Walker Jr. Day Update

Christchurch, Va., wide receiver Deion Walker spent Saturday at Penn State's Junior Day. Find out how his visit went and where the Nittany Lions stand in the running to land one of the top receivers in the East.

Christchurch, Va., wide receiver Deion Walker took a visit to Happy Valley over the weekend for Penn State's Junior Day and to watch the Nittany Lions in spring practice.

The 6-foot-4, 185-pound product of Christchurch High was at Penn State for two days, making the trip to University Park with his dad.

“I came up Friday night and just drove around campus,” Walker said. “The atmosphere was crazy with all the students walking around downtown and everything.”

Saturday, Walker was joined by all the other recruits in for Junior Day.

“We went on a tour of the campus, which was cool,” Walker said. “Everything on campus is within walking distance so that is what everybody does. After that we went and watched practice for a few hours. Practice was intense and even a few fights broke out.”

Walker also got to spend time with a few other Penn State receiver prospects on his visit.

“I hung out and talked with A.J. Alexander and DeJuan Miller,” Walker said. “They were both pretty cool guys. A.J. lives only about 30 minutes from State College so he has seen the school a lot. DeJuan was tall, man. I am 6-foot-4, but he was big.”

Walker didn't get a lot of chances to talk to the current receivers, but some players were available to answer questions.

“They had a panel of current players that were taking questions from some of the recruits and the parents,” Walker said. “Most of the questions were more about academics and life outside of football.”

Walker also had a chance to talk with legendary coach Joe Paterno.

“It was really cool talking to Coach Paterno,” Walker said. “He told me how much they wanted me to come to Penn State and all that. He didn't say that I would or would not play right away. He told me that it was up to me on how hard I work to see if I can play right away.”

The trip also went over well with Walker's father.

“My dad really liked Penn State,” Walker said. “My mom didn't come up with us, but he told me that we have to get my mom up here because she is going to love it.”

Walker will be traveling plenty the rest of this spring with several locations on his to-see list.

“I may go to the Tennessee Junior Day coming up,” Walker said. “I may go out West instead, though, because USC just offered so I would like to go see them.”

Walker's most recent offers are from USC, Pittsburgh, Ole Miss and West Virginia.

“I have friends that go to Ole Miss so I want to see what that is like,” Walker said. “I have to check out USC too just because of who they are. I'm also interested in West Virginia because they are pretty good too, but I am concerned about how little they throw the ball.”

Walker also plans a visit down South to see Auburn, Clemson and Alabama.

“I was going to go see those three schools earlier this spring,” Walker said. “Unfortunately, my grandmother was in a bad car accident in South Carolina and we had to cancel the visits so I want to make that up.”

Look for more on Walker as he figures to narrow down his schools sometime near the summer.


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