Gallery: Inside Lasch Part II

We continue our exclusive behind the scenes photo tour inside Lasch Building with a look at the training and weight lifting side of things. Get an inside look at PSU's football headquarters.

This is the second part of our exclusive Lasch Building tour. See Part I here.

Every player has their own individual locker like the one pictured above. The lockers are open-air with a small security compartment for personal valuables. The locker pictured above belongs to defensive tackle Phillip Taylor. Notice the shoes; Taylor has the largest shoe size currently on the squad.

The weight room pictured is the largest single-sport collegiate weight room in the United States. The weight room is two stories and is approximately 10,000 square feet in size.

Despite a common misconception Penn State does use free weights in their training regimen. Pictured above is Derrick Williams using a free weight barbell with PSU head of strength training John Thomas looking on and fellow wideout Terrell Golden spotting him.

Several players are currently on campus taking summer classes and working out and drilling regularly. Pictured above is Penn State center A.Q. Shipley who was working out with fellow lineman Dennis Landolt.

Senior quarterback Anthony Morelli is pictued above stretching after working out with some free weights.

Graduate assistants, like the one pictured with the clipboard, help to track player's progress throughout a workout session. They will record the weight, number of reps and stations a player runs through. This information is provided to the trainers and staff for progress tracking.

Connected to the weight room is a training facility where trainers assess and tend to injuries. This training facility includes various hot and cold tubs and also a treadmill that can be immersed in water to help rehabilitate certain injuries.

Past the coaches offices on the second floor is a large balcony (upwards of 800 square feet) overlooking the practice fields and right outside Joe Paterno's office. Although the balcony will be getting a facelift in the near future it is used for various receptions for recruits, letterman etc. Here Coach Brian Norwood shows us the balcony.

This is the view of the practice field from the balcony. This is where we conduct a majority of our Fantasy Camp practice sessions.

Stay tuned to FOS for more exclusive photos from Lasch.


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