Nittany Notes: "180" Practice Shift

The Penn State football coaches "caught the players off guard" with a dramatic practice schedule shift that broke from their normal approach in recent years. Get an update on the shift and the reasoning behind the change of approach.

Last week we reviewed the following Penn State Bowl Practice Schedule, prior to their scheduled departure to Tampa, Fl. on December 22 and 23, which was provided to the team.

Week of 11/27: Friday, Saturday (fundamentals, light workouts)

Week of 12/4: Monday, Friday, Saturday (moderate contact, unit drills e.g. Drill 6, line matchups)

Week of 12/11: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday (full contact drills)

Week of 12/18: Monday, Friday, Saturday (full contact drills)

However, after two "light" sessions on Friday and Saturday, Monday took a "180 shift," with the team adding full pads and full contact drills to the lineup. As one observer said, "Monday was hell. Every unit was in full pads and the coaches ran every drill you can think of. The practice was packed with next to no down time."

The practice was described as "intense," "brutal" and "hell."

As another observer said, "The coaches are mixing things up. They want the players on their toes and ready for anything. I think there were guys who anticipated some easy practices and were taking a laid back approach - they wanted to change that."

This is expected to be the approach in the immeidate future, with Friday and Saturday sessions working fundamentals and Monday as an "all out session," however, as one observer said, "the team better be ready for anything."

It is anticipated that Monday will also be the team's first scrimmage of the bowl preparation period.

Stay tuned to FOS for more practice and team reports.


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