Levi Brown Press Conference

See what the former Nittany Lion had to say in his first PC as an Arizona Cardinal. This transcript is from a teleconference with Cardinal beat writers.

On whether he was surprised:

(LB): “I was actually very surprised considering I didn’t have any contact with the Cardinals the whole process. They worked me out at my pro day, but that was it. I didn’t know what to expect.”

On where he is:

(LB): “I’m home in Virginia.”

On how he felt being compared to Joe Thomas:

(LB): “I’m not worried about things likes that. I’m just worried about what happens once I get there. The Cardinals selected me and now it’s my turn to go out there and repay the debt.”

On the Cardinals skill players:

(LB): “I know they’re very great players. When I get there, I’m not going to be star struck or anything like that, because that’s not what I’m there for. I’m there to get a job done, that’s what they expect from me and that’s what I’m coming to do.”

On what he knows about the Cardinals offensive line:

(LB): “Not that much actually.”

On what he’s been told about starting immediately:

(LB): “I haven’t really talked to anybody yet, so I guess I’ll find that out when I get there. I’m supposed to be coming out today.”

On how familiar he is with Offensive Line Coach Russ Grimm:

(LB): “A little bit. I do know he’s a tough guy. He worked me out at my pro day and really tried to kick my butt. I’m ready for him to be my coach, we’ll go out there and we’ll get some things done. I’m sure he’ll make me a better player.”

On the physical style of play Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt wants:

(LB): “That’s what I like. I’m not the type of guy who likes to sit back and let the defensive lineman come and hit me; I want to go hit him.”

On the criticism of his pass blocking being not as good as his run blocking:

(LB): “That’s cool; I mean everybody has something to work on. If that’s what I’ve got to work on, then that’s what I’ve got to work on. It’s not a big deal.”

On how Russ Grimm tried to kick his butt:

(LB): “In the drills, he made sure I didn’t have any energy before we went to then next one.”

On the reaction from his family when he was drafted:

(LB): “I didn’t even get to hear my name called because they started screaming when they mentioned I might get selected.”

On when he spoke with Head Coach Whisenhunt before he was drafted:

(LB): “I talked to a lot of different people. They were just saying that they might select me and wanted to know how I felt about it. They were telling me what would happen if I was selected, that type of thing.”

On whether he thought he would be a top five selection:

(LB): “I knew I was going to get drafted, I just didn’t know where.”

On whether it could’ve turned out any better:

(LB): “No, I think this is a great opportunity for me.”

On whether he’s ever been to Arizona:

(LB): “No, actually this will be my first time. And I’ll be there for awhile it seems.”

On the weather in Arizona:

(LB): “I have no clue what to wear out there.”

On Matt Leinart text messaging Head Coach Whisenhunt after the pick to thank him:

(LB): “He actually called me a little while ago – but I missed his call though, I don’t know how. I definitely have to call him back.”

On his father being a former Marine and how it affected his work ethic:

(LB): “You think Russ (Grimm) is tough; you never met anybody tougher than my dad. Whatever he says goes, your word is your bond, just go out there and if you want to set a goal for yourself, you’ve got to go out there and reach it.”


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