State Stats: '06 Season

You could probably guess that Tony Hunt accounted for nearly 70 percent of Penn State's total rushing offense this season, but did you know that, despite a corp of hotshot receivers, Hunt led the team in touchdown receptions as well? Take an unique look at PSU's 2006 season by the numbers.

Note: When comparing stats to 2005, we do the regular season stats from this year and the entire schedule (regular season and bowl) last year. All told there were 12 games in the entire season in 2005. This year, there was an extra game in the regular season (12 total), so we are in fact comparing numbers from the same amount of games.

The Offensive Side

  • Tony Hunt had the same number of total rushing touchdowns (11) this season as the entire receiving corp had receiving scores.

  • Hunt led all receivers in touchtown catches with three; Deon Butler and Jordan Norwood each had two.

  • Despite the dropoff in production, Deon Butler still had 23 percent of PSU's total receiving yards, down from 27 percent in 2005.

  • Butler made eight more receptions in 2006 than 2005.

  • Over 38 percent of Butler's total 564 yards came in his record-setting performance against Northwestern.

  • Although A.J. Wallace had 26 fewer carries than Derrick Williams, he had only 15 total fewer yards.

  • Penn State scored 22 fewer touchdowns this season than in 2005, a 42-percent dropoff in scoring performance.

  • PSU converted only 38 percent of their its downs, down from 44 percent the previous year.

  • PSU converted only 33 percent of their 18 attempted fourth down conversions, down from 100 percent of the six attempted in 2005.

  • Penn State had a very balanced offense when it came to first downs, with 53 percent of all first downs coming through the air.

  • The Lions scored on only 74 percent of their 47 redzone trips this season. Opponents scored on 81 percent of their 27 redzone trips.

  • The offensive line gave up 23 sacks in 2006, nine more than in 2005.

  • The passing game average three yards less (11.3) per pass than the previous year under Michael Robinson.

    The Defensive Side

  • The Nittany Lion defense gave up only 20 touchdowns this season, four fewer than in 2005.

  • Despite his move to middle linebacker, 60 percent of Paul Posluszny's tackles were made alone, up five percent from the previous year.

  • Posluszny had the same number of sacks (3) as he did in 2005.

  • Posluszny averaged nine tackles per game this season, down only 0.6 from 2005.

  • The defense accounted for 38 sacks this season, three fewer than in 2005.

  • The Lions recovered 10 fumbles, one more than the previous season.

  • The PSU defense allowed an average of only 2.8 yards per carry this year.

  • Starting linebackers Dan Connor, Sean Lee and Posluszny accounted for just shy of 40 percent of the team's total tackles this season.

  • Opponents attempted to rush only 377 times, the fewest attempts against PSU this decade so far.

    The Special Teams Side

  • Wallace had one more kick return than Derrick Williams did as a freshman in 2005 yet had 80 more return yards this season.

  • Kevin Kelly's field goal percentage actually dropped from 2005 to 2006, going from just over to just under 69 percent.

  • Kelly had 17 touchbacks this season, the same number he had in 2005.

  • One out of every three punts Jeremy Kapinos booted ended up inside the 20-yard line.

  • One out of every four Kapinos punt went for 50 yards or more.

  • Kelly saw a 15-percent increase in his touchback performance over his freshman season, raising his percentage of touchbacks on kickoffs from 22 to 37 percent.


  • Penn State's average game attendance increased by 2,708 over the previous year to 107,567.


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