Nittany Notes: Bowl Prep

Although Penn State doesn't know its SEC opponent quite yet, preparations for the Outback Bowl in Tampa are well underway with practices about to kick off. Get an update on the team's schedule as the Lions get ready to "go Outback."

University Park Practices

Penn State is ready to kick off preparations for the Outback Bowl with the team holding their first bowl practices this Friday and Saturday. As one observer explained, "We don't know who we're playing, but the players will work fundamentals and get into drills these first few practices. The passing and running games will get some light work to get back in the swing of things."

Over the course of the next few weeks, prior to their departure for Florida, Penn State will conduct the following practice schedule:

Week of 11/27: Friday, Saturday
(fundamentals, light workouts)

Week of 12/4: Monday, Friday, Saturday
(moderate contact, unit drills e.g. Drill 6, line matchups)

Week of 12/11: Monday, Friday, Saturday
(full contact drills)

Week of 12/18: Monday, Friday, Saturday
(full contact drills)

Finals are Dec. 18 to 21 and commencement is Dec. 22. Also, the layout of the session levels can change due the progress or need the team is showing in practice.

Bowl Travel

With commencement on Dec. 22, the seniors involved will be able to attend the ceremony. All players have the option of arriving in Tampa on the 22nd or 23rd.

Meanwhile, players have a few options related to traveling to Tampa for the game. The can either fly from their respective hometowns or fly from State College with the coaching staff.

Not surprising, most players tend to elect for the former option and go home first to see their families.

The players can also elect to keep the bowl travel financial allotment and drive down to Florida. This is with NCAA rules.

Aside from the initial small charter sent down from State College on the 22nd or 23rd, PSU will also send down a second charter from State College around Christmas with administrators, family members and support staff.

Yet another charter will take the band and cheerleaders to Tampa closer to the date of the bowl.

Looking for a nice break from the cold? Head down to the Outback Bowl with the team and FOS.

Stay tuned to Fight On State for more bowl preparation updates.


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