Alexander Talks Recruiting

Altoona, Pa., junior wide receiver/running back A.J. Alexander is a name that can be found on many college coaches' wish lists for the 2008 class. The 5-foot-10, 185-pound product of Altoona Area High talks with us about his current list of offers and what some schools are telling him right now.

Altoona, Pa., junior wide receiver/running back A.J. Alexander stood out on the field as a sophomore. His junior year, the 5-foot-10, 185-pounder was every bit as electrifying. Alexander plays quarterback and kick-returner for Altoona Area High, though many think he translates to a running back or a slot receiver in college due to his size.

Thus far, Alexander claims five written scholarship offers.

“I have written offers from Louisville, Temple, Penn State, Maryland, and Pittsburgh,” Alexander said. “I am also hearing a lot of interest from several other schools. Florida has told me that I am on top of their list for 2008. Virginia Tech coaches are coming to my school on Monday. I get a lot of letters from Clemson and Penn State, sometimes four or five in a day. Also, I get a good bit of mail from Florida State and UConn.”

Despite all of the early interest, Alexander does not claim any favorite schools thus far.

“I have no favorites right now,” Alexander said. “I am just going to wait and see what schools get involved with me. I am looking to go visit some schools that I haven't seen in the spring. I know I will be visiting Florida sometime this spring.”

Alexander talked about a few factors that he will be looking at in choosing his future college.

“I want to play early, I know that,” Alexander said. “Distance from home isn't really a big factor either; I just want a school that is a good fit for me.”

Alexander has talked to several schools about what position they are recruiting him to play. Alexander is small in stature but his 4.31 40-yard dash speed make him a possibility at either wide receiver or running back.

“Most schools are looking at me as a running back, actually,” Alexander said. “They say if that doesn't work out they think I can play at a slot wide receiver spot as well. West Virginia said they want me as a quarterback, I assume because of Pat White, but I don't know about that. My preference would be to play running back but we will see how things go.”

Alexander also took some time to address some rumors that were going around.

“I hear a lot of people saying that I am a lock to go to Penn State because it is right up the road,” Alexander said. “They are a school that I am interested in, and I have been to some games, but I am considering several schools so I am not a lock to go anywhere.”

In addition, Alexander had been hearing rumors that his dad was really pushing him toward Pittsburgh.

“I am not sure where that came from,” Alexander said. “My dad is actually really pushing me to Maryland since he went to school there. The only thing about Pittsburgh was that my dad likes the city a lot and he was thinking about moving my family there. We talked about it though, and I didn't want to leave my high school, so that is no longer a consideration.”

Alexander impressed on the football field during his junior season with 400 yards passing and 1,000 yards rushing. Alexander also recorded 20 touchdowns, four by way of kickoff returns.

Look for more on Alexander in the coming months, as he figures to be one of the top prospects in the East for next year.


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