PSU Practice: Week One Wrap

With the first week of preseason practice wrapping up, blew out of the gates with a barrage of player and unit reports. If you're not one of the hundreds of PSU fans who have joined TAP recently, get a taste of the wave of news, notes and info you're missing on the team. And this preview won't have you seeing red!

FOS has tapped into practice to bring Penn State fans the ultimate in preseason football coverage. Here's a sampling of the extensive reports we have had just five days into the preseason session:

In Focus: Dan Connor

..."Danny's a great read-react guy," one practice observer explained. "There are few guys I have seen who can consistently read the run-pass like he can. Plus, he's great in coverage. He's quick, he's tough, he's smart. He knows how to correctly jam a guy to gain the upper hand, but he'll also step into a lane and drive his pads into a ball-carrier — it's tough to...

Learn more about the assessment of Connor's transition to middle linebacker — Dan Connor.

Nittany Notes: Kickin' It

...However, things are about to shift to the other side of the intensity spectrum this weekend. Both sets of kickers are expected to see some rushes tomorrow in order to "gauge how they handle a bit of pressure." The punters, Jeremy Boone and Ryan Breen, will be "put into the end zone with a coverage...

Learn more about the progress with the kickers and punters and how things are about to get more intense for them — Kickers and Punters.

In Focus: Austin Scott

...he has focused on enhancing this aspect of his game. "He's always had lower body strength, drawing power from his thighs and mid-section," an observer told us. "But with added upper-body strength in his shoulders, chest and back, he'll be that much harder to take down and ultimately more durable when it comes to taking hits...

Learn more about Scott's performance and the overall assessment of his ability to play the role of feature back — Austin Scott.

Nittany Notes: Drill 6

...probably does the best the few times they have matched up by jamming him at the line." Brackett has shown "pretty good hands," but "needs to get off the snap more cleanly — he needs to burst off the line." He also needs to "look, look, look at the quarterback — you're only running...

Learn more about the performance of the wide receiver unit and their early assessments in 7-on-7 sets -- Drill 6 Sets.

In Focus: Derrick Williams

..."Some of the guys thought he was nuts when he first had it on," one observer explained. "Some called him 'commando' early on, but it's another sign of his dedication — it's impressive that he wears it. He's not required to. I mean right after a workout he'll go put it on. It seems to be paying off."...

Learn more on Derrick William's preparations and progress so far this preseason with this complete assessment — Derrick Williams.

Nittany Notes: Power Lines

..."Rich struggled early on [in his career] but he's improved. He has the snap count more consistently and is better on rolls and shifts in the line," according to one observer. "His forte is his ability to come out of his stance cleanly and knock a guy back. He does it with good technique and attitude. He's a guy who tends to mix it up with the D-linemen in practice."...

Learn more about where the offensive line is currently in terms of personnel and prep — Offensive Line.

Nittany Notes: Position Battles

... Clearly Dan Connor and Sean Lee own the inside and one outside 'backer positions. As for the third spot — the other OLB position — it will likely come down to a preseason spar between veteran Tyrell Sales and newcomer Navorro Bowman. "Bowman's speed and agility really [helped him] to make an impact in the spring," one observer shared. "He needs to nail down his tackling technique — really wrap up, which he is working on with...

Learn more about the major position battles going on in practice thus far — Position Battles.

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Here is our report rundown so far from preseason practice:

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Stay tuned to FOS for continuing exclusive reports on PSU's preseason practices.


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