Keeping Options Open?

Ohio tight-end Louis Irizarry, who committed to Ohio State back in July, is still hearing from a few schools. Is he listening?

Name: Louis Irizarry
Position: TE / OLB
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 230 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7
Bench Press: 275 pounds
School: Ursuline High, Youngstown, OH

Which schools have been calling?

"Florida and Penn State," Louis said.  "They call up whenever they're allowed, once a week or whatever.  That's it so far, I don't know if other schools are going to call."

Which Penn State coaches called?

"Jay Paterno and the tight-end coach (Bill Kenney) called.  They were just talking
about their games, how they use the tight-end and asked me how my season's going.  I think I talked to them Sunday or Saturday.  They call after every game

Irizarry has been unable to attend any college games this season.

"I can't make it up to any because I have practice on Saturdays.  If I miss a practice, I can't play the next week."

Are the reports that he is concerned about how Ohio State has been using their tight-ends accurate?

"They were kind of slow at first using the tight-end, one pass a game, but I go through that now.  When the backs are having great days, I might not get the ball.  I had two games just like that where we were running the ball and they didn't really need me.

"I'm not thinking too much of it because I think I'm different than those tight-ends that they have.  They probably wouldn't take a guy like me if they didn't think they were going to throw the ball either."

Irizarry has had the opportunity to watch college games on TV, although he did not watch the Penn State - Nebraska game.

"I watched the Penn State game this week and it was like a freakin' highlight film.  Every time you looked there was a guy scoring.  Mostly, I want to worry about Ohio State first and if they're winning I'll flick around, watch Florida too, those type of games."

Louis is still committed to Ohio State for the time being.

"I think I made a good decision.  Anything can happen though.  There's still a lot of time left until signing day.  So, I'm staying open minded, but in a sense I'm committed, I'm taken already.  But if anything should happen, if I see a better opportunity--, it would really have to be overwhelming evidence to switch."

Is there a possibility that he could take some trips after his season?

"There is a possibility, but that all depends on Ohio State and what I think they're going to do in the future."

After Ohio State, Louis' favorites in order are Notre Dame, Penn State and Florida.

"Penn State's throwing the rock a lot more.  They've opened it up the past two games that I saw at least, especially this past game.  They were throwing the ball as many times in one game as I've seen all year last year.  The tight-end caught about four or five balls."

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