RB Green Clears the Air

Pulaski Academy running back Broderick Green has been the topic of a lot of controversy surrounding his Signing Day decision to attend USC. We caught up with Green to find out just how close things were between Penn State and USC, and attempted to quash a few rampant rumors that have been circulating.

Pulaski Academy running back Broderick Green committed to USC several months ago. As Signing Day grew near, however, he began to take a look around at Ohio State and Penn State. Rumors started days before Signing Day that Green would switch his commitment to Penn State.

But when the day arrived, Green surprised some by sticking with his verbal commitment to USC.

"I liked things about both Penn State and USC," Green said. "In the end I chose USC to stick with my original commitment.

"It was very, VERY close; I almost went to Penn State," Green said. "Lots of people were unhappy with my decision, but I chose what was best for me.

"At first, my family didn't care. But then they started to really feel Penn State. I started to feel that way too. But in the end I just did what I wanted to do."

Green also commented on rumors about him possibly trying to back out of the USC commitment after he signed his LOI.

"I was confused throughout," Green said. "I really had to think about things the whole way, but I chose USC and it's over."

Green went on to talk about his future at USC: “I will definitely not be redshirting this year. They told me that they want me to fill the role of LenDale White. I don't really want to hear that, I want to be better than LenDale White.”

Finally, Green wanted to pass on a message:

"I want you to do me a favor and tell everyone that the recruiting process is over and I am going to USC. I have been hearing all kinds of rumors and people are even bringing my coach into things, but it's over."


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