Catching Up With Lineman Matt Stankiewitch talks to the first member of Penn State's 2008 recruiting class. Why did he commit so early? How is his summer going? And, most importantly, how does one pronounce his last name? Rob Riva gets the lowdown in this story on the four-star prospect.

Matt Stankiewitch was the first member of Penn State's Class of 2008. The 6-foot-4, 296-pound offensive lineman from Blue Mountain High in Schuylkill Haven, Pa., gave his pledge to the PSU staff back in April, and because of it has slipped off the radar of most Nittany Lion recruiniks.

So we thought it made sense to catch up with Stankiewitch, to see how his summer is going and ask some pressing questions. The first was the most obvious.

“How do you pronounce your last names?”

For the record, it is “STANK-ev-ITCH.”

With that out of the way, we moved on to other topics, including what went into his decision to pick Penn State so early in the recruiting process. A very calm and collected individual, Stankiewitch cited location and academics as the top priorities when looking into colleges. The offers came very early in the recruiting process for him, and so ultimately did a commitment.

“I went down for a visit [to Penn State] the day I committed,” Stankiewitch said. “I wanted offers from Connecticut, Rutgers, Penn State and West Virginia. I got the offers I wanted and that's why I made the decision then. Penn State was at the top of my list right away.”

With measureables to play at multiple positions on the offensive line, Stankiewitch cleared up any question as to which spot his was specifically recruited to play.

“Penn State recruited me for center,” Stankiewitch said. “They want me around 290 [pounds], but of course I'm going to lose weight during two-a-days.”

Stankiewitch self-reported the current height and weight listed above. He noted that he appreciates the opportunity before him in going to Penn State and that he hasn't allowed the additional attention he's received to impact him.

“Personally, I didn't change,” Stankiewitch said. “I know how I got here and I know I need to keep working to get better as a person and a player. Socially, I'm more popular, but I don't see that affecting me. I take it humbly.”

As for Penn State this season, Stankiewitch said he'll attempt to be at all of the Nittany Lions' home games.

“Penn State just send me stuff this weekend for Notre Dame and Ohio State,” Stankiewitch said. “I'm going to try to get to the rest of the home games. Hopefully, I can get to all of them.”

See Stankiewitch in action at the link below.


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