served up by Poz and Connor

Psu96: And the PH passing playbook consisted of throwing it as far as Morelli could and hoping David Harvey could run under it. Not exactly sophisticated

BobLichtenfels: well back then Joe Prokopik was his big target

BobLichtenfels: the former PSU walk-on

PlaybookMark: PSU has to exploit U-M's secondary

mikestuf04: with perretta?

PlaybookMark: PSU pressures U-M's OL with disguised schemes, but I am skeptical we see that

PlaybookMark: if they give hm time he will pick thngs apart

jimh74: Only person who doesn't seem to see that is JoePA

BobLichtenfels: Is Levi playing

PlaybookMark: yes

JoePaoverBowden: does anyone know what Chris Bell's problem is?

PlaybookMark: What do you mean?

jimh74: he's too tall

JoePaoverBowden: well

kek174: ala in all, i think UM's GP changes following the loss of Manningham. Thoughts?

JoePaoverBowden: they arent throwing to him

JoePaoverBowden: there must be something during practice

JoePaoverBowden: does he run bad routes? have trouble catching?

couples: Bob, any surprise name that are interested in PSU at this point?

PlaybookMark: Bell has had issues on routes

PlaybookMark: he has great hands

BobLichtenfels: its been very quiet on the recruiting front

BobLichtenfels: Bell will be fine

leftcoastpsu: hopefully Henne will have a hard time adjusting to losing his go-to rec

PlaybookMark: I think U-M uses the TE more with Manningham out

CarolinaDave: Bob L. if you had to pick now, where do you think mccoy will end up

msj56: u know what sucks...its going to be cold come gametime

BobLichtenfels: Now I would say Pitt if it was today

PlaybookMark: Plus bell has the pressure of being labelled the "greatest freshman in PSU history" :)

kek174: Bob, how aout in 3+ months?

CarolinaDave: good relationship with wanny and the players>

BobLichtenfels: Aaron Berry is a big key and he is tight with Andre Wright at milford. He likes Wannstedt

BobLichtenfels: in 3 months we'll see

PlaybookMark: McCoy's "big time program" comment was rough on Pitt

BobLichtenfels: but it’s true they are not a big time program right now

DEucEisWILd: I'm sure they will get over it if he decideds to attend that place

kek174: neither's Miami

JoePaoverBowden: Bob L. have you seen Stephon Green play?

CarolinaDave: bob.....what things give psu an edge w/ mccoy

couples: Pitt is 5-1.

BobLichtenfels: I saw a few minutes of Green, I know I'll take some heat but he reminds me a lot of AZ

BobLichtenfels: PSU?

CarolinaDave: yes

BobLichtenfels: great closing speed and a physical finisher.

BobLichtenfels: I didn't say PSU had the edge

BobLichtenfels: He likes the campus and the atmosphere there

PlaybookMark: Well if McCoy is making his call based on the spread - he's not paying attention frankly

JoePaoverBowden: is McCoy coming this weekend?

CarolinaDave: doubt it

BobLichtenfels: Doubtful

CarolinaDave: will mccoy be eligible for next fall?

BobLichtenfels: He likes the pro style offense

CarolinaDave: when will he decide?

BobLichtenfels: dont know for sure yet

msj56: has LJ Sr been working any magic lately...any chance marvin ustin makes a surprise visit

BobLichtenfels: Not that I have heard

PlaybookMark: Frankly I’d be surprised if Pitt wasn't 5-1 at this stage - actually they should be 6-0 with their schedule

CarolinaDave: who is recruiting mccoy to psu?

CarolinaDave: LJ sr?

BobLichtenfels: Norwood and LJ were before

DEucEisWILd: Is Colasanti ever going to get here for a game?

PlaybookMark: LJ is likely the guy

mxbscout: Norwood has connections at Milford

BobLichtenfels: LJ was in high school. Norwood is the man at Milford

CarolinaDave: bob is mccoy good friends with jb walton

DEucEisWILd: I thought I heard tha McCoy and Walton were roomies at Milford?

youngie: Bob DJ Lenahan from Wilson(Easton)... why no noise about him out there?

BobLichtenfels: I never heard that

PlaybookMark: Will MSU once again be fighting for their bowl life vs. PSU?

BobLichtenfels: we trtied to talk to DJ but it was pointless

mxbscout: Predictions on this week's game (PSU-Michigan)?

Natty: mich 27-13

JoePaoverBowden: 14-7 PSU

rednecklion: Brain says michigan wins 31-13, heart says psu 21-17

JoePaoverBowden: I think we shut Hart down

mxbscout: Michigan 24-17. I was primed to pick PSU, but the Lions made too many mistakes vs. Minnesota

PlaybookMark: Question is does the Nittany Nation meltdown with a loss

DEucEisWILd: exactly redneck... I refuse to say the "L" word

CarolinaDave: of course

rednecklion: Mark, I don't think so so long as they play well

JoePaoverBowden: Mark, PSU made more mistakes again NW last year

Psu96: That's a rhetorical question Mark. Of course it melts down

youngie: Bob you got quiet pointless on DJ because?

mxbscout: This is THE game that will make the difference between this being a good season and a very good one

jimh74: hell, we melt down when we win...

Natty: Mark-well, do they lose like ND, or lose like OSU, two different stories

rednecklion: good one 74

PlaybookMark: Natty - no it's not - we saw meltdowns with both -

PlaybookMark: I'd say the OSU meltdown was worse

DEucEisWILd: Quarless scores a touchdown late to win the game... mark it down.

Psu96: I don't think it matters. We'll see "Fire everyone" if the team loses by 3 or by 30 IMO because it will be 8 losses in a row to UM

JoePaoverBowden: as long as we have LK meltdown is in the bank

BobLichtenfels: He was always seems preoccupied with everything else. I'll leave it at that

Natty: mark-i was talking about myself

CarolinaDave: who bob

youngie: OK Thanks

BobLichtenfels: Lenehan

Natty: of course i promised myself I I wouldn't post anymore on game weekends

CarolinaDave: will the attendance be over 110, 000?

rednecklion: yes

PlaybookMark: Carolina - I would guess so

Psu96: Natty, I wish others had that kind of restraint

JoePaoverBowden: if Tony Hunt breaks all time rushing record at PSU, does he deserve HOF consideration?

CarolinaDave: over 111?

psunittany: Bob L - appeciate your insight on McCoy .... anything else to add?....

rednecklion: Tony Hunt is simply a stud. Too bad he lacks breakaway speed or look out.

CarolinaDave: we need a big time rb

CarolinaDave: be it mccoy or green

Natty: 96-I realized it was a problem when i was looking like one of the more optimistic posters

Psu96: Dave, it isn't looking good for any big time RB at this point

CarolinaDave: 96.... i know

Psu96: which is a real shame considering the depth chart

CarolinaDave: its frustrating

PlaybookMark: If they don;t land a major Rb - I'd bet Williams gets a serious look in the spring

Psu96: That's a byproduct of the 300 mile radius recruiting approach IMO

BobLichtenfels: Not yet Nittany. I'll be talking to him Sunday

CarolinaDave: gotta take care of the pa kids to start

PlaybookMark: Although I still don;t get the issue with Sargeant

mxbpsuscout: OK, that chat wrap will end here, folks. Feel free to stick around and talk “off the record.”


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