FOS Audio: Morelli "Fed Up"

Penn State's junior quarterback says he knows who began the knock that he can't read defenses. At the Nittany Lions' Outback Bowl media day Thursday, he criticized his high school coach for that and more. You can hear what Morelli had to say — in his own words — here.

Penn State quarterback Anthony Morelli figured he'd been biting his tongue long enough. After being rapped for years for not grasping the more cerebral elements of the game, at Penn State Outback Bowl media day Thursday he said he believes his high school coaches were at the root of the criticism.

“I've been dealing with this stuff since high school, that's where it all started. I guess my high school coach didn't agree with some of the things I'd done.”

Morelli played at Penn Hills High in Pittsburgh, where Neil Gordon coached him.

Morelli pulled no punches in talking about Gordon. The interview was with a small group of reporters, after Morelli held a more formal press conference.

“I'm kind of fed up with the negative talk,” Morelli said.

FOS contributor Eric Thomas was there for the Q&A and caught it on his digital recorder.

Listen to Anthony Morelli Here.


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