NFL Scouts Focus on Hunt

It probably comes to no surprise for Penn State fans that Tony Hunt has made an impression on NFL scouts during the early goings of Senior Bowl practice this week in Mobile, Alabama. With a variety of NFL teams taking a hard look at the standout back, Hunt is taking full advantage of the opportunity to make an impression and raise his draft stock.

Tony Hunt has had a "terrific set of practices" in the early sessions for the Senior Bowl in Mobile this week. Hunt's Senior Bowl weigh-in measurements were 6-foot-1 and an eye-popping 239 pounds, two pounds heavier than his All-American linebacker teammate Paul Posluszny. Scout observers described him as "solid and and bigger than expected."

With a such a large amount of weight to carry out the backfield, observers were intially concerned with his ability to control his size, effectively get through traffic and consistently avoid tacklers. However, Hunt quickly put those concerns to rest with his practice runs during the past two days.

According to practice observers he has used his "size effectively in short-yardage work and showed to have good hands in drills where he was asked to catch the football." He has also done a solid job of "running with power" and has often "punished would be tacklers." Overall, the consensus has been positive around his abilities, approach and attitude.

In fact, today, one NFL scout commented on Hunt's performance, saying, "He made some money these two days."

Here is Hunt's practice assessment from Tuesday's afternoon practice:

"Hunt had a solid day today looking good in many aspects of the game, especially running between the tackles. Has great vision inside the line, finds the hole and powers his way through the congestion. Does not have a high-end gear, which hurts him trying to get around the corner and once he gets into the second level, and runs upright when tired. Decent hands out of the backfield, and got better at blocking in the team drills after a poor performance in one-on-one blitzing with the linebackers."

Through two days of Senior Bowl practice Hunt is already getting focused attention from a wide array of programs, including the Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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