Big 33 Photo Gallery

The Pennsylvania team gathered for the first time Sunday, practicing at Holuba Hall on the Penn State campus. was the only media outlet on hand for the event. Check out our exclusive photos.

Please note that we are still working in IDing all of these images. Thank you.

Current Penn Staters Jon Ditto and Nick Sukay with
Toney Clemons (Michigan).

Derek Moye (Penn State).

Penn State guys hanging with Clemons.

Drew Astorino (Penn State).

Max Suter (Syracuse) and Nathan Stupar (Penn State).

Nathan Stupar vs. Devan Johnson (Colorado).

Wayne Jones (Pitt).

Coach Tom Loughran with QBs Chris Whitney (Villanova)
and Dan Persa (Northwestern).

Chris Whitney.

Henry Hynoski (Pitt).

Henry Hynoski cuts up the middle.

Dane Conwell (Indiana)

Lamont Smith (Colorado).

John Fieger (Pitt).

Larry Gooden (Navy) and Chris Drager (Virginia Tech).

Myles Caragein (Pitt).

John Fieger (Pitt).

Corey Medina (undecided)

Brad Hallick (Stanford) and Gary Bardzak (UConn).

A group of skill players.

Rontez Miles (Kent State).

Gino Gradkowski (West Virginia) and Wayne Jones.

Chris Jacobson (Pitt).

Tim Cortazzo (Toledo).


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