Brandon Beachum Q&A

The latest Penn State verbal goes one on one with, covering a variety of topics. Beachum tells why is picked the Lions, which coach played a key role in recruiting him, what position he thinks he will play in Happy Valley and much more.

Youngstown, Ohio's Brandon Beachum committed to Penn State at a press conference in his hometown Sunday. Shortly after the announcement, which was attended by about 60 people overall and 30 family members, Beachum did a one-on-one phone interview with

Get the lowdown on what he had to say about picking the Nittany Lions, which coach was key to him landing in Happy Valley, what position he will play for PSU, what his goals are for his senior season at Cardinal Mooney High and more in this Q&A.

FOS: What went into your decision to pick Penn State?
BB: Penn State had everything I was looking for in a school, basically, as far as academics and football. It was really just the perfect fit for me.

FOS: Who were your other finalists?
BB: My final four were Nebraska, Penn State, Wisconsin and Florida State.

FOS: You said you made your decision a while ago but waited until today to reveal it. How come?
BB: I didn't think I was ready to go public yet. I wanted it to kind of settle and make sure it was the right fit.

FOS: How did the Penn State coaches react when you let them know?
BB: They were really happy about the decision and really excited and looking forward to seeing me up there.

FOS: Who recruited you for Penn State.
BB: Coach Jay Paterno.

FOS: What did you like about him?
BB: Jay is a really down-to-earth guy. He's really easy to talk to; he seems like a player's coach, much like his father, and that was something I was really looking for in a coach.

FOS: Where do you see yourself fitting in at Penn State? I know you've been recruited to different places as a linebacker and running back.
BB: They want me to play running back, they want me to start out there.

FOS: Can you tell me about your style as a running back?
BB: Kind of a power back, but I think I have a little more agility than people give me credit for because of my size. I'm not the fastest running back, but when it comes down to it I can get around the corner or beat out a defender.

FOS: How big are you?
BB: 6-foot, 223.

FOS: Is that where Penn State would like you to be?
BB: They said I could put on a couple of pounds so long as I could keep my feet and speed and everything.

FOS: Your teammate, Michael Zordich, is also going to Penn State. Did that have any impact on your decision?
BB: It didn't necessarily have an impact on my decision. But obviously that's a bonus going in there. It is going to be a great experience and I'm looking forward to it.

FOS: Why make the decision now? Did you want to get it out of the way before your senior season?
BB: Yes, I just didn't feel there was any reason to wait.

FOS: How does you schedule shape up from here?
BB: Doubles start Thursday and then the season follows that.

FOS: What are your team and personal goals?
BB: Team is obviously to win state again like we did last year and to be undefeated. I don't have personal goals. I don't dwell on that kind of thing.

FOS: Where do you think you have to improve for this season and beyond?
BB: There are obviously a lot of things I can improve on, speed being one of them. And just all-around playing the game. I look forward to doing all of that.

FOS: What do you intend to major in at Penn State?
BB: Marketing.

FOS: To what end? Or is it too early to be worrying about that?
BB: It is still kind of early.

FOS: It sounds like people are having a good time there. How cool was it to do the press conference today?
BB: It was great to do it with all of my family here. They're really proud of me and I'm proud of myself. I'm glad they all stick by me.


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