Walker Planning PSU Visit

Christchurch, Va., receiver Deion Walker can't throw a dart at a map without hitting a school that has offered him at this point in his recruitment. The 6-foot-3, 185-pound product of Christchurch High played host to several college coaches Tuesday.

“Coach Mike McQueary from Penn State, Coach Todd McNair from USC, Coach Dave Sollazzo from Maryland and Coach Dana Bible from N.C. State were up at my school today,” Walker said. “I couldn't talk to them other than to say hello due to NCAA regulations, but they could talk to my coach. I haven't talked to my coach about it yet, but I am sure they talked about when I could visit.”

Speaking of visits, Walker wanted to make a visit this upcoming weekend to the Nike Camp at Penn State, but he has a track commitment.

“I really wanted to go to Penn State this weekend, but I can't because of track,” Walker said. “I will try to get up there in the coming weeks, though. I am sure Coach McQueary talked to my coach about that today.”

Walker does not have any plans to make a commitment any time soon. However, he hopes to narrow things down shortly.

“I would like to name my top schools in about a month,” Walker said. “I really don't know when I am going to make a decision after that. I just have to see how my visits go.”

Walker does have a friend in the recruiting process that he speaks to pretty regularly.

“I talk to quarterback E.J. Manuel pretty much every day,” Walker said. “We talk a lot about going to the same school and playing together. I know we both have offers from Florida State, Penn State, LSU, Colorado, Maryland and probably a few others. We talk about getting together to go on visits when the time comes for that.”

Walker remains wide open at this point as he continues to reel in offers from schools around the country.

“Every time I want to sit down and narrow my list of schools, I get another offer or two and I have to look at everything again,” Walker said. “I decided to just wait until the offers start to slow down a bit so I can get a handle on who all is in the running and then narrow things down from there.”

Look for more on Walker as he continues to be one of the most sought after wide receivers in the East.


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