Fantasy Camp Photo Gallery 2

In our latest installment, staffer Mark Harrington changes up his ankle attire and gets to meet a legendary head coach. We also give you a behind-the-scenes look at Joe Paterno's appearance on espn2 Friday morning.

Bill Kenney chats with Harrington.

Harrington stretches out the ankles, which lost their socks.
(Editor's Note: Harrington accused us of "Photoshopping"
images yesterday. We have no idea how to do that.

Larry Johnson gets ready for practice.

Joe Paterno arrives, and talks to campers and their families.

Behind the scenes on Paterno's appearance on the show
formerly known as Cold Pizza.

Jacket, tie and dress shoes.

More of Paterno on The Deuce.

Paterno talks to Derrick Williams.

Williams rolls out to pass against the campers.

Harrington finds camp is a snap.

Paterno talks football with the campers. Harrington
looks typically confused.

Harrington and some guy.

A view from "outside the bus."


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