Colasanti Talks PSU Visit

Bloomfield, Mich., linebacker Chris Colasanti made his verbal commitment to Penn State back in May. He was finally able to make his official visit this past weekend to get the grand tour with a few of his soon-to-be teammates. Find out what the 6-foot-2, 235-pounder had to say about his visit, his commitment to Penn State and what it means to be headed to Linebacker U.

Bloomfield, Mich., linebacker Chris Colasanti spent the past weekend at Penn State catching a glimpse of what the next four or five years will be like. The 6-foot-2, 235-pound product of Brother Rice High has had his commitment out of the way since May, so Colasanti was able to ease his mind and just hang out with his future family.

“My visit to Penn State went really well, it was really fun,” Colasanti said. “I got a chance to see the rest of the guys who committed for this class like Nate Stupar, Chaz Powell, Josh Marks, Nick Sukay and Jon Ditto. Ditto and Sukay are already in class up at Penn State, but they hung out with us as well. I also saw a few of the uncommitted guys, Broderick Green and Desmond Roberts. I introduced myself to them, but we really didn't get a chance to talk too much.”

Colasanti went on to paint a vivid picture of his weekend at Penn State.

“I got in on Friday and we went to the training table and had a meal similar to a pre-game meal at Penn State,” Colasanti said. “The food was amazing. After that myself and Nate Stupar went with our hosts (Sean Lee for Stupar and Anthony Scirrotto for Colasanti) back to their apartment and were hanging out with them for the night.

“Saturday morning began with breakfast and a trip to the football building to meet the head trainer and physical therapist as well as Dr. [Wayne] Sebastianelli,” Colasanti said. “After that we went to talk academics with some administration and took a tour of the school. We then went and sat down with Coach [Ron] Vanderlinden to watch film. He had myself, Nate Stupar and Andrew Dailey in there watching film with him.

“Later that night, we went to Beaver Stadium and had dinner with our families, the coaches and the other recruits. Coach Paterno was there for dinner as well and all the parents went back to hang out at his house that night.”

“That was pretty much it for my visit. We ate breakfast and just sort of hung out for a while until we had to catch our flight.”

Colasanti then reflected on his commitment to Penn State and what it means to play linebacker at Linebacker U.

“I definitely want to be at Penn State,” Colasanti said. “It really is an honor to play linebacker at Linebacker U., and guys like Sean Lee, Dan Connor and Paul Posluszny are like my idols. I am really happy that Dan (Connor) came back He is a great player and I know I will learn a lot from him in talking to him, watching him play and all that for a year. The same goes for Sean Lee. Sean is a great football player and a great guy and I look forward to spending two years at Penn State with him as well.”

Colasanti also talked a bit about what may have been the biggest reason that he picked Penn State.

“Coach Vanderlinden is a lot of the reason that I chose Penn State,” Colasanti said. “It is a great honor to play for him. He really stresses technique, fundamentals and lateral speed; and he teaches it very well. He told me that he really wants lateral speed to be a major focus with all the linebackers to move just as fast going sideways as you do going forward. He told me that he wants me to come in and play at 220 or 225 pounds to keep that speed up.”

Colasanti is taking the words from Vanderlinden seriously and he can't wait to get started on his workout program.

“I think I will be starting my workout program for Penn State around Feb 7 or 8 because I can't start until after signing day,” Colasanti said.

Being from Michigan, Colasanti hasn't had an opportunity to do much recruiting to try to get guys to come with him to Penn State, but that doesn't mean he doesn't talk to some prospects.

“I talk to Ryan Breen a lot, who is already committed to Penn State, and he is from Michigan,” Colasanti said. “I also played along side a junior linebacker at Brother Rice this year that really wants to play at Penn State as well, Paul Gyarmati, so we will see on him next year.”

Colasanti is unsure of whether he will enroll at Penn State for the first or second summer semester this year. But he can be found at one place this fall: Happy Valley.


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