FOS Recruiting Survey (Pt. 1)

For the past seven years, Front Range, a mainstay of PSU's online community, has conducted the Annual Recruiting Survey, which breaks down the origins of football talent across the nation, providing a state-by-state comparison of the top producers of D1A football talent. See which states lead the charge when it comes to producing D1A football talent, including Pennsylvania.

Welcome to part one of the 2007 Recruiting Survey. The more things change, the more they stay the same - with recruiting, anyway.

In the seventh official edition of Front Range's annual recruiting survey, the Lone Star State once again walked away with the top honor for the most D1A scholarship players produced.

The top three leading states were staked up the same as last year, with Texas leading the nation with 338 players receiving D1A scholarships, California coming in second with 305 and Florida a distant third with 246. An interesting sidenote is that the numbers for all three of these leading states is down from last year – Texas is down 17 from 355, California is down 11 from 316 and Florida is down a whopping 44 from last year's total of 290.

For Penn State fans, and other fans of Pennsylvania football, an interesting development with the Class of 2007 is the big increase of recruits from the Keystone State. This year 91 young athletes signed letters-of-intent with big-time programs, up 28% from last year's 71.

A review of the survey's methodology is appropriate to review. The service academies are not included because their recruits are not officially announced since they rely on official appointments and are not scholarship athletes in the same sense as with the other programs.

Also, the Sun Belt Conference signees again are not included. Since the purpose of this survey is to identify the high schools from which the recruits originate, I have identified the high schools from which prep school kids originate from. For example, Hargrave Military Academy kids are not included in the Virginia totals, rather these recruits included in the state where their original high school resides. Likewise, I have checked all the junior college players to assign them to their high school. For the first time, I was able to identify the high school origin of every single recruit.

Here's the full state ranking for 2007:

1. Texas 338
2. California 305
3. Florida 246
4. Ohio 127
5. Georgia 122
6. Pennsylvania 91
North Carolina 91
8. New Jersey 69
9. Alabama 68
10.Illinois 67
Michigan 67
12. Virginia 59
13. Mississippi 49
14. Louisiana 48
15. Tennessee 46
16. South Carolina 45
17. Colorado 35
18. Oklahoma 32
19. Arizona 29
20. Arkansas 27
Kansas 27
22. Maryland 26
Missouri 26
24. Washington 24
25. Hawaii 23
Utah 23
New York 23
28. Indiana 22
29. Kentucky 15
Wisconsin 15
Minnesota 15
32. Nevada 14
33. Oregon 13
34. Massachusetts 11
Idaho 11
36. Nebraska 10
Connecticut 10
38. Iowa 9
39. New Mexico 8
Distric of Columbia 8
41. West Virginia 5
42. Delaware 3
43. Montana 2
New Hampshire 2
45. Wyoming 1
Alaska 1
47. Maine 0
Vermont 0
Rhode Island 0
North Dakota 0
South Dakota 0

Stay tuned to Fight On State for a further breakdown of Pennsylvania as well as review of the lead recruiting states over the past seven years.


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