FOS TV: A.Q. Shipley Centers on OL Topics

In this video interview, Penn State sophomore center A.Q. Shipley knocks around a lot of topics, reviewing the 2006 season, the critcism of the offensive line, bowl preparations and how he sees some of the younger players like Eliades and Logan-El impacting the line next season.

A.Q. Shipley talks about a lot of topics around the offensive line, from critcism of the players and coaches to bowl preparations. He also touches on impact players he sees moving though the ranks like Dennis Landolt, Gerald Cadogan, Lou Eliades and Antonio Logan-El, among others.

In the interview he says the critcism the line received is part of the job, but "you have got to take full responsibility." Shipley mentioned he has not encountered a lot of critcism of the coaches, but is excited for the future of the unit.

FOS TV: A.Q. Shipley


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