WR Enjoys PSU Visit

This lightning fast wide-receiver recently attended a Penn State game and loved it. He talks about Penn State and where the Nittany Lions rank among his favorites.

Name: Dorien Bryant
Position: RB, WR, CB, FS
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.3
School: Kingsway High School, Swedesboro, NJ

According to Dorien, his fastest 40-yard dash time is 4.24 seconds.  He also runs the 100-meter event in track.

"My best time in the 100 was a 10.22 this summer," Dorien said last Thursday evening.

There is no question that Bryant is gifted with blazing speed and could play a number of different positions in college.

"A lot of schools are recruiting me to play wide-receiver because that's where I stated that I want to play.  But, a lot of teams are looking at me as a running back too.  Some schools want me to play DB and a couple schools want me to try both ways.

"I wouldn't mind playing running back if that's how I could get on the field quicker."

Dorien primarily played running back in his first game as a senior.

"I didn't really split out too much.  I played running back most of the game.  I had 24 carries for 290 yards and 5 touchdowns.  I left in the third quarter.

"Usually, we spread it out and have me go to the slot, but we really didn't need to do it that game."

Dorien claims "about 50" scholarship offers.

"Right now I like Boston College, NC State, Tennessee, Michigan, Notre Dame and Purdue.  They would probably be my top picks.

"BC, NC State, Tennessee are my top 3, but the other 3 aren't too far behind.  If I had to pick one as of right now, it would probably be BC, but I don't have to pick yet."

Bryant is beginning to plan his official visits.

"I have one set up to Tennessee on December 13.  BC's probably going to be the first week in December.  I'll probably take my official to Purdue on November 9 for their game verses Ohio State.  I'll probably take one to Notre Dame too.  I like Michigan, but they're kind of falling."

The Nittany Lions are also in the running.  Dorien attended a junior day at Penn State earlier this year.

"They're one of those other teams that could be in my top 6 before it's all said and done.

"I went to the Penn State - Nebraska game last week.  That was pretty intense.  I took 2 of my buddies, we all drove up for the weekend."

"I got to talk to some of the coaches, it was pretty cool.  One of the kids that goes there used to go to my school (Jason Robinson), so we hung out with him a little bit.

"They want me to return kicks and play receiver, kind of like a Z-back.

"The game turned my head a little bit.  It was a great game.  The fans up there are amazing, it was ridiculous.  They were so loud I couldn't hear myself think.  They put us right next to the student section.  It was a good game.  I liked being up there. I had fun out there.  It definitely pushed them up a little bit."

Was he surprised by the type of offense Penn State utilized?

"I was kind of surprised, but happy at the same time to see them through the ball so much."

Why was Dorien not so interested in Penn State prior to his visit?

"When I was growing up, I'm going to tell you the truth, I was never really a Penn State fan.  When everybody was ranting and raving about them, I never really liked Penn State.  The coaches started coming around and I started talking to them and they seem like they're all good guys, good people.  I started watching more of the games and everything.  I like how they do things, but they still weren't up there as
much.  I went up there and kind of saw what it's all about and it turned my head a little bit."

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