WISC: James Adds Gas to Fire

The ABC studio show personality took Penn State coach Joe Paterno to task Saturday, using an off-color comment to describe the veteran. In case you missed it, you can see what James said here.

ABC analyst Craig James made some strong comments about Penn State coach Joe Paterno during the halftime show of the Nittany Lions' 13-3 loss at Wisconsin Saturday.

In case you missed it, here is what James said.

On the set with host John Saunders and fellow analyst Doug Flutie, James was talking about Paterno walking off the field at halftime, when the coach yelled at an ABC cameraman to back away.

“So JoePa goes in at halftime, and I mean the camera crew is following him, and JoePa's Geritol, the Geritol that he had too much of this morning, kicks in,” James said. “Must of had, must of had bad beans in his soup last night. Man JoePa is fired up and ready to get after him.”

Later in the halftime report, the panel discussed Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema's strategy of having his team purposely run offside on back-to-back kickoffs late in the second quarter to run time off the clock.

“They just happened to be offside…” James said. “Way to go Coach Bielema."

Then James raised his fist in the air and said, “Give it to the old fart.”

Paterno was injured in the third quarter of the game, when two players crashed into him on the sideline. He was forced to leave the field and fly home to State College for medical treatment.

Immediately after the game, James indicated his halftime comments about Paterno were a joke.

Later, in the ABC pregame show before the 8 p.m. Miami-Virginia Tech game, James apologized for using an inadvertent comment about Paterno and said he hoped the coach would be OK.

In the meantime, the Penn State football team's official website, GoPSF.com, has posted James' halftime comments in its “Buzz” section and is encouraging fans to e-mail ABC to complain.

A source close to the PSU program said ABC and James have attempted to contact Paterno directly to apologize. But as of this writing, the coach was not taking calls.


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