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Listen to what Joe Paterno had to say during today's Media Day press conference. From preseason practice to player progress, Paterno tackles a wide variety of topics in our FREE audio of the press conference.

Penn State held it's Media Day event today. Hear what Joe Paterno had to say during his press conference.

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In the meantime, here's is a quick recap of the press conference from Aaron Myers.

Joe Paterno on leadership concerns:

They practice hard. I'm afraid I've mislead people on leadership ... leadership is the ability to do things in the clutch. I need to find some guys who can do that like a Michael Robinson. We have a young team, we have some people that can step up and make a speech, we have of couple of young guys who will be really good football players, it will work out.

Joe on running back situation:

Scott, Kinlaw, Royster and a few of the freshman are all in the running for the tailback job. Joe is not ready to concede the job to Scott yet, although he played terrifically against Florida State.

Joe on Scirrotto/Baker situation:

Joe doesn't know what will happen and the coaching staff will play it by ear.

Joe on Coastal Carolina/scheduling:

Joe doesn't have the slightest idea on scheduling. Those in charge will approach Joe and Joe pretty much lets them do their thing. Penn State must have seven home games to support the other sports. Joe is focused on 19... er, 2007.

Joe on team captains:

Joe has been around the block and isn't quite sure what's best with this football team. Will sit down with the coaching staff at some point. Joe is worried about final exams in summer school and working out a practice schedule to accommodate the athletes as players and students.

Joe on Morelli and momentum from Outback Bowl:

Joe is concerned about pass protection primarily. Protect Morelli and give him some options and he'll be a very good quarterback.

Joe on the season opener:

Right now Joe is worrying about his own team, getting players in the right position, etc. Once that is done then he'll worry about the season opener.

Joe on Austin Scott's maturation:

He's always been a good prospect. He's older now and more responsible and patient. He's 22 years old now, not 18. You guys remember what you were like at 22 from 18?

Joe on his physical health:

Joe thinks he's 100 percent. Might not be as quick as he was at 18 -- no girls were quick enough for him then. He'll see how he handles two-a-days. One-a-days have been a snap.

Joe on injuries:

Devon Still tore his ACL and is out for the year, and that bothers Joe. Still was and is going to be a good one. Philip Taylor got bumped up. Tom McEowen is still recovering.

Joe on freshman:

The class has some very good athletes but he is not sure on who may or may not play yet.

Joe on the youth of the defensive line:

Joe is concerned about the youth of the entire team. Penn State only returns one D-lineman who played more than 150 plays last year in Josh Gaines. Penn State has people that need to grow up in a hurry. They need to establish depth - they'll need more than four down linemen. Larry Johnson is doing a great job along the line.

Joe on recruiting:

Joe believes the staff has been doing a great job and they have a great squad. Joe doesn't buy the rankings, especially Mel Kiper.

Joe on special teams:

Jeremy Boone has been pretty darn good. Joe is worried more about Kevin Kelly and field goals and the staff is working hard with him. Joe can't remember a time that he's spent as much time on the kicking game this early as he is this year.

Joe on the offensive line and John Shaw:

Joe thinks the line is doing fine. Shaw has great physical ability but loses concentration at times. Shaw is a hard worker, a great kid, and can be an outstanding football player if he can just concentrate. The line will be ok. They are not there yet.

Joe on the criticism of Jay:

Joe doesn't read the reports and doesn't know what is being talked about.

Joe on red-zone struggles:

The offense hurt itself with stupid penalties, fumbles and false starts. The offense is mostly working on getting guys to concentrate and make plays under pressure. Last year they made mistakes.

Joe on keeping the staff together:

Joe and the university do what they can to treat them well and keep them happy. Joe hates to lose young coaches like Greg Schiano and Jimmy Caldwell but understands why.

Joe on Derrick Williams and Justin King:

They have progressed as Joe has expected. King is one of the best corners around and Derrick needs to work on his concentration and his hands. Joe expects both to have tremendous years.

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