Maryland Verbal Will Take Visits

Although he has already made a verbal commitment to Maryland, he still plans to take visits to some other schools. Is a trip to Happy Valley part of his plans?

Name: Andrew Weatherly
Position: WR
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4
Bench Press: 5 reps of 225 pounds
School: Sussex Central HS, Georgetown, DE

Andrew Weatherly, who goes by "Drew", played wide-receiver, free safety and some running back for Sussex Central High last year.  He is primarily being recruited to play wide-receiver.

"He's electric," his head coach, John Wells said.  "He's a pretty special kid.  Any time he touches the ball, he's able to go coast to coast.  He's a threat any time."

Weatherly had roughly 25 catches last season resulting in about 580 yards and 7 or 8 touchdowns.

"He's had quite a few offers.  Everywhere I've sent tape out besides Florida State has offered, and they (FSU) wanted him in camp, but he couldn't get to their camp.

"He has probably more than 20 offers.  He's got them from Penn State, Oregon, Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Pittsburgh, Iowa, West Virginia, you name it and they've pretty much offered him."

Does he have any favorites?

"He's certainly looking at Maryland as one of the top 1 or 2, probably number 1 because of locale.  They've done well the past year and they've been very honest and open with us.  A little factor in that could be that Drew's family is from this area and Maryland is only 1 1/2, 2 hours away, so that's certainly an issue with them.

"It's a big decision for him and right now, I'd say Maryland is his top choice for a couple of reasons: locale, the receiver's coach and the recruiting coach have done a good job in recruiting him, the success that Maryland has last year and Friedgen as the head coach.  There are a lot of plusses to Maryland that we've looked at, but you can't not look at a Penn State or Oregon.  You have to be open-minded too."

Apparently, Drew made a verbal commitment to Maryland this past Spring.

"Verbally, he's committed to Maryland.

"He's still going to go through the process.  He's still going to go to some games and he'll still probably take an official visit or two outside of Maryland.

"It's his future.  We feel pretty strong about Maryland, we're happy with Maryland.  Education-wise, Maryland is a tremendous academic institution and he can come out of there with a degree from Maryland and the rest of his life is in his hands.

"But, we're going to visit and see what else is out there.  We've been impressed with Oregon and quite a few other places."

Weatherly has only visited Maryland so far.  That was for a junior day in the Spring.

Penn State may be one of the schools he will visit.

"He was supposed to go up [to PSU] this summer, but he was playing spring basketball and had a little hairline fracture in one of the bones in his foot.  They had to put him in a walking cast and he ended up not going, but we may go up for a game.

"We're going to try to get out to 2 or 3 places this fall, but we're not sure yet.  We're definitely going to try and see Maryland and Florida State (9/14).  We're going to try to go to Penn State and see a game.  We're going to try and get out a little bit."

Has Penn State expressed a lot of interest in Drew?

"Oh yeah, they've offered.  They sent out 2 coaches.  The recruiting coach and the receiver's coach came out to talk to him, so yes, they want him.

"Oregon pretty much came out here to the Mid-Atlantic region to see one kid and they said it was him."

Drew confirmed the verbal commitment to Maryland.

"I made a verbal commitment, yes," Drew said.

"I'm still going to take visits, but right now it's pretty strong.  It's close to home and I'm not blessed with a lot of money and my family would like to be a part of whatever I do.

"I want to try and fly out west to see what it's like.  I also want to see a lot of the schools on the eastern shore like Boston College, Virginia Tech, Virginia, schools like that.

"I'm going to try to make some games.  I haven't decided which ones yet."

Weatherly definitely plans to attend college close to home.

Is a visit to Penn State a possibility?

"Penn State is another one, yes."

Is there a chance he could change his mind?

"There's always a chance, yes."

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