PSU Fantasy Game Recap

Despite an 18-2 halftime deficit, the White squad stormed back for a thrilling 31-30 victory over the Blue, clinched by standout soccer-style kicker Randy Weirman, who's victory has Hollywood scrambling for the movie rights and a book deal.

Getting knocked out of the game with a gash to the forehead during a mid-air collision in the early goings of Saturday's game, Randy Weirman made Penn State history by not only getting back on the field after getting stitched up, but also booting the game winning field goal.

One Penn State coach was overheard on the sideline as the decision was being made to put the injured kicker, asking, "Isn't that the guy who was knocked out of the game? And he hasn't kicked all day right?" Both of which were affirmed by players he was talking to. The coach continued, saying sarcastically, "Boy what a brilliant coaching move."

The move proved to be brilliant by head coach Larry Johnson as Weirman nailed the extra point. Reports are that rights to Weirman's story are being negotiated currently with various studios and publishers.

In order to enhance the true-to-life, realistic fashion of the game the camp organizers clearly arranged for Big Ten officiating. As one unnamed observer said, "I had no idea they were going to be actual Big Ten refs. It was so true to life though, taking a TD away from the home team, granting one to the away team, ignoring a key forward lateral and granting the White squad five to six timeouts in the second half. You just felt that much more like an actual PSU player."

Despite the controversy, some highlights of the game included:

  • 278 all-purpose yards and 3 TDs by Fred "Lightning" Kim for the Blue
  • 66 receiving yards and 2 TDs by Doug "Boom Boom" Stewart for the Blue
  • 162 receiving yards for Mike "Grab It" Dietz for the White
  • A 15-27 passing performance for 245 yards and 3 TDs by Scott "Rumblin" Heiser for the White

    Below are game stats for Saturday's game:

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