FOS Recruiting Survey (Pt. 3)

For the past seven years, Front Range, a mainstay of PSU's online community, has conducted the Annual Recruiting Survey, which breaks down the origins of football talent across the nation. In Part 1 he provides a state-by-state comparison of the top producers of D1A football talent. In Part 2 the seven year trends were reviewed. In this part he takes a closer look at the Pa.'s talent breakdown.

Initially the first part of our annual survey reviewed the national Class of 2007 talent, identifying the top states that produced Division IA talent this past year.

Now, we take a closer look at how Penn State's home turf of Pennsylvania breaks down by district, reviewing the Class of 2006 distributions for the Keystone State.

First, here is a map of how the PIAA districts are split:

As always, the vast majority come from the WPIAL – District 7, but here are how all the Keystone State districts stack up:

District 1: 14
District 2: 0
District 3: 9
District 4: 4
District 5: 0
District 6: 2
District 7 (WPIAL): 42
District 8: 3
District 9: 0
District 10: 7
District 11: 8
District 12 (Philadelphia): 2

This year the western portion of Pennsylvania overtook the eastern portion unlike last year, with 54 recruits from western Pa. compared to 37 in eastern Pa. Region 7 (WPIAL) had more recruits (42) than all of the eastern half of the state combined (37).

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