NJ Lineman Names Top Teams

Dan Mazan, a powerful New Jersey lineman who most schools including Penn State would love to have playing for them in the trenches, lists his top teams. How interested is he in the Nittany Lions?

Name: Dan Mazan
Position: OL, DL
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 305 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.9
Self-reported bench press: 435 pounds
School: Carteret HS, Carteret, NJ

Dan played offensive guard, defensive tackle, defensive end and even a little fullback for Carteret last season.  He will most likely play at the offensive guard position in college.

"A couple of schools are recruiting me to play defense and the rest offense," Dan said.  "Maryland and Michigan State want me for defense and the rest want me as an offensive guard except Ohio State who wants me to play center because the like the way I came down on the linebackers on our option plays.

"On on offense, I had 60 pancake blocks and on defense I had 58 tackles, 10 sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 2 recoveries."

Many teams have taken notice of Mazan's impressive play.  He claims to have 30 written offers at this time and name some teams that stand out to him.

"Ohio State (offer), Penn State(offer), Syracuse(offer), Kansas State(offer), UCLA(offer), Oregon, Oklahoma (about to offer), Nebraska, Northwestern, Miami, Michigan State(offer) and Virginia Tech(offer) are some of the main ones.

"I'm going to start narrowing it down when I get all my offers in, hopefully midway through the season.  I know some schools like to hold out until your senior year to offer.  I don't want to rush it at all and make a bad decision."

Mazan's favorite conference is the Big 10.

"I like them because they're solid football.  They like to run the ball.  You're always playing someone good every week in the Big 10.  It's good competition and smash-mouth football.

"At our school, we run the ball 95% of the time.  We only throw the ball about 6 times a game.  I'm trying to stay in the same system."

Dan distinguished 5 teams from the rest as some of his favorites right now.

"In the Big 10, I'm really looking at Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan State and Michigan.  I'm also looking at UCLA a lot.  Even though it's not my type of offense, I went out there for a Lakers game when they played the Kings and I loved California.  It's beautiful out there."

Michigan has not yet offered.  Neither has Nebraska, Dan's favorite team growing up.

"Nebraska is a good football program and I grew up liking them, but I don't know if I would really like going there.  That's a place that I would definitely have to visit before I would go there.  There's not a lot out there and I don't know how they are education-wise."

Distance to a prospective school will not be a major factor in Dan's decision making process.

"I'm looking for real good football, REAL good football, someone that's already established, a good education, good atmosphere, a team atmosphere, somewhere I get along with the coaches and a place where college football is the main show, the number one thing in the area."

So far, he has only visited 3 schools.

"I just visited a few close schools unofficially, Rutgers, Syracuse and Virginia.

Dan currently plans to major in Criminal Justice.

Click the link below to find out which schools Mazan plans to visit this fall and to read his comments regarding Penn State.

Mazan talks about future visits and his thoughts regarding Penn State

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