Nittany Notes: Grayshirt Report

Get an update on two of Penn State's Class of 2006 grayshirt prospects as they prepare to kick off their careers as Nittany Lions. Johnnie Troutman and Eric Latimore are preparing to enroll at PSU in January. Find out how both players are recovering from the injuries that caused them to grayshirt..

Here are updates on Penn State grayshirt prospects from the Class of 2006.

Grayshirting is when a prospect enrolls a semester after the rest of his class to the delay the start of his eligibility clock. Sometimes players do this to mature physically. Other times they do it because of injuries. In the case of these two prospects, injuries were the determining factors.

Johnnie Troutman: Troutman's recovery from an ACL tear sustained during his senior season has gone "well" and "as expected." Although his rehabilitation is not totally complete as of yet, he is expected to be "100 percent" soon, with a focus on spring practice in a few months. He has been working out on campus this season, but has not been allowed to workout with the team due to the fact that he is not yet enrolled as a student.

Troutman is interested in playing defensive tackle once he enrolls at Penn State this January. However, there has reportedly been some discussion from the coaches about him getting a look at both the defensive tackle and offensive tackle positions this spring. Currently he is at about 300 pounds and is shooting to be at the 290-pound mark by spring practice.

Eric Latimore: Latimore has also been working out on campus this semester, but like Troutman, has not been allowed to workout with the team, since he is not yet enrolled at PSU. Latimore sustained disloacations in both of his shoulders during his senior season, which he continued to play with. He had surgery to correct both injuries early this past year and has used this season to tackle his physical therapy rehabilitation, which is now complete.

Currently Latimore is at 268 pounds and is shooting to come into spring practice around 260 pounds or so. He is planning on playing defensive end and is said to be particularly excited to learn the position under the guidance of Larry Johnson.

Lattimore attended most of the home games this season and is said to be anxious to get back into the thick of football this January.


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