Coaches Clinic Practice

The Penn State Coaches Clinic is in full swing this weekend on Friday and Saturday. Get an update on news and notes around Friday's practice session from inside the clinic.

This morning Coaches Clinic attendees took in clinic sessions featuring a variety of Penn State coaches, like Tom Bradley, Larry Johnson and Bill Kenney, among others.

This afternoon the Coaches Clinic attendees are being treated to a practice session with the Nittany Lion squad. Here are some notes around the practice from observers.

Defensive Notes

  • First Team defensive unit is:

    DE: Maurice Evans
    DT: Abe Korma
    DT: Phillip Taylor
    DE: Aaron Maybin
    LB: Sean Lee
    MLB: Dontey Brown
    LB: Navorro Bowman
    CB: Lydell Sargeant
    S: Tony Davis
    S: Jason Ganter
    CB: Justin King

  • Maybin at defensive end is described as "quick." He looks to be about 235 to 240 pounds. Maybin is quick, but Cadogan has caught him a few times and kept him off the QB dummy with his size.

  • The initial impressions of Koroma and Taylor at defensive tackle is positive. Both seem to be dominating early on. The DTs are "just awesome looking." As one observer said, "to have a d-line like this who are just sophomores and freshman is scary." The DTs are "whipping" the OL early on.

    Offensive Notes

  • Brackett's 6-foot-6 frame is "massive." As one observer said, it seems to be an "unfair advantage in the passing game." Brackett is still "raw" and needs to play faster, but he has good straight ahead speed.

  • As one observer said, this is the "most impressive" group of receivers he have seen in the last 15 years. They look big, they look fast.

  • McQueary is tossing balls to the wideouts and everyone is catching his "bullets - he can still throw."

  • As for other receivers, Derrick Williams is being described as "fit" and "put together." Observers indicate Deon Butler looks bigger and Jordan Norwood is "sleek" with his build.

  • With the offensive line, the initial impression is that they are all good physical condition and althletic. Cadagon, Eliades, Troutman and Shipley are all big, "athletic" and "impressive in stature."

  • Austin Scott looks very quick during the power running drill. Another observer said he has a "strong stride and sharp cuts." Austin Scott "who found his speed" ripped of a big run to get things started in the practice.

  • The defensive line is stronger than the offensive line during the pass rush drills.

  • Chris Bell's size and stature was compared to an "NFL receiver" by one observer.

  • The first team offensive line has been:

    LT: Gerald Cadogan
    LG: Lou Elidas
    C: A.Q. Shipley
    RG: John Shaw
    RT: Dennis Landolt

    The OL is doing well on power running plays in 9 vs. 9 sets. There is give an tale between the offense and defense. Offenses wins some, defense wins others.

    Stay tuned to Fight On State for more Coaches Clinic updates.


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