Mazan Discusses PSU

Dan Mazan discusses which schools he plans to visit this fall. He also talks about Penn State and his level of interest in the Nittany Lions.

"I'm definitely going to go to Penn State for their football game against Nebraska.  It's going to be crazy.

"I'll probably go to a couple of Rutgers games, Rutgers is like 15 minutes away.  I'll probably go to a Virginia Tech game too, because one of my football coaches graduated from there and he loves them.  He said he would drive me down there."

Fran Ganter is recruiting Mazan to play offensive guard for Penn State.  According to Mazan, the Nittany Lions have given him a written scholarship offer.  He has never been to State College.

"A lot of my friends went to their football camp and said it's real nice out there.

"It's a real prestigious football program and academically it's real good.  Every game you'd be playing in front of 100,000 fans and it's just real good football.  The last few years they've had bad years, but I'm pretty sure they're coming back.  Joe Paterno is also a guy you'd want to play for.  It's good football and close to home."

How many linemen is Penn State looking to sign?

"I get the teams confused sometimes, but I think they're going for 5 lineman.  They're mainly trying to get guards."

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