Michael Mauti Chat Wrap

Future Nittany Lion Michael Mauti made a guest appearance in Cory James' PSU Recruiting Chat on Tuesday evening, fielding questions from a few hundered PSU fans. See what Mauti had to say about his recruiting experience, decision, plans for PSU and much, much more.

Michael Mauti fielded questions from a few hundred PSU fans on Tuesday evening. Here is an edited recap of the event and what Mauti had to say on a variety of topics.

CoryJames> ok guys, special guest tonight
psunittany> Cory - who?
FOSSpecialGuest> hello everyone
psunittany> Mike - you're a mauler in your films.....
FOSSpecialGuest> well hopefully there is more to come, last year was the first year i played LB
burkey55> Corey,IYO,how many OT's do we take in this class?
PSUSem> mike, have you been in contact with any other recruits/commits?
FOSSpecialGuest> yes, me and mike zordich have been talking and texting back and fourth, he gave me beachums # and I texted him yesterday
msj56> 1,0tell that corner from lousiana 1,0ro commit to PSU
LionCapt> Mike, have you been working with any speed training?
FOSSpecialGuest> we play john curtis week 1 (thats Dbs team)
CoryJames> Mike, are you coming up to PSU for any fall practices or an official visit to a game?
FOSSpecialGuest> i have been,
FOSSpecialGuest> i broke my foot about 7 weeks ago and yesterday i got clocked at a 4.5
jimh74> nice
FOSSpecialGuest> Im back to 100% now.
burkey55> Hello Mike,do you see yourself in the middle or outside at PSU?
FOSSpecialGuest> I do work with a speed and strength coach
FOSSpecialGuest> I like playing outside just because there is less trash to deal with but I can play either
BleedingPSU1> what is your weight
oldlioness> Any other guys interested in PSU down in the Bayou?
FOSSpecialGuest> right now I'm 220
barnaclelion> have you touched base with any of the young PSU linebackers on the squad
PSUSem> how close was your final decision? who else were you seriously considering?
jimh74> what position(s) did you play before LB?
FOSSpecialGuest> I got to hang with Sean Lee a while during my unofficail visit
FOSSpecialGuest> I was considering Florida seriosuly
FOSSpecialGuest> It came down to the people
oldlioness> Did your brother try to get you to PSU?
barnaclelion> any contact with any undecided recruits?
FOSSpecialGuest> my soph year I played nose guard at 185 for a couple games, then hurricane hit and we only play 5 games that season, i played DE the rest of that year
FOSSpecialGuest> my brother is my biggest fan, he would've been happy wherever I chose
FOSSpecialGuest> the people at florida were not bad, I just felt like I had a family there at state college, everyone knew me and i felt like i knew everyone
CoryJames> Mike, got any favorite PSU stories from you dad or your brother?
FOSSpecialGuest> well i got a good one, itll take a while for me to type lol
FOSSpecialGuest> when my dad finished playing '76 he wrote a letter to joe saying thanks yous and all of those things and he said at the end of the letter, "my only regret is that you wont be coaching long enough to coach my sons"
FOSSpecialGuest> 2,0and when my brother went up two years ago, my dad brought a copy to that letter and it was a cool thing
FOSSpecialGuest> kindof ironic
burkey55> How special does it feel that you'll be playing for the same coach as your father?
FOSSpecialGuest> its very special, it is some feeling i cant really explain, it just feels right where i should be
jimh74> You can bring the letter when your kids play for JoePa...
burkey55> Thanks.
CoryJames> Mike, did you have any conversations with the PSU staff about how long Joe would be coaching and what the plan was for when he retires?
FOSSpecialGuest> I get chills when I watch the pregame videos on youtube
burkey55> Do you see this as shaping up to be a special recruiting class?
FOSSpecialGuest> coach paterno said "mike, i dont know how long im gona be around, im 80 yrs old, but even iff i do go, somebody from the inside is gona take over and not much will change
FOSSpecialGuest> i think this could be a very special class, i watched beachum during camp, he is legit
FOSSpecialGuest> im not sure who else we got on the fence, the only recruit ive tlalked to is zordich
psulions12> do u know anything about robby green? isnt that the kid from Louisiana?
oldlioness> What games will you be able to attend if any?
PSUFlyers> 1,0there's this QB from 1,0western PA...
mayormccheez> Walker and Pryor
CoryJames> 4,0Mike, living in the south, you probably hear about all of the "southern speed". Now you will be coming north to play at PSU. What is your Opinion of the "southern speed" theory. Myth or reality?
FOSSpecialGuest> yes he plays for john curtis, we play them week 1 aug 31
FOSSpecialGuest> well,i do think there is a little difference, i mean you couldnt help but notice the difference between ohio state and florida in the game, however..
FOSSpecialGuest> i think there is a little bit of a differnc, i mean everyone has the skil players running 4.3s and 4.4s but when the interior linemen are runnin 4.9s at 300+ lbs..
FOSSpecialGuest> i dont know, thats a debatable question
gelzheiser16> Mike, what players in the NFL or college do you pattern your game after??
CoryJames> Mike, how long has the family been in Louisiana? I assume the family stuck after your dad played with the saints?
FOSSpecialGuest> i try to pattern my technique off of paul puz and sean lee and dan connor, i have some of their film and I watch it a study it, i think that the quicker i pick up on the little technique things, the easier itll be for me to transition
PSUFlyers> have you gotten any tips from Coach Vanderlinden?
FOSSpecialGuest> my family has been here since 77 when my dad first started playin, i have family on long island (where both paretns are from)
sportsguypsu> Mike, what's it like to come in with LB's like Zordich and Yancich? Do you guys talk at all?
FOSSpecialGuest> yes we watched a lot of film when i was there for my visit
FOSSpecialGuest> i talk to zordich, me and him were trying to find yancich's # but we cant get in touch, i think that we are going to gel very quick and its going to be a great 4 or 5 years
msj56> your thoughts on Ron Vanderlinden?
SlayerPSU> Mike, how is the PSU reputation down there?
FOSSpecialGuest> psu's rep is alright, I mean everyone here wants to argue about how the sec is far superior but I gotta hold my ground although i am severely outnhumbered down here
FOSSpecialGuest> but some poeple down here dont really understand the tradtion and its just really deep roots
burkey55> Mike r u comin up to see PSU destroy Notre Dame?
CoryJames> 4,0Mike, how closely were you able to follow PSU from Louisiana? See a lot of games down there?
FOSSpecialGuest> yes i see a couple of games, i went to the outback bowl..
oldlioness> Are you coming up for any games in the fall?
FOSSpecialGuest> i might be makin the trip to notre dame game but im not sure if ill be able to , i play on firday nights
sportsguypsu> Was there a lot of pressure to go to LSU?
FOSSpecialGuest> i might be cramping up on the plane at 12 ocklock on a firday night but i wanna come!
FOSSpecialGuest> there was pressure, im only 45 min from the school, they were there at first, butt then faded and weren't really an option towards the end, but i had a great relation ship with the coaches
FOSSpecialGuest> this season im playin outside backer and i little runnin back on short yardage :)
Think1> What player would you most like tackle as a Penn Stater?
FOSSpecialGuest> umm, i dont know if i can answer that yet im not sure
Think1> My vote: Clausen
oldlioness> How's it feel to be a LB headed to LBU and play with your bro?
PSUSem> who's the best player you've ever played against?
timo96> You'll def get your chance to tackle McGuffie.
FOSSpecialGuest> florida still shoots me a text every now and then sayin they arent gona let me get away that easy
CoryJames> Mike, how do you see PSU doing this year?
FOSSpecialGuest>0i see them doing well, i dont know enough to make an accurate judgement but im always pullin for them
FOSSpecialGuest> i played against joe mcknight
FOSSpecialGuest> he was the best
PSUSem> surprised he left the state for usc?
FOSSpecialGuest> by far
FOSSpecialGuest> not at all
FOSSpecialGuest> he made people look stooooopid, and he laid the sickest hit on special teams i saw all season
mayormccheez> any RB's in this class that you've seen with the same skills?
FOSSpecialGuest> im not sure, its hard to judge untill you acually play against them
msj56> thoughts on having to clean the stadium this fall?
PSUSem> what's the outlook for your high school team this year?
FOSSpecialGuest> i think its great. I think they should make that the discipline at all schools,
FOSSpecialGuest> its better than giving people a suspension for a day or two and giving them a day off, might as well make em earn it
msj56> what do you want to major in?
FOSSpecialGuest> education
LionCapt> No. 42 should be available next year.
FOSSpecialGuest> maybe communications, im not sure yet
CoryJames> 4,0I can see it now....The Professor of Pain
FOSSpecialGuest> that would be awesome
FOSSpecialGuest> haha
FOSSpecialGuest> i want to be a coach
mikestuf04> thanks for coming mike, i dont know if you were askd this already but do you talk to any players psu is recruiting that are still undecided?
FOSSpecialGuest> no, i dont have access to any numbers , im not even sure of other players that we are recruiting, im so far awayyyy
LionCapt> What was it like to sit down with Paterno?
FOSSpecialGuest> yea it doesnt even feel real. when i met with him in his office and told him i was coming, he jumped up off the couch and gave me a hugg , for him to get that excited after 50 years of doing this... its a special feeling
FOSSpecialGuest> yes, i know of any who would like to go to penn state, there all country boys that wanna go to Alabama or lsu unfortunately
FOSSpecialGuest> my dad is not home, i think we'd be here all night if he was going to type all of his stories, he types with two fingers
Think1> If 42 wasn't available, would you wear 48 like another famous Penn Stater?
FOSSpecialGuest> anything in the fortys
Think1> Wasn't 48 your Dad's number?
FOSSpecialGuest> yess it was
FOSSpecialGuest> thats my second choice
CoryJames> Mike, did you talk with Beachum about romming together at PSU since you both will be enrolling early?
FOSSpecialGuest> i texted him on sunday, he did not answer, i dont know
FOSSpecialGuest> that would be cool though
NewYorkNittany> joining late so i apologize if this has been asked, but michael did you attend any combines?
FOSSpecialGuest> i went to a sparq combine in houston and that was a year and a half ago
FOSSpecialGuest> i would like to play outside, but i could play inside if necessary, ive played outside only so far thouhg
FOSSpecialGuest> i read somewhere pryor isnt really thinking about ftball hes playin on the aau adidas team
FOSSpecialGuest> i facebooked beachum last night.. still no answer, mabye he thinks im an annoying fan or something lol
LionCapt> Do read the message boards?
FOSSpecialGuest> i read some things, I usually end up laughing at how rediculous some things that are said are butt every now and then yes
FOSSpecialGuest> yea we start two-a-days on monday so that will be another fun week
Lion Capt> What is Urban like?
FOSSpecialGuest> he is a good guy
FOSSpecialGuest> but a texting machine
h2o22> any more Mauti's after you Mike?
FOSSpecialGuest> nope, im the youngest
FOSSpecialGuest> and the biggest lol
joestrosser> That 4.10 shuttle at the US army combine is lights out for a big LB!
FOSSpecialGuest> yea my fastest time is a 3.9
FOSSpecialGuest> 3.95 to be excact
mppsu6> what was your fastest 40 time?
FOSSpecialGuest> i got timed yesterday at a 4.5 flat
PSU42Fan> Mike - would you say LB is your natural position?
FOSSpecialGuest> i would say that
FOSSpecialGuest> they tried to make me play QB when i was a freshman but i would just run over and into people... I returned a kick when i was a freshman once.. i ran straight into some kid and trucked him and he broke his nose..
FOSSpecialGuest> one of my personal favorite plays
FOSSpecialGuest> coach vandy definately influenced my decision, i feel like he could turn me into a great lb
FOSSpecialGuest> we switch sometimes, i play both strong and weak

FOSSpecialGuest> 300 came out on dvd today
FOSSpecialGuest> best movie ever
FOSSpecialGuest> i am enrolling in january
LionCapt> Are you coming up for any games?
FOSSpecialGuest> hopefully the notre dame or ohio game and my officiall will be in december

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