Six Nittany Lions Charged

State College police chief Tom King and Centre County district attorney Michael Madeira on Friday announced that arrest warrants had been issued for six Penn State football players due to their alleged involvement in an April 1 fight at a downtown apartment. Check out the complete audio file of the press conference here.

Hear The Press Conference Here.

The players and the charges against them are as follows:

Anthony Scirrotto
Burglary (felony), Criminal Trespass (felony), Criminal Solicitation, Simple Assault, Harrasment

Chris Baker
Burglary (felony), Criminal Trespass (felony), Criminal Mischief, Simple Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Harrasment

Justin King
Jerome Hayes
Lydell Sargeant
Tyrell Sales
Criminal Trespass (felony), Disorderly Conduct, Harrasment

King said the players were arraigned on the charges Friday morning. A preliminary hearing for all of the players is set for May. 4.

The alleged incident occurred in an apartment at the Meridian II building at 646 East College Avenue in the early morning hours April 1. Police believe it stemmed from a scuffle that occurred on a street about a block away from Meridian II earlier that night.

Police said that original scuffle involved Scirrotto. Two non-players -- Bernd Imle and Thomas Skalamera -- were charged with harrasment and criminal mischief, respectively, in connection with the scuffle.

King and Scirrotto are both returning starters in the secondary for the Nittany Lions. The others are all reserves.

Madeira said the most serious of the charges is felony burglary. Suspects found guilt of the charge usually face 12 to 24 months in prison.

Suspects convicted of the other non-summary charges mentioned above typically receive probation.

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