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Get live updates from the Lift For Life event going on today at Holuba Hall. Check here often for continuing news and notes around the Penn State weightlifting competition -- live from the event.

Fight On State is proud to once again be the official multimedia partner of Uplifting Athlete's and their marquee event -- Lift For Life -- which is going on today in Holuba Hall. Check here for regular news and notes live from the event.

  • Dan Connor is up to 240 pounds which is where he wants to be during the season. He feels the young freshman 'backers look to be further along then both he and Sean Lee were when they were freshman.

  • Quarless looks really good -- he does not look like a sophomore and is really put together.

  • A few freshmen numbers: Nathan Stupar is No. 34, Chris Colasanti is No. 53, Devon Still is No. 71, Chaz Powell is No. 25, Eric Latimore is No. 56, Nick Sukay is No. 26

  • Colasanti looks phenominal and is "ripped." He and Stupar look "legit," especially as freshman.

  • Michael Robinson was supposed to come, but he had to go to 49ers camp.

  • More former players are now at the event -- Ethan Kilmer, Jay Alford, Chris Harrell, Robbie Gould, Scott Paxson are all present at the event, along with Levi Brown. Camp starts in a week for Paxson with the Steelers -- he was on the practice squad and is trying to make the team -- all of these former players are hanging with fans and signing autographs.

  • Austin Scott looks "unbelieveable" he was flying -- running with the 100 pound weights and generally looks to be in great shape.

  • Chris Baker is at the event watching and encouraging the players participating.

  • Derrick Williams looks "solid" and has been "hitting it hard" in the early events.

  • Sean Lee looks to be shape he is at about 235 pounds. He told us he drank a whole bunch of red Gatorade and hopes he does not vomit, since folks will think he is tossing up blood.

  • Brett Brackett is up to 241 pounds. He is one of the guys running the LFL event -- he is a business major and since he will unlikely be able to do an internship due to football, planning the event has been an invaluable experience.

  • Justin King is not participating in the Lift for Life event. He had a previous engagement, however those plans ended up falling through. He is at the event today and is lending moral support to his teammates. Every player who is not participating in the event was put through a "brutal workout" yesterday at 5 a.m.

  • Aaron Maybin ended Spring Practice at 235 pounds and is now up to 247 pounds. He looks big. His focus this off-season has been adding weight through eating and workouts to help get him up into the 250 range where the coaches want him.

  • A.Q. Shipley thinks the chemistry of the line is really coming along. In fact he stated that he believes it is "way ahead" of where the unit's chemistry was at this time last year.

  • Left tackle Gerald Cadogan sang the national anthem and did an "unbelievable job," as one observer said.

  • Levi Brown is at the event and one of many former Lions expected to be present today.

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