Photo Gallery: Kicking Back

Penn State players take a break from Outback Bowl prep to tackle video games in Ybor City.

YBOR CITY, Fla. — Who knew Penn State defensive tackle Phillip Taylor is a tennis buff? Taylor, a 6-foot-4, 344-pounder, showed amazing agility on the court here Friday night, taking on all comers from his Penn State football team and Outback Bowl opponent Tennessee.

It was not on an actual court, however, but a virtual one. Taylor and his teammates, as well as the Volunteers, enjoyed Outback Bowl Team Night at GameWorks in Centro Ybor.

It was an opportunity for both programs to take a break from bowl preperation, and relax while playing video games and chowing down fast food.

“It's good to get a chance to come down here and have some fun and let your hair down,” PSU reserve quarterback Daryll Clark said. “We've been working hard and deserve a break.”

The players from the respective teams also got to know one another in a less than formal atmosphere.

“There's really no animosity here tonight,” Clark said. “We're friends outside of the field. But we know when we get on the field, it's all business.”

Check out some images of the evening at GameWorks:

Chris Bell

Navorro Bowman

Deon Butler

Brent Carter

Daryll Clark & Andrew Quarless

Pat Devlin

Lou Eliades

Maurice Evans & Jared Odrick

Bani Gbadyu

Jerome Hayes

Jordan Norwood

Zac & Brian Norwood

Ollie Ogbu

Andrew Quarless

Andrew Quarless Bowling

Lydell Sargeant and Maurice Evans

Lydell Sargeant and A.J. Wallace

Phillip Taylor and Tennessee's Ben Green


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