Two-Team Battle for McCoy

The Milford Prep prospect has finally resumed talking about recruiting. Who is at the top of his list?'s Bob Lichtenfels caught up with McCoy to get the latest on his situation and his final two teams.

LeSean McCoy was committed to Miami. He was entertaining thoughts of looking at other schools and he did take unofficial visits to Penn State and Pittsburgh. McCoy figured he would be able to take his time and think things out and make a rational decision. Then the Hurricane coach was fired and all hell broke loose

“It was crazy after (Larry) Coker got fired; everyone was calling,” LeSean McCoy said. “They were calling my house to try and talk to my parents. They were calling here at school trying to talk to me. The whole thing is making me just want to get it all done with.”

So much for most of us thinking that we were all set to have a long, dramatic in-state recruiting battle that could last up until signing day for the rights to the Milford Academy running back.

“I'm scheduled to take a visit to Pittsburgh Jan 12,” McCoy said. “Pitt and Penn State are the only teams I am considering right now. But I could decide in the next few weeks, just to get it over with. I may wait and visit Pitt, then decide. I'm going to talk it over with my parents and figure it out.”

McCoy, the nation's No. 2 rated prep school player, visited Penn State recently on back-to-back weekends for games against Temple and Michigan State. Needless to say, the Nittany Lions made a strong impression on “Shady”.

“I loved the atmosphere and the way they treat me there,” McCoy explained. “They were all screaming my name, which was kind of crazy because I haven't been around the area for a while. I know I can play early there because they don't really have many running backs.”

There has never been anyone who has doubted McCoy's abilities on the gridiron. But some are concerned about his ability to qualify and enroll in school. McCoy tells that he is closer than some folks may think.

“I'm doing good, man. I got all A's last term,” McCoy said. “I'm trying to get out of here by January, but I will definitely be out by May.”


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