In Focus: A.Q. Shipley

One of the major factors in the success of an offensive line is stability, and one of the major points of stability for PSU's current line is A.Q. Shipley. Get a full practice assessment on the junior center as we focus in on his preseason play.

THE PLAYER: Although Penn State has yet to select captains for the 2007 season, A.Q. Shipley is a player whose name seems to make nearly every observer's list as a potential candidate. "[QB Anthony] Morelli is a likely guy because of his position, and [WR] Terrell Golden is a vocal guy who has great maturity, but Q, to me, is the complete package. He leads by example, he shows great dedication and maturity; he focuses on the little things and he's a vocal leader," one observer explained.

As another observer put it, "He takes it upon himself to help get guys to where they need to be. It's hard enough taking care of your own game, but he'll work with guys — like Dennis [Landolt], he'll work out with him — point out things in practice. The guy's like a coach. And the team — I am talking on both sides of the ball — respect him and look up to him."

THE ASSESSMENT: Shipley loves to "crash helmets" with the defensive players. "He's had some monster collisions in practice with the [defensive] tackles. He's a get-up-in-your-facemask kind of guy. He's had some words with Abe [Koroma] and Phil [Taylor]. When you have those kind of attitudes with that kind of size it can get heated," the observer said. As another observer put it, "When you see Koroma and Q matchup, it's worth the price of admission."

Shipley continues to improve his play and snaps and has "refined his technique" this off-season, particularly with his stance and extension off the snap. He also has good endurance, which one observer described, saying, "He doesn't miss a beat [in drills]."

Shipley has given Penn State stability in terms of personnel as a multi-year starter at center. As one observer opined, referring to Shipley as well as guards Rich Ohrnberger, John Shaw and Lou Eliades, "We'll be stronger in the middle of the line than we've been in years."

In terms of leadership, he extends this aspect of his game beyond the offensive line, which has some listing him as a captain candidate. "He talks to [Anthony] Morelli a lot," an observer explained. "He also talks to Austin Scott in drills. He looks to motivate and push guys. He's been working with the young linemen like Wiz [Stefen Wisniewski]. He'll even pull the young defensive players aside if he sees something wrong with their game."

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