Maryland Junior Generating Plenty of Interest

Hyattsville, Md., junior receiver Kenny Tate has enjoyed success on the football field the past two seasons. His performances have earned him a written scholarship offer from Ohio State and interest from several other schools, including Penn State. Find out who has been in contact with the 6-foot-4, 195-pound product of DeMatha High and what his plans are for the coming months.

Hyattsville, Md., junior receiver Kenny Tate is no stranger to success. Coming off of a state championship at Dematha High, he is reeling in the letters.

“I have a written scholarship offer from Ohio State and I have been receiving mail from Ohio State, Florida, Illinois, Rutgers, Syracuse, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech,” Tate said. “Also, Coach Larry Johnson from Penn State was in contact with me during the season, but I haven't received any other mail or anything from them yet. I am still pretty interested in them as well.”

The 6-foot-4, 195-pound Tate has been busy with traveling and football during the season, therefore he was unable to catch much football on television. But he was able to catch a bowl game here and there.

“I got a chance to watch Maryland's bowl game, the BCS Championship Game, the Boise State-Oklahoma game and the LSU-Notre Dame game,” Tate said. “I was more watching them from a coaching perspective, how all the teams ran plays and set up their offense.”

Tate has not named any favorites. In fact he claims that he is interested in everyone. “I have no order or favorites right now, I am pretty interested in any school that is interested in me,” Tate said.

Tate does not have many prerequisites for his future college, not even location.

“Distance is not really a factor for me,” Tate said. “I know that wherever I go to college I will have the support of my family.”

Tate also commented on the offensive systems he may be most interested in.

“I play receiver so I obviously would like a passing offense, but I understand that to be successful you have to have a good balance of passing and rushing,” Tate said. “It is more about winning games than putting up statistics.”

Tate has a lot more on his plate this off-season as is again playing basketball at DeMatha. He will also be picking up a new sport in March.

“I am going to be running track for the first time this year,” Tate said. “My mom has been wanting me to do that for a while but track always clashed with basketball. Now I can play basketball through March and pick up track right after that. It really comes down to me wanting to work on increasing my speed and the track coach has agreed to help me do that.”

Track and basketball will both be a part of his high school life but Tate claims both coaches know where his future lies.

“I have spoken to both the track and basketball coaches and they understand that football comes first for me,” Tate said. “If there are some visits that I want to make or some combines that I would like to attend, I don't think there will be any problems with me attending them.”

Tate says that he has been talking with his family about taking some visits in March and April if the schedule permits but he has not decided which schools he plans to visit.

Look for more from Tate in the future as he figures to be one of the top wide receiver prospects in the East next year.


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