Focus 2005: Dave McClain

Offensive lineman <b>Dave McClain</b> of Central Bucks, PA, a 6-foot-5, 325-pounder, is already attracting national interest from schools like Penn State, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Ohio State, Syracuse and others. In which schools is he interested?

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Offensive lineman Dave McClain prides himself on run blocking.

In fact, he was taught early on the skills needed to be an effective blocker.

"I've been brought up to be that powerhouse lineman, the guy who is always driving somebody into the ground," McClain told TheTerritory Saturday.

"In fact, when I first started playing tackle football in the fifth grade, my coach was a real physical guy who constantly taught us to drive people to the ground because that's how offensive lineman get noticed (laughing)."

Well, McClain, a 6-foot-5, 325-pounder with quick feet and hands, is certainly attracting attention. Schools like Penn State, Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Virginia, and West Virginia are among the 40 or so schools that have already contacted the junior.

McClain would love to add Florida State to the mix, pointing to coach Bobby Bowden and former Seminole offensive linemen in the pros like Brett Williams, Walter Jones and specifically Tre Thomas, now with the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I've been following Tre ever since I heard about his size. I really have enjoyed watching him with the Eagles," said McClain, a junior from Doylestown, Penn., who attends Central Bucks High School East. Doylestown is near Philadelphia.

"And living up here, you always are hearing about coach Bowden and Coach Paterno and who is the better coach. Plus, I am well aware of coach Bowden's success and the 10-win seasons. It's not like he accomplished that feat with one magical team. It was 10 consecutive years with 10 years of different players. I would love to play for a man like coach Bowden. It's amazing what he has accomplished."

Although McClain has never been to Tallahassee, his family vacations in Florida each year and his older brother attended the University of Tampa, where he was a member of the Spartans' crew team.

McClain, who camped at Penn State last summer and also has visited Virginia and West Virginia during junior days last fall, would like to attend the Seminoles' camp if it can be worked out.

"If we are down in Florida for vacation, I might as well try to get there if possible," McClain said.

McClain, at the moment, is working very hard to improve his skills under the watchful eye of Vaughn Hebron, a former NFL player with the Eagles and Broncos. McClain has been concentrating on quickness and agility.

He has been clocked in the 40 at 5.3, benches 325 pounds and squats 500. He's a solid student (3.2 grade-point average) who shouldn't have any trouble qualifying academically. McClain hopes to major in broadcast communications.

McClain also played basketball and throws the shot and discus on the school's track team. McClain is extremely well-spoken and yes-sir, no-sir polite with a good sense of humor.

"I know it's a crime to list both Penn State and Pittsburgh at the same time as favorites but I have to do it for now," McClain said and laughed.

McClain also will attend a new high school his senior year -- students from Central Bucks East are being rolled into Central Bucks South. McClain's offensive coordinator at East was recently named the head football coach at the new school.

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