Gallery: Inside Lasch Part I

Get a behind-the-scenes look into Penn State's central hub for football — the Lasch Building. As part of the PSU Football Fantasy Camp, players get an exclusive tour of the inner-workings of Nittany Lion football operations at Lasch Building. Take a peek.

This is one of the main equipment management rooms for Lasch, where Brad "Spider" Caldwell and Kirk Diehl who order and manage all the football equipment, have their desks. For those who have wondered how "spider" got his nickname, he has an uncanny ability to shoot water upwards of 50 feet through his teeth, hence the nickname "Spider-Man," which was shortened to "Spider." Yes, his desk is adorned with Spider-Man stuff. The compartments contain gear for players and several of the footballs pictured are game balls from major PSU games, like the 2005 Orange Bowl, 1994 Rose Bowl, Kickoff Classics, etc.

Along the back wall of this room are helmet from all the Big Ten teams and major teams PSU has played over the years. These helmets are typically traded for Penn State helmets by the managers. As you can see the last two bowl opponents, Tennessee and Florida State are pictured on the shelf.

Each player has an equipment slot where they pick-up new or replaced gear. The player's names are placed above on the wall so the managers know where each player's slot is located.

To the side you find essentially a uniform depot with racks of game pants, practice and game jerseys -- here the uniforms are hung up to be distributed after they are washed. Ever wondered how they keep the laundry of 100+ players separate? They use "loops" - it looks like a dog collar (you can see them on the pic - the blue items hanging along the back wall). Each player loops their clotes through the "loop" which has their name on it and clips it. It's pretty ingenius.

Pictured above are Penn State's practice jerseys. The colors represent various units:

First-Team Offense: powder blue
Second-Team Offense: green
First-Team Defense: navy blue
Second-Team Defense: red
Scout-Team: white

This sign adorns the door to PSU's room containing shoes, pads and helmets.

Annually, Penn State receives an allotted equipment budget from Nike of around $170,000 for Nike gear and apparel. Penn State also gets added Nike perks like custome shoes. The shoe pictured above is a custom black Michael Vick shoe, which is normally white. Coach Paterno also gets his Nike shoes custom made. A few years ago Nike elected to discountinue the shoe Paterno wears (shockingly they were not selling), however, at PSU's request Nike made six custom pairs for the coach. Currently he is down to two pairs. Nike is trying to get Paterno to change the shoe he wears, but so far he isn't budging.

Pictured above is the football team's locker room. The locker room is directly connected to the training rooms and weight rooms.

To the back left of the main locker room is a smaller locker room exclusively for the incoming freshmen players. The incoming freshmen's names are posted on their locker's already, in anticipation for their early July arrival. Paterno believe that this approach allows the freshman to bond and get to know each other from the outset of their arrival.

Stay tuned for more photos from inside the Lasch Football Building.


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