Nittany Notes: Line Shifts

Sure it's only early March, but with spring practice three weeks away, the staff is in the process of trying to assemble a working two-deep heading into spring drills. Get an update on where the unit looks to be currently.

With the departure of Levi Brown, Robert Price, Chris Auletta and Antonio Logan-El (at least on a temporary basis), the offensive line has some significant holes to fill on the two-deep chart heading into spring practice, which kicks off the weekend of March 23.

Despite some depth concerns the general term used to describe the overall makeup of the unit has been "athletic" this winter. In order to have a "penciled in depth chart" for the late March drill kickoff, the coaches have been making some shifts around the line.

Currently there are several prospects who "have the frame to play inside (guard), but the agility and foot-speed to move outside (to tackle)," according to one observer. FOS has reviewed several of the linemen in this situation in past reports - Dennis Landolt and Lou Eliades in particular. Although it seems that newcomer Ako Poti is in a similar position.

The following two-deep looks to be the penciled in set heading into spring practice, barring any major issues that may arise:

LT: Gerald Cadogan/Dennis Landolt
LG: Lou Eliades, Ako Poti
C: A.Q. Shipley, Patrick Weber
RG: Rich Ohrnberger, Austin Hinton
RT: John Shaw, Ako Poti

Here are some:

  • Poti has looked good in winter sessions. Described as "massive" he has shown foot fundamentals. He has seen guard and tackle work in limited drills, so where he ends up exactly remains to be seen, which is why he is listed twice in the preceeding depth chart.

  • The fact that Poti is listed as backing up two spots currently illustrates the depth concerns the staff currently has. The staff is hoping Nerraw McCormack and J.B. Walton are ready to help "pick up some slack" when they arrive on campus later this off-season.

  • Gerald Cadogan has seen limited time at guard and tackle. However, with Eliades and Ohrnberger "emerging inside" cadogan is likely to shift out to left tackle this spring to see if he has the ability to handle the "critical position." Some have said they feel Cadogan's wingspan is better suited in the open space at tackle rather than inside.

  • Dennis Landolt has looked good in limited drills and is veying for the left tackle spot vacated by Levi Brown as well. Considered more athletic and aggressive than Cadogan, Landolt is working on coming out of his stance "more smoothly" and relying on his technique instead of his power alone. "He is realizing that playing the line is much different than wrestling - you can win with pure power in wrestling sometimes, but on the line you need endurance - you have to use your stance and play opponents smart."


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