PSU Movin' On Up

Dan Mazan, a powerful New Jersey lineman who most schools including Penn State would love to have playing for them in the trenches, lists his top teams. How interested is he in the Nittany Lions?

Name: Dan Mazan
Position: OL, DL
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 305 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.9
Self-reported bench press: 435 pounds
School: Carteret HS, Carteret, NJ

Penn State, like most schools interested in the Jersey standout, is recruiting Mazan to play on the offensive line at either the guard or center position.

Mazan took his first trip to State College last week to attend the game against Nebraska.

"It was great," Mazan said last Thursday evening.  "It was unreal.  It was really, really nice.  It was awesome, that college atmosphere.  There were like 111,000 people there.

"I'm a Nebraska fan and the first couple minutes, I was like 'I think Nebraska's going to pound them', but then Penn State put a whoopin' on them.  The next day I heard it in school because a lot of kids here are Penn State fans."

He took the trip with his father and a teammate.

"They took us on the sideline before the game and then we went to our seats.  After the game, we went to the sidelines on the field.  I talked with Joe Paterno.  I talked to all of the coaches, but I mean Paterno, that's Paterno."

What did JoePa have to say?

"He just said that they hope they get an official visit out of me, hope I come up there.  I was talking to Fran Ganter and he wants me to come up there again too."

Did his experience increase his interest in Penn State?

"Honestly, I wasn't thinking about Penn State that much, but after I visited they're definitely top 5."

Why was he not as interested before?

"I just wasn't thinking about them, I don't know.  I had medium interest in them, but now it's high."


"The whole atmosphere.  The people there love college football.  They played unreal.  I think they're starting to come back.  They had 2 off years, but they're starting to come back.  With so much support like that, it's hard to lose.  It was unreal."

This was not Mazan's first college game, but it appears to have been the most enjoyable.

"Last year, I went to the Georgia Tech-Syracuse game, but I just bought tickets to that game.  I've been to Army games, Rutgers games, but I never went where there are 100,000 people plus.  It's a different experience.

"It's still open, but I'm leaning towards maybe Florida State, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Wisconsin, UCLA, Syracuse, Maryland and Iowa, teams that like to run the ball a little bit.  Those are some that come to mind.  They all offered."

Nebraska was noticeably absent from his list of favorites.

"They sent me a couple letters last year, but they didn't call or anything."

UCLA does have one advantage over some other west coast schools.

"My sister's moving out there, so I would have some family out there."

Mazan plans to take in a few more college games this season.

"I'll probably go to a Rutgers game because it's close, maybe Maryland because one of my friends has family down there.  I'm going to Virginia Tech on October 19.  One of our assistant coaches graduated from Virginia Tech, so we're going to drive down there.

"I'll probably go up for another Penn State game.  I was looking and they play Northwestern at home, they have Iowa at home and Virginia.  Those should be good games."

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